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Many are called and only a few feel compelled to answer. Serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and professional speaker, Carl Willