How Is Your Mental Game?

how is your mental game

So here’s a question for you today. How is your mental game? I was talking with a new client yesterday and we were going over the goals that he’s set out for his business and they’re very aggressive goals based on where he starting from and he asked me the question, do you think it’s […]

Being the Expert

being the expert

Today I want to just make a quick video to discuss the idea of being an expert. One of the things that you’ll find, as you develop your expertise, you don’t have to sell near as hard as you once did. Meaning you don’t have to convince people to take action on a recommendation, the […]

Communication Equals Wealth

communication equals wealth

Yesterday I posted a picture that says, “Communication equals wealth.” That was the gist of that picture. The point being this that your ability to communicate with another person to convey an idea, to convey an offer, to share thoughts, to interact and engage is directly correlated to your ability to create wealth. Every negotiation […]

How Are You Giving Back?

how are you giving back?

It’s Wednesday, I hope you’re having an amazing day. It may not be morning where you’re at, could be evening, but whatever time of the day it is, I hope you’ve had an amazing day. One of the things I love about Wednesdays is Wednesdays is the day that I give back, so part of […]

Are You Trading Your Inheritance For a Bowl of Soup?

trading your inheritance for a bowl of soup

[kad_youtube url=”” width=560 height=315 ] I was meeting with a friend today and discussing a current dilemma that he’s facing. Over the last few years, he’s been working on building his financial advisory business. He burned all of his bridges. In the past, he’d done construction type work and so when he decided to pursue […]

Christian Personal Development Group on Facebook

Christian personal development

Hey, good morning to you. It’s Thursday morning here in the US. Probably evening where some of you are. Some may even be moving into tomorrow where some of you are. But I wanted to say “Hello” to you today. And the issue I want to get into is the importance of personal development. All […]

Are You Afraid to Ask For Money?

afraid to ask for money

Asking for money is one of the core conversations of any business.  Unfortunately too many entrepreneurs are afraid to ask for money, because of bad programs they have been given throughout their lifetime.  This bad programming leads to a lack of confidence when asking for the sale and an urge to discount services without ever […]

Are You a Quitter? (Warning: Tough Love Ahead)

“Quitters never win and winners never quit…” That was a saying I learned when I was a kid.  It was a incentive to always keep going. Interestingly enough… Nearly 90% of the people I have seen start a business have quit! Even more alarming…. The majority have quit within 30 days. (hardly enough time to […]

Your Business Opportunity Is Not Your Business

Your Business Opportunity Is Not Your Business Do you really have a business or are you simply promoting a business opportunity? I often see people who mistakenly believe that they have a business, simply because they are promoting a business opportunity. A business owner realizes very quickly that they are the real product… …the products and […]

Boldness Gets Rewarded

Boldness gets rewarded…. [youtuber youtube=’’] Most of the things we really want in life are just outside of our comfort zone… …In many cases, just one bold step away. Over the years bold steps have opened up mentoring opportunities, new businesses, time with highly successful people and experiences traveling around the world. Boldness requires that […]