Christian Personal Development Group on Facebook

Christian personal development

Hey, good morning to you. It’s Thursday morning here in the US. Probably evening where some of you are. Some may even be moving into tomorrow where some of you are. But I wanted to say “Hello” to you today. And the issue I want to get into is the importance of personal development. All […]

Chiropractor Builds Practice Exclusively On Facebook

Chiropractor Facebook marketing

Last week I had the privilege of interviewing my client Dr. Ryan Muller from Muller Chiropractic and Spinal Remodeling in Wichita, KS. Dr. Muller opened his practice in early 2014 and became my client shortly thereafter.  The focus of our marketing efforts have been directed towards social media with the majority of that focus being on […]

FB Post Magic Review

FB Post Magic Review Yesterday I was scanning through my Facebook news feed when I was introduced to FB Post Magic.   Now let me preface this by saying, I didn’t know I was being introduced to “FB Post Magic” which is what makes this tool so outrageously awesome.   So let me get back […]

Finding Your Target Market On Facebook

Finding Your Target Market on Facebook With nearly a billion subscribers to Facebook, this social networking giant could be a country all by itself.   With this many users, it is impossible to run out of people that you could be talking to on a daily basis.  The reality is that you really don’t want […]

Avoid These 3 Facebook Recruiting Mistakes

Avoid These 3 Facebook Recruiting Mistakes Prospecting on Facebook can be an extremely lucrative proposition; however, the prospecting activities of many have turned this social network into the wild west.  In an effort to help you grow your business using Facebook, I’ve compiled three steps to guide your efforts. 1. Keep Your Profile Professional I […]

Facebook + Web Of Trust = Challenges For Home Based Businesses

Facebook + Web Of Trust = Challenges For Home Based Businesses A couple of weeks ago I began hearing of users of the Empower Network blogging platform who were having problems getting their blog posts to publish to Facebook.  In doing further research, they learned that Facebook was denying access to these posts because of […]

How To Create A Page On Facebook

How To Create A Page On Facebook Learning how to create a page on Facebook is one of the most effective, no cost strategies that can give you a powerful online presence.   A fan page is Facebook’s answer to the business community, allowing a business to connect with its customers and prospects on a […]

A Facebook Marketing Strategy Anyone Can Use

A Facebook marketing strategy Anyone Can Use Anyone paying attention to the online trends of society will quickly recognize the need for having a Facebook marketing strategy for their business.   Facebook has become the predominate choice of internet users for creating social network community.   This is evidenced by the fact that Facebook currently […]

Internet Lead Generation Blueprint

Internet Lead Generation Blueprint Internet lead generation is one of the most sought after topics when it comes to building a business.   Most business owners readily acknowledge the power of the internet for building a business; however, they simply are not up to speed with the methods necessary to effectively tap into this massive […]

How To Advertise On Facebook

How To Advertise On Facebook Learning how to advertise on Facebook opens a whole world of possibilities for those looking to develop their business using this social networking giant.  It is no secret that Facebook dominates the social media landscape, so it only makes sense that anyone building their business online use the tools available […]