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Carl Willis and Julie Dubuc webinar

Stop the Agony of Ineffective Marketing Now

Recently Julie Dubuc from JBN Global Solutions, LLC joined me to discuss a common challenge faced by many small business owners… ineffective marketing.

In this webinar we discussed how to identify your most profitable prospective customer and how to deploy a marketing system that engages your prospect with multiple touches.

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Carl Willis interviews Laci Friend

Christian Entrepreneur Series – Laci Friend

I met Laci Friend a few years ago when we began attending the same church as her family.  Little did I know that God would take the dream that had inspired me for a number of years and birth a new dream through Laci.

Laci shares her journey of building a business that she wasn’t even looking for and how God has surrounded her with a team that has allowed her to see her dream become reality.

We also discuss the hangups with money that many Christians struggle with as they find success in their business endeavors.

Finally Laci shares how her 40th birthday created a movement of blessing and benevolence with her audience.

I know you’ll be inspired as you watch this interview.

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Carl Willis interviews Nicole S Cooper

Christian Entrepreneur Series: Nicole S. Cooper

I’ve known Nicole S. Cooper for a number of years, having first become acquainted with her through MLSP and later sharing the stage with her at Fight the Forces of Evil in Dallas, TX.

Not only do Nicole and I share a common love for entrepreneurship, but we also share a very deep Christian faith.

Recently, Nicole made a decision that shocked many of her friend and business associates, when she chose to “walk down the mountain of success.”

As you watch this interview, I know you will be inspired to examine your own goals and aspirations.

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branding vs marketing

The Difference Between Branding and Marketing

branding vs marketingOne of the biggest conversations taking place in the online marketing space is the difference between branding and marketing.

Everyone marketing themselves online is concerned about branding themselves just right, while others are concerned about whether or not their marketing is effective.

Is there just one way to determine what is what? How can you separate the two and make them two different ideas while bringing them together to accomplish the greater good?

Today, I’m going to talk about branding and how it’s different from marketing. You’ll soon discover that both are necessary, and there are two very different ways to go about using both in your business.

The Distinct Difference Between Branding and Marketing

Do you view branding and marketing as the same thing?

Answer that before you go any further.

This question is what trips marketers up all of the time, and they often fail to see that there is a significant difference between branding and marketing.

As it turns out, they are two VERY different things. Yes, they work together, and yes they both play very important roles in your business.

Do you remember learning in school that cattle are branded? The method by which they are branded doesn’t matter as much as why they are branded and what it means.

Branding sets the cattle apart from the cattle of another farmer. When cows wander off, they could end up on the land of another farmer, making it near impossible to single them out. Branding takes care of that.

Branding a cow gives them a unique identity, and it allows the cattle to be separated and taken back to the rightful owner.

This is the key to branding. Here are three important questions to ask yourself.

  1. How will someone find me?
  2. What will my reader remember about me?
  3. When the customer has a problem, will they think of my brand?

The difference between branding and marketing is that branding gives your audience something to remember you by, while marketing gets you noticed.

Marketing helps you cut through the noise when there is a plethora of competitors. Getting noticed when you have 50,000 people that are all competing in the same arena is critical.

The Strategic Difference Between Branding and Marketing

Ah, the use of the word “strategic”. It can come at you ten-fold if you aren’t careful. Strategy is talked about often, whether it’s used in the military or whether it’s being used to talk about social media and business.

Most often, this word is associated with branding. Let’s go back to WHY “strategic” relates to branding. Here are some points to clarify where I’m going with this.

  1. The brand had to exist before the marketing plan was created.
  2. Marketing is an effort, but a brand is what directs that marketing campaign.
  3. Brands encourage loyal customers, while marketing attracts them to buy a particular item, one over another.
  4. Marketing attracts buyers and gets them to come around to your way of thinking. In other words, marketing is the activator.

Are you getting the point?

The two are different, but yet they work together. Marketing is the word used most often, but the brand is where many online marketers fail. What is your brand? How will you execute your marketing plan to drive more buyers?

Do some homework today, and research many different brands. Look at Toyota, Frito Lay, Kellog’s, and any others you can think of that have been around for many years. You’ll see what they do and who is drawn to them.

You’ll see the difference between branding and marketing with the best companies.

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business mastermind meeting

How to Conduct a Business Mastermind Meeting

business mastermind meeting

Courtesy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/38256513@N06/3525431333

Starting a mastermind group is the easy part, but learning how to conduct a business mastermind meeting takes a little bit of time.

I get it; you’re busy. You feel like as soon as your feet hit the floor every morning you can’t take on one more thing. If you’re running a home business though, you already know that number one rule.

