Carl Willis

Are You a Quitter? (Warning: Tough Love Ahead)

dont quit

“Quitters never win and winners
never quit…”

That was a saying I learned when I
was a kid.  It was a incentive to always
keep going.

Interestingly enough…

Nearly 90% of the people I have seen
start a business have quit!

Even more alarming….
The majority have quit within 30 days.

(hardly enough time to build anything,
much less a business)

Even more alarming…
The majority never called to ask for help.

These individuals can’t seem to figure out
why they aren’t successful…

…why they can’t make any money online

Strangely enough others have no problem
making money with the same programs.

The issue is !

Let me try to make this as clear as I can…

Until you start thinking and acting like
a serious entrepreneur, you will continue
to fail!!!

A new program is not going to change the

A new sponsor is not going to change the
outcome (you won’t follow their advice either)….

Change will occur when you finally decide
to get focused and stay committed.

Your hopes and dreams are much too valuable
to act like a 2 year old in a room full of toys!

Evaluate your business from the perspective
of a business person….

…systems, cash flow, customer acquisition, etc…

Stop being a program hopping junkie!

If you would like to have a serious discussion
about creating a lasting business for yourself
call me…