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failure is part of the process

Failure Is Part of the Process

Luke 22 verses 31 and 32 is one of the most insightful passages in Scripture when it comes to the topic of failure. Jesus tells Peter, “Peter, Satan has asked to sift you like wheat and I have prayed that your faith would fail not. When you’ve returned, strengthen your brothers.And when you step back …

using failure to grow

Using Failure to Grow

Failure is one of the greatest teachers that you’re going to have in your journey as a business owner. There are going to be things that you try that don’t work, there are going to be relationships that go south, there are going to be times your cash flow gets crunched. But it’s in those …

moving beyond your limitations

Moving Beyond Your Limitations

I hope your week is off to a great start. By the way, if you haven’t gotten my latest book, Desolate Places, you can pick that up at, I want to talk about a story from Mark chapter six. It’s also in the other gospels. It is the feeding of the 5,000. Now, the …