You gotta separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. You absolutely must position yourself as the expert in your field, and become an authority.

One of the ways in which you do that is create a mastermind group and learn how to conduct an effective meeting. Private mastermind groups are an investment that you’ll make with your time, but they will also be one of the most rewarding investments you ever make.

How to Conduct a Business Mastermind Meeting that Elevates Others

Mastermind groups come in all shapes and sizes, but learning how to conduct a business mastermind meeting that elevates others is the meeting that wins the day.

Entrepreneurs fall into two main categories for building the foundation for how you’ll choose the way you conduct your mastermind group.

  1. Those who are new to entrepreneurship and have recently launched.
  2. Those who already have their business up and running.

Once you decide which type of group you’d like to start, you’ll understand how you can best help them and direct your meetings.

Always identify your audience first and finalize it before you ever conduct a meeting. The meeting must cater to those who are in attendance, and those in the group should all be of the same mind.

Make sense?

Here are some other simple rules to follow.

  1. Make sure that everyone has a great internet connection. You would think everyone has high speed internet, but think again. Many companies still offer a low cost option which is fine for those who don’t use internet much. If you have new folks that have recently launched a business, encourage them to get the best speed they can afford. You’ll need it to conduct masterminds online.
  2. Get the right projector for the right crowd. If you are having an onsite meeting, you’ll still want to have great internet, but a projector is also ideal to ensure that everyone can see what your online examples without straining their eyes. This also will depend on the size of your crowd.
  3. Offer coffee and water too! When you host a meeting, treat your guests’ right. It’s important that you get their attention with your presentation, but you’ll also want to ensure that you offer them beverages. Brew up some good coffee, and offer some bottled water or at the very least a pitcher of cold water. It’s a great thing to offer when you’ll be there for a bit.
  4. Proper seating. Good seating is important when you are having your meeting onsite. The chairs should be comfortable, and it’s important that the room is at a comfortable temperature too. If you’re hosting a rather large crowd, make sure that the seats aren’t too close together. That can make some folks uncomfortable.
  5. Proper introductions. Before you get started, give everyone a moment to introduce themselves. Getting to know people and building relationships is what matters most. Allow people to share who they are with you, and get to know them on a first name basis. Allow them a little bit of time to share their background as well, so that you have some idea about where their viewpoint is coming from.

Hopefully, this helps you understand how to start a mastermind group. I’m also hopeful that you’ll see how to conduct a mastermind business meeting in order to get the maximum results!

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how to manage your home business cash flow

How to Manage Your Home Business Cash Flow Effectively

how to manage your home business cash flowLearning how to manage your home business cash flow is important, but mainly because money is essential to running a business!

It is ideal to start out with money, but it’s also ideal to learn how to continually make money. Getting cash to come in means that you better know how to manage it once you have it.

This also means that you can’t spend it as soon as you get it. So, how do you handle your business cash flow once it starts rolling in?

There are several keys to getting cash to start flowing and to keep it rolling in, but spending it at the right time and for the right things is also important.

Today, I’m going to share with you how you can effectively manage your cash flow, using multiple tools, resources, and your team!

Learn How to Manage Your Home Business Cash Flow in the Beginning

When you start your home business you’ll want to study and research what should and could be done upfront before you get started.

However, you’ll want to learn how to manage your home business cash flow in the beginning too. Once the cash starts flowing, what will you do with it? What can you do to make sure that you have enough setback for income while paying your expenses?

Here’s what you’ll need to do.

  1. Monitor your cash flow on a regular basis. It’s wise to sit down at least once a week and see what is happening with your cash. Once a week is sufficient, unless you need twice a week. Depending on what your business is and how much you have coming in, you may have to review it twice a week, at least for a while. A good software system that can help you do your accounting may be quite helpful.
  2. Where can you cut costs? There are tons of tools and resources out there that we all get caught up in using for marketing online, but my biggest question is, which ones are working? Whatever is not working you should eliminate from your equation until further notice. In fact, my advice would be to start with one marketing method or tool at a time. Once you master it and get success with it, then you can add a new one. Until then, keep it simple.
  3. Is a business line of credit for you? A line of credit can be helpful in a time of need, but don’t wait until something goes wrong to get one. Always seek out your options for increasing and managing your cash flow when an investment needs to be made. You never know when you’ll need to invest in a new tool or resource. Get a business line of credit before you need it, and when something comes up, you’ll be ready.
  4. Stay on top of invoicing. Invoicing clients is a big deal, and this is especially true of those who outsource. Always ask for an invoice, even if it’s through PayPal. It is helpful for both you and your service provider to have a copy, so that you can keep track of what you’re spending and they can keep track of what they are making in case there is any question down the road.

There are numerous ways to keep your cash flow coming in, but just remember that managing it is just as important. Don’t forget to be a good steward of your cash flow, and learn how to manage your home business cash flow, no matter how small you start!

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difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing

Understanding the Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing

difference between affiliate marketing and network marketingMarketing from home can give you a full-time income if you put the time into it early on, but you should know the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing before you make a decision.

If you have been thinking about ways to earn extra income, then you should know that both affiliate marketing and network marketing can both be very rewarding and profitable.

Everyone’s personality is different, and everyone has different financial goals. What is your personal preference? What are your long-term goals?

Today, I want to share the differences between affiliate and network marketing, so that you can choose the path that is right for you to earn additional income for your family.

Why the Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing Matters

Okay, so you think you want to start a business from home?

I remember when I weighed my options, and at first it was overwhelming because there were so many options. This is why I want to help you understand the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing.

  1. Affiliate marketing. Those who choose to market as affiliates will do everything online. When products are sold, commissions are earned on EVERY transaction. The products that you’ll promote as an affiliate could range anywhere from jewelry items to home décor. Each item is different, and there will be a transaction for each item that is a one-time sale. The more products you sell, the more you’ll make. This means that you’ll make commissions based upon the goals you meet and how well you perform. Read all of the fine print before you sign up as an affiliate, although signing up as an affiliate is generally free depending on the merchant.
  2. Network marketing. Although network marketing is similar to affiliate market, it is also very different. The one main difference is the levels needed to achieve a certain percentage of income. Network marketing companies have various levels, and they often pay based upon tiers. This is because the more a marketer sells, and the more individuals that the marketer recruits will yield them more commissions and bonuses. All network marketing companies are different, so be sure to read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t have levels or layers while network marketing is built on that model. This is why it’s important to understand how these types of marketing are different.

Does one fit your personality more than another? Do you desire to take action once and continue to earn income over and over again from it? Would you rather sit behind your laptop, work anywhere and promote items that you love?

Both options are great, and they will afford you more flexibility with your time. Never commit to either one until you have researched each option thoroughly, and make sure that you know the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing.

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Why Online Business Opportunities from Home Are Profitable

online business opportunities from home

Working from home online can save you gas money, but online business opportunities from home can be quite profitable. There are so many opportunities that you read about online, but it’s hard to determine which ones are legitimate and which ones are not.

You’ll read about promises made and you’ll hear how many online marketers are making thousands of dollars. How can you make a sound decision on what works and what doesn’t?

There are many keys to being profitable and making sure that your business comes out a winner. What can you do to make sure that you become profitable and stay profitable?

Today, I’m going to share with you some tips on how to find the right opportunity, as well as how you can determine which online business opportunities from home are right for you.

How to Determine Which Online Business Opportunities from Home Are Right for You

There are tons of online business opportunities from home, but it takes some self-assessment for you to determine which one is right for you.

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself.

  1. What gifts and talents do I have?
  2. What type of skills do I have?
  3. Am I qualified to be a professional position?
  4. What degrees do I have?
  5. Does this opportunity fit my lifestyle?
  6. What potential problems could I solve that someone would pay me to solve?
  7. Can I commit an hour a day to marketing myself?
  8. Am I willing to work nights and weekends to make this business work?
  9. Do I have at least $500 to $1,000 to contribute to this startup and marketing?
  10. Do I have a reliable computer that I can use to run my business from?

There are many things you should ask yourself before you decide on a business. Answer the questions honestly and assess your strengths and weaknesses as well, so that you can determine what business suits you best.

What do you once you decide which one is right for you?

Online Business Opportunities from Home and How to Run Them

Once you make your decision its time to put your nose to the grindstone. It’s important that you have a reliable computer as well as a workspace that you can call your own.

When you create a workspace that you can use consistently, you’ll be able to focus better and set goals. Setting goals every day is important if you want to be successful.

Working from home can be done, but you might want to keep office hours. Keeping these hours makes it easy for you to maintain phone calls and to set up your tasks for the next day.

Make sure that you keep account of your expenses and your income with an easy to use software. Until you can afford a bookkeeper you’ll want to keep your own books.

Every detail is important.

Spend at least one full hour each day marketing yourself, and you’ll begin to see positive change in your traffic.

If you want to invest in yourself, explore these online business opportunities from home and study them as much as possible before you commit yourself 100% to any one opportunity.

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internet marketing advice for those on a tight budget

Internet Marketing Advice for Those on a Tight Budget


internet marketing advice for those on a tight budgetWhen you are on a tight budget starting out, you need to seek out good internet marketing advice. There is tons of advice on how to market online these days, but it’s not all good.


