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Internet Marketing For Small Business

Internet marketing for small business teaches you how to develop an effective online strategy for your business.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have spent vast amounts of time having websites built, putting together social media profiles, only to find that their online marketing falls flat and fails to produce results.

What many business people fail to realize is that successful marketing online is as much an issue of effective communication as it is having the right online tools.

In this book, internet marketing strategist Carl Willis, shows you how to identify your most profitable customer prospect and then deploy a marketing system that your prospects will find irresistible and inescapable.

The marketing strategy laid out in Internet Marketing for Small Business will work for any sized business, even those with a minimal advertising budget.

Once you understand this marketing blueprint, you can utilize these concepts over and over again with any product, business or service.

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The Troubles Of A Righteous Man

Do you ever have bad days?

Have you found yourself wondering if God really cares about your problems?

Experience some of the real life ups, downs, struggles and challenges that Carl has faced. Watch God move in unexpected ways to deliver him from his greatest fears and concerns.

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Lessons From The Storm

Few storms leave a path of destruction and devastation as horrific as those left by the tornadoes that roam the plains each spring.

In April of 2001, the small central Kansas community of Hoisington was devastated as a powerful tornado touched down and left a path of destruction that left one third of the community in ruins.

Ride out the storm with Carl and his family as he describes the storm and its aftermath.

Grab hold of the truths of life and faith that became apparent in the days that followed.

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Desolate Places

In life, there are many things that God prepares us for, both great and small; however, preparation for greater things often requires that we visit desolate places.

When you look at Scripture, you will see men like Elijah who had to go to the brook Cherith and Moses who had to journey through the wilderness. Even Jesus went to the wilderness to be tempted.

It is in these desolate places where our faith is developed, our relationship with God is nurtured, and where we begin to discover more of His complete plan for our lives.

It’s in these desolate places where we are often faced with a choice between despair and hope, where we face our darkest fears, and in doing so, find ourselves becoming unbreakable.