using failure to grow

Using Failure to Grow

is one of the greatest teachers that you’re going to have in your journey as a business owner. There are going to be things that you try that don’t work, there are going to be relationships that go south, there are going to be times your cash flow gets crunched. But it’s in those times that you learn some of the greatest lessons, not only of business, but of , of becoming a person who really can handle much greater capacity in the days to come.

Challenge is, most people are afraid of . And today what I want to encourage you in is not being afraid of , but recognizing failure as a teacher. What’s most important is that, when you fail, what direction are you pointing? There’s a saying that I often make, that, “If you’re going to fail, just make sure your head and your feet are pointed in the right direction, and then get back up as quickly as possible.” In fact, one of my mentors often says, “Fail forward fast.” So the issue isn’t that you fail, it’s how quickly you get back up and get moving again. Realize that those are the life lessons that are going to carry you forward, and in fact those really are the life lessons you’re going to pass on to other people.

So here’s the challenge that I want to make to you, is I want you to look at those, what you consider failures, that somewhat hold you back, that create a bit of or a bit of intimidation, and I want you to look at how you can reframe those things in such a way that they will become strengthening points, they will become life lessons, and they will help propel you to a greater degree in the things that you’re pursuing. Just a few thoughts for you here on Tuesday, I hope you have an amazing week and I’ll talk to you again soon.

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Carl Willis is a passionate entrepreneur who uses business and internet marketing as a means of impacting the lives of people all over the world.He is a published author and international speaker, having trained thousands of people in the principles of leadership, marketing, personal and spiritual development.

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