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The Difference Between Branding and Marketing

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branding vs marketingOne of the biggest conversations taking place in the online marketing space is the difference between branding and marketing.

Everyone marketing themselves online is concerned about branding themselves just right, while others are concerned about whether or not their marketing is effective.

Is there just one way to determine what is what? How can you separate the two and make them two different ideas while bringing them together to accomplish the greater good?

Today, I’m going to talk about branding and how it’s different from marketing. You’ll soon discover that both are necessary, and there are two very different ways to go about using both in your business.

The Distinct Difference Between Branding and Marketing

Do you view branding and marketing as the same thing?

Answer that before you go any further.

This question is what trips marketers up all of the time, and they often fail to see that there is a significant difference between branding and marketing.

As it turns out, they are two VERY different things. Yes, they work together, and yes they both play very important roles in your business.

Do you remember learning in school that cattle are branded? The method by which they are branded doesn’t matter as much as why they are branded and what it means.

Branding sets the cattle apart from the cattle of another farmer. When cows wander off, they could end up on the land of another farmer, making it near impossible to single them out. Branding takes care of that.

Branding a cow gives them a unique identity, and it allows the cattle to be separated and taken back to the rightful owner.

This is the key to branding. Here are three important questions to ask yourself.

  1. How will someone find me?
  2. What will my reader remember about me?
  3. When the customer has a problem, will they think of my brand?

The difference between branding and marketing is that branding gives your audience something to remember you by, while marketing gets you noticed.

Marketing helps you cut through the noise when there is a plethora of competitors. Getting noticed when you have 50,000 people that are all competing in the same arena is critical.

The Strategic Difference Between Branding and Marketing

Ah, the use of the word “strategic”. It can come at you ten-fold if you aren’t careful. Strategy is talked about often, whether it’s used in the military or whether it’s being used to talk about social media and business.

Most often, this word is associated with branding. Let’s go back to WHY “strategic” relates to branding. Here are some points to clarify where I’m going with this.

  1. The brand had to exist before the marketing plan was created.
  2. Marketing is an effort, but a brand is what directs that marketing campaign.
  3. Brands encourage loyal customers, while marketing attracts them to buy a particular item, one over another.
  4. Marketing attracts buyers and gets them to come around to your way of thinking. In other words, marketing is the activator.

Are you getting the point?

The two are different, but yet they work together. Marketing is the word used most often, but the brand is where many online marketers fail. What is your brand? How will you execute your marketing plan to drive more buyers?

Do some homework today, and research many different brands. Look at Toyota, Frito Lay, Kellog’s, and any others you can think of that have been around for many years. You’ll see what they do and who is drawn to them.

You’ll see the difference between branding and marketing with the best companies.

Location: Choosing the Best Place for Presentations

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LPLocation: Choosing the Best Place for Presentations

Many factors add up to a successful presentation, and one of the most overlooked is choosing the right place to do it. Would you present just anywhere? How would that help you?

It only makes sense to pick a place that gives you the advantage, a venue that enhances your credibility and leaves a good and lasting impression on your audience.

These are some tips to keep in mind when looking for that location.

Choose a venue you know

This simple strategy is an effective time-saver. For one, you can gauge more or less the amount of time you need to get there. For another, you also know where everything is—the restrooms, the power sockets, the projector screen, the airconditioner controls, and so on. You won’t have to interrupt your own presentation to look for these things when you need them.

Just be sure to choose a place that your client knows as well! It would be pretty embarassing if they’re late because they had a hard time finding your venue.

If you must present in an unfamiliar place, be sure to arrive extra early to check that everything’s in order. It’s also wise to have a back-up venue nearby in case of problems when your original location becomes unavailable.

Choose a place without distractions

You’ll want your prospect to focus on what you’re saying when you’re saying it—and nothing else. Choose a quiet, relaxing spot away from crowds and loud music. That rules out nightclubs, sports events, movie houses, and birthday parties.

Also avoid places that have potential distractions. Your prospect’s home or office may spell trouble for your presentation because co-workers, children, or even pets can interrupt you just as you’re hitting your stride. Imagine being in the middle of your spiel when your prospect’s secretary barges in with a call for an urgent meeting—NOW. Where would that leave your pitch?

Choose a location that speaks well of your business

Pick a bright, airy place that gives you a happy, contented feeling. These places relax your client and make them more agreeable. Also, pick a location that distinguishes you as a wealthy, successful person. A country club, a classy restaurant, a fancy hotel lobby, or a posh meeting room with a great view are all excellent places—they send the signal that you’re someone to be taken seriously. Avoid gloomy, poor-lit places filled with cigarette smoke or surly folk. You don’t want the impression that you’re proposing something illegal or dangerous.

Given the above tips, one of the best places to present may actually be your network marketing companys own headquarters. This gives you the home-court advantage—not only can you use the venue for free, you can also use whatever presentation materials they have available. It also shows that your company is an existing and legitimate business.

Finally, you can ask for support from your co-members or even the company leaders in case your prospect has some questions you can’t answer. On your home turf, you’re in control.

If your prospect is unable to come to your headquarters or its satellite offices, at least choose a neutral meeting place, like a quiet coffee shop or restaurant. By going to their home or office, you’re giving them the advantage you should have given yourself.

Your choice of venue affects the outcome of your presentation, so choose well!

Who Is The Person Behind Your Business?

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Carl speaking

“Why do you do what you do?”

That question was posed to me by a
life long friend at my 25th high school
reunion last summer.

She went on to explain that she saw
my business activities, but she wanted
to know more about the underlying
motivations behind them.

8 years ago my life and ministry took on
a whole new direction, when I began
traveling to 3rd world countries to
train and support indigenous church leaders.

Those journeys have allowed me to provide
resources for orphans who have no family…

Carl Willis with school children in Kenya

…start new churches and train church leaders
who have never had someone invest into their

I have shared many meals in a mud hut, celebrated
marriages and the birth of many children.

Sharing a meal with Pastor Kipto and his family

These relationships and experiences would not
be possible if I were still putting in 60-80 hour
weeks as a corporate executive or brick and
mortar entrepreneur.

Building an online business provides incredible freedom.

start an online franchise




Next week I will board another plane bound
for 12 days Madurai and Chennai India…

….I didn’t have to request vacation
….My business won’t come to a stand still because I’m gone
….I’ll be able to repeat this journey multiple times this year

I know that many of you have dreams burning
deep within you…

…dreams that you continue to put on the back
burner for a day that may never come.

Our greatest desire is to see you live out your
bigger dreams…

…more importantly the world needs what is
burning in the depths of your soul.

Instead of pushing your latest product or service,
start talking about the dreams that are driving

People respond to vision…

The more you broadcast your vision, the more
you will find people are drawn to you.

We would love to talk with you about your
dreams and what you need to do now to
get there.

Give me a call…

Communication Equals Wealth

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Communication Equals Wealth

There are two types of communication that bring about wealth.

The first is the communication that happens internally. The words that you speak to yourself and the way you say them, have tremendous impact on your life.

The second is the way you communicate thoughts and ideas to the world around you. The more proficient you become in communicating ideas effectively, the more readily wealth begins to flow into your life.

Because of the impact communication has on your life, it is the one area in which you should continually be honing your skills.

Name Your Price

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Name Your Price

“I think you need to raise your price…”

This was the conversation I had with a friend of mine today.

She is in the process of re-branding her computer and internet training service.

I had seen her many times give away too much of her knowledge for free or very little money….

…even though her knowledge is in high demand and people are willing to pay for it.

All too often I see people underestimate what the real market value of their knowledge and experience really is.

Today I want you to consider what your charging in the marketplace….

Are you selling yourself short?

Pick a price for your services that is high and position yourself as an expert who is selective about those he or she works with.

You will be surprised how many will pay what you are asking.

Choosing to be Different

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Choosing to be Different

Does your marketing message look like everyone else’s marketing message?

In today’s highly competitive market place, the need to differentiate yourself from the competition has never been greater.

People are constantly bombarded with the same marketing messages over and over.

Often times the greatest advantage you can give yourself is to simply be different.

Strive to be the purple cow in the field of brown cows.

Giving Your Prospects What They Want

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Giving Your Prospects What They Want

Are you actually selling what your prospect is buying?

I see many marketers struggling to make sales, because they are making an offer in the market place that does not match up to what their prospects are buying.

This doesn’t mean that the marketer needs to change up their product…

…but it does mean that they need to “frame” their product in such a way that it matches up to the felt needs of their prospects.

With proper framing, the prospect feels that their felt needs are being met and the sales process flows much smoother.

Get Them To Beg For What You Are Selling

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Get Them to Beg For What You Are Selling

Influence is the ability to move people in such a way that they literally beg for whatever it is you are selling…

…even more astounding is that the will do so, believing it is their idea!

This type of response takes place when you position yourself as an expert in your field.

