Carl Willis

What Are The Top Priorities For A Christian Entrepreneur?

top priorities for a Christian entrepreneur

A Christian entrepreneur has what it takes to succeed in business, more than any other category of business owner.

The reason for this is, he has the backing of the Almighty God, the one who knows all things, and the best business partner anyone can have.

In the , Isaac was able to enjoy 100% ROI in his farming business in time of drought, because he partnered with God (Genesis 26:12).

As good as this piece of information is to all Christians who want to venture into business, it is also true that anyone who would partner with God has his or her own roles to play.

As long as that individual does not fail in that, he is bound to succeed. As for God, he is a covenant keeper, he can never disappoint those who trust in him.

These roles will form the top priorities a Christian business owner must pursue wholeheartedly to achieve success. They include but are not limited to:

1. Pursue God’s for your life.

Do you know God’s for your life; that specific reason why he has called you into business?

That should be the central goal of your business activities.

God does not expect you to pattern your business after any other one that have been in existence before yours, he wants you to be unique and show to the whole world that he alone can give power to make wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18).

It is God’s that must dictate the type of business you can do, and how you should go about it.

This will keep you from following trending business practices, and adopting worldly ways of achieving success.

2. Be focused.

God needs people who are focused, so that he can teach them new and uncommon business ethics.

That was the essence of the burning bush that Moses saw in Exodus 3:1-4. God needed his attention in order to reveal to him those things that are necessary for fulfilling his divine assignment.

When you are focused you will not see competitions, nor any other challenge, what you will see is the goal that is set before you (Hebrew 12:2).

One very important key to business success is knowing where you are going. When Joseph was gathering corn in the time of surplus in the land of Egypt, many did not see any reason for that, but when the time of scarcity came, it became their only means of survival (Genesis 41:48-49).

Only those who are focused can be solution providers. You should be able to see farther, and better than others.

The says God made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel (Psalm 103:7 kjv).

To be a good Christian entrepreneur, you must know the way.

3. Get the right team.

You have to prayerfully choose those who will work with you. The success of your business and that of your calling greatly depends on that.

It is not ordinary for Jesus to spend a whole night in praying to God before picking his disciples (Like 6:12-13).

He knew that each of them have specific roles to play in his life and ministry, hence he must choose right, otherwise he will fail in his earthly assignment.

Even if you have knowledge in all aspects of your business, you will not have the time and energy to do them all, you need those who will share your dreams and help you to bring them to reality.

Only one wrong person in your team can delay or deny you from getting to your destination.

It is only God who knows the best hands you need, he can send them to you to strengthen the weak links in the chain of operations of your business, and make you all set for success.

Setting your priorities right as a Christian entrepreneur will go along way to make you a celebrated success.

God is looking for those he can entrust with his kingdom’s wealth to teach the world the true meaning of success.