How to Use Your Business as a Catalyst for Missions

How to Use Your Business as a Catalyst for Missions

is not all about preaching the gospel to people, and trying to get them to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

There are other supporting projects that are needed to build up not only good Christians, but also people who are well educated, equipped to live above poverty, diseases, social vices, and other human challenges. This is where an entrepreneur can be of help.

As a Christian, soul winning should be one of your top priorities as commanded by Christ. You may not be able to go to mission fields to do this, but you can use what you have, that is your business, to do the job. Peter allowed Jesus to use his boat to preach to people in Luke 5:1-11, he got an unusual blessing and total transformation from God.

You can use your business to provide

  1. Financial supports for people on mission fields.

These missioners need 100% concentration; hence they need to be supported financially. Some of them that have families will have to leave them to relocate to remote places, or in some cases they may have their families with them on the field.

They will need food, clothing, shelter, and other things that can make them have at least basic comfort in the area where they are living.

  1. Relief materials for people.

The best way to reach the unreached is to provide for them what they lack. Helping them to solve their problems will make them to give full attention those who want to introduce Christ to them.

The Bible calls praying for people who are in need without giving them what they need without work, which is a dead . (James 2:26).

Remote places that need to be evangelized would need; basic health facilities, good water supply, skill acquisition and training centers, schools, shelter, etc. These are capital intensive projects which many Christian missions cannot handle on their own.

To support and get rewards for it needs a leading from God. You must know the exact mission God wants you to get involved in, and the extent of your involvement. David in the Bible wanted to build a Temple for God, but God stopped him, and told him that the privilege is not given to him but to his son, though God allowed him to make provisions for the building before he died. (2 Samuel 7:1-29).

Whatever God is leading you to do must be seen as your own ministry in the vineyard of God. You are a co-worker in the kingdom business, hence you must do it with all diligence knowing fully well that you will not only receive the reward here on earth, but also in heaven.

Using your business as a catalyst for mission is a form of partnering with God as Peter did in the Bible. God does not forget labor of love, nor sacrificial giving, He rewards them greatly.

Your partnering will God will surely open doors for more profits for your business, as God will not want the financial source (your business), to dry up.

He will also ensure that all the challenges you are facing are taking care of, because the Bible says e that waters shall be watered back. (Proverbs 11:25). That is the best insurance cover you can provide for yourself and your business.

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