It’s a given that you need to build an internet presence, so what do you do when you don’t have a lot of money to spend? As a start-up, your budget is pretty lean, but the good news is that it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to start an online business.


While it’s easier said than done, there are plenty of ways that you can get started on marketing your new business. Today, I’ll give you some sound internet marketing advice, so you’ll learn what to do first in order to get started, and then what you must do in order to maintain your business.


Tips for Great Internet Marketing Advice


There is a ton of information online about how to market, and the tools and resources that you should use. How do you know where to start? It’s a matter of first things first.


  1. Know who your target audience is. The first thing you must do is determine who your target market is. You need a clear definition of who it is that you desire to buy from you. Where does this buyer live? How do they dress? Where do they live? What zip code do they live in? These are all important points to consider when you are creating your ideal buyer. If you don’t know who you wish to target, you’ll be wasting money on marketing to the wrong people.

  2. Set new goals daily. Setting goals is important if you ever intend to be successful, but you’ll want to set new goals daily. What do you want to see your business do? How much do you want to make? Where do you want to live? Set goals so that you can give yourself clear direction on how you wish to produce. If you don’t, you’ll only have a dream and no roadmap in front of you to achieve anything.

  3. Budget, budget, budget. Budgeting is important, and without one you’ll have no idea where your money is going. What are you comfortable with spending to start? Allocate a startup budget to your business and stick with it. Always have savings set aside if something unexpected does come up, but you’ll also want to make sure that you are still eating and paying your bills.

  4. What is your brand? It’s safe to say that your brand is you! You knew that right? If you didn’t, then it’s time for you to realize that the way your customers identify you matters. You must stand out in the crowd because the competition is stiff. Make sure that you give your customers something to remember you by. Start by purchasing a domain that is unforgettable and work from there.

  5. SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is what you need to know in order to make sure that your customers can find you. When you type something into Google, you usually type in a few words or a phrase. This is because you’re looking for something specific. If you sell this product or service, and you want to make sure that your customers can find you, you’ll want to learn how to maximize your opportunity with keywords and phrases, as well as paid ads in Google and social media.


There are numerous things you can do to get started, but these are the top considerations. It’s vital that you learn how to leverage the internet for your business, so be careful when you choose the internet marketing advice you choose to follow!


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internet home business opportunity

Finding the Right Internet Home Business Opportunity

internet home business opportunityWith every passing day, there is another internet home business opportunity that pops up. There are tons of options out there, but only ONE is really right for you.

I’ve written several blog posts about home businesses and what it takes to get started. I’ve also written posts about how to run and maintain a business from home while staying true to yourself.

There’s a lot to consider when you want to work for yourself, but there’s no doubt lots of questions that need to be answered.

What home business can you start by leveraging the internet? Can you actually use the internet to launch your business and run it full-time from the comfort of your own home?

Today, I’ll share the various considerations that you’ll want to make as you look for the right internet home business opportunity.

Finding the Right Internet Home Business Opportunity

It’s important that you always consider the bigger picture when a business opportunity comes up. If you’re looking for the right internet home business opportunity, you’ll want to dig and research until you find something that you’re passionate about.

When working from home, there is a tendency to slack off when there isn’t someone pushing you to get things done.

This makes it really hard for you to meet deadlines when it’s crunch time, unless you’re in a business that is not deadline sensitive.

If you want to build you lifestyle from your laptop, here are some things to consider.

  1. Are you in love with what you do? It’s a lot easier to complete tasks when you love what you do. If you aren’t in love with what you’re doing it’s time to look elsewhere. If you’re working for someone else right now, give it careful thought and consideration as you look for a business opportunity. Once you come across something you love, make sure that you research how to make that business work. You need to know that it’s a viable business, and you’ll want to do some research ahead of time to ensure that you know how to market your business best.
  2. Don’t fall prey to scams. Research is important with any business, but if you want to work from home you’ll want to make sure that you thoroughly research any opportunity that promises big money or benefits. Working from home can be great, but it isn’t always easy. If you come across a business opportunity that offers easy work and easy pay, think again. Don’t sign anything until you’ve had someone you trust review everything with you.
  3. Startup costs. What type of situation are in right now? You may need to consider a small loan if the business you want to start requires that you buy a lot of office supplies or equipment. When you build a business that is mainly comprised of digital marketing, you’ll save a ton of money. The cost of a laptop is more affordable than it was 10 years ago, and with email you can use less paper and pay less in postage!

There are tons of options for you when working from home, but if you’re looking for an internet home business opportunity, you’ll always come out a winner!



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