Simply calling yourself an expert will not lead to this type of result…

…you must actually become that expert in your industry or niche.

This comes about through personal experience and continuing your education. You must always be striving to master your craft.

As an expert your product and services are no longer presented as a sales pitch…

…instead they are the valuable recommendations of a trusted mentor and friend.

Are You a Trusted Adviser or Just a Product Pusher?

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Are You a Trusted Adviser or Just a Product Pusher?

One of the common mistakes that I see within the online marketing world is people who push product 24/7.

When you view their Facebook wall all you see is pitch, pitch, pitch.

What they don’t realize is that over time people simply ignore the constant pitch.

A savvy marketer understands that people love to buy, but they hate to be sold.

With this understanding, successful marketers adopt the role of trusted expert in their field.

When a trusted adviser makes a recommendation, it is no longer viewed as a sales pitch…

…but simply the recommendation of someone who knows what is needed.

Discovering The Power Of Transparency

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my homeless officeDiscovering The Power Of Transparency

A little over a week ago, one of the young up and comers in the world of online network marketing came out and revealed to the world that he was returning to the workforce.  Not only was he taking a job at a fitness center, but he was also taking a job as a driver for Domino’s pizza.   Now for many this came as a real shocker, because this young man had been celebrated for going from being a full time employee at McDonald’s to creating a 5 figure monthly income online with the creation of his own products and services.   His story had caught the attention of many top leaders in our industry and he had been featured on many training calls.  How could it be that someone so successful was now making these decisions?

What this young man ultimately revealed was that he was irresponsible with his success.   He had built his marketing empire on one strategy alone (search engine optimization), only to see that empire crumble with the Penguin and Panda algorithm changes introduced by Google in early 2012 (those same changes dropped my traffic by nearly half).   This change in the business landscape coupled with uncontrolled spending led to his economic undoing.

As you might expect, responses were varied.  Most people were very supportive, encouraging him to take the lessons of failure and use them for the building blocks of his comeback.   Of course there were a few that were ready to burn him at the stake, labeling him a “sell out” or a “phony.”  Either way, the audience was forced to form an opinion.

Being Transparent Is Never Easy

Let’s be honest, the reason most people are not transparent is because they think others will think less of them.   I understand that fear.  When I started in this business, I was losing everything.  In fact, I spent the majority of the first 2 years homeless with my family and I living in a friend’s spare bedroom (the picture at the top is me in my office/bedroom in 2010).  The last thing in the world I really wanted people to know was just how bad my circumstance really was.

What I soon learned was that these times in our life are really some of the powerful resources available to us.  As I began to study successful people, I learned that Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Donald Trump, Dani Johnson and numerous others had lost everything at one point.  In fact of those I just named, 3 of the 4 were homeless prior to reaching their greatest levels of success.

When I looked at this industry, guess what I found?  A large number of the leaders in this industry shared the same story.   Ray Higdon, David Wood, David Sharpe, Tracey Walker and Nicole Cooper….every single one of them had lost everything when they got started.   More importantly as I studied these people, I realized that none of them hid from those humble beginnings, they were in fact a core component of their story.   A component they told over and over again…reinforcing the truth that anyone can make this business work if they will set their mind to it and commit to taking massive, daily action.

Putting Your Story To Work For You

Once I learned the power of telling your own story, I began freely telling my story.  I quickly came to realize that most people enter our industry, because their backs are against the wall.  They are trying to create a better life for their families.  They are trying to escape a career they detest.  They are trying to pursue a God given dream.  They are trying to live out a call to serve others.

The reality is that most of the people I meet are not striving to become multi-millionaires right off the bat.  They are trying to make sure all of their bills get paid this month.  They are trying to become debt free.  They are trying to take care of aging parents and children at the same time.  What they really want to know is whether or not they can succeed in accomplishing those objectives.

To give you an idea of the power of telling your story, I want to share an actual result from my business this past week.   Last week, I purchased a one owner Infiniti Q45.  It is the first time I have had a vehicle of my own, since 2010.   It is my first luxury car and I was able to pay cash for it.    On my Facebook page I posted a picture of myself with the car and I told the story of why this car was so significant.    Here are the results:

Facebook post

55 people liked this post and 20 commented on it as well.

I also shared this story on my blog and sent that blog post out to my email list.  The end result was 5 new business relationships in 2 businesses….all because I shared my story.

This industry is full of top leaders who really are tremendous examples of the second chances that can come about in our lives if we will simply grab hold of the dream and quit until we have it in hand.

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