Carl Willis

About Carl

Carl Willis is a serial entrepreneur who has been training and equipping leaders in multiple professional disciplines for over 20 years. He is a highly sought after speaker who speaks on a diversity of topics including social media marketing, Facebook marketing, online lead generation, leadership and personal development.

Through his company Simplicity Marketing LLC, Carl developed the processes and systems that have allowed him to build multiple online business ventures. Utilizing these skills, Carl works closely with small business owners across the country, helping them to apply the principles of attraction marketing to grow their online business presence and gain a marketplace advantage over the competition.

In recent years Carl has used his knowledge of online marketing to drive his real estate investment business. Using a highly targeted strategy, Carl has created a steady stream of property owners contacting him, desperate to sell their properties.

In addition to his business pursuits, Carl travels frequently to East Africa and India working with local church leaders and mission organizations to better serve their communities. This work is now providing tuition, food and health care for orphaned children who would otherwise live in the streets, as well as creating businesses to fund those initiatives on a local level (

Carl has published four books: “The Troubles of a Righteous Man,” “Lessons From the Storm,” “Internet Marketing For Small Business” and  “Desolate Places.”

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