how to incorporate your faith into your business

How To Incorporate Your Christian Faith Into Your Business

Christianity is not just a religion but a way of Life, hence it must reflect in everything you do, including how you run your business.

Take note of this, God gave the Israelites new laws, and statutes as they were emerging into a nation, immediately they left the land of Egypt(Exodus 21-24;31-35).

He did that to confirm to them that they are totally different from the people of Egypt, hence they cannot pattern their ways of lives, government, religious practices, etc, after that of the Egyptians, among whom they have lived for over 400 years.

The same way, all Christian business persons must know that they are different from others who are not followers of Christ, and they cannot afford to conduct their businesses using means that are not approved by God.

The bottom line is that you have to bring your Christian believes into your business, so that it can be a source that God will use to bless others as they use your products and services.

How do you bring your Christian Into your business?

1. Commit everything about your business into God’s hands (Psalm 37:5).

This is the first and the most important thing you must do.

The business terrain is full of challenges and very unpredictable. The recent pandemic that has been ravaging the world has proven this to be true.

It will take God who knows all things to lead you in every step you are taking, so that you don’t make any mistake that will make you become bankrupt.

However, this can only be possible if you have invited him into your business.

God does not intrude into peoples’ lives, if you have not invited him, he will not force himself into your business.

When the disciples of Jesus were experiencing a storm in Matthew 8:23-27, they were able to call on their master for help, because he was with them in the boat.

Let Jesus be in your boat. If you don’t need him now, you will need him sometime in the future.

2. Put Christians In Key Positions.

As much as you can, let people who have the same as yours hold key positions in your company.

These are people that will help you in managing the company, and their personal believes will have a lot to do with how they are doing the job.

If you are praying and working hard to do things the God way, if these people do not believe in what you are doing, then there can never be progress for the company.

You don’t need to hire only Christians in your establishment, just make sure the major players are practising Christians who have the fear of God.

3. Never follow ungodly practices

You must know that you are unique according to 1 Peter 2:9. Hence, you must avoid business practices that does not portray you as a child of God.

Never cheat, falsify figures, lie, or cut corners in order to make gains, or have your way in anything you want to do.

Remember you are a representative of God, and you cannot afford to fail him.

Your major goal in business should not be to amass wealth, especially in a way that will affect people negatively, but to fulfill a purpose of God by impacting the lives of others.

The saying that; if you cannot beat them you should join them is not applicable to Christians. We are not competing with anyone, rather we are the light of the world, and we are to show others the way (Matthew 5:14).

That is, the right way of doing business.

Always rely on God’s leading to get new ideas and inspirations, to know the right decisions to take, and whether you should do any thing that you have discovered others doing.

God is the best business coach and partner (Genesis 26:12), relegating him to the background while you depend upon your own wisdom, or that of others will make your business goals unrealized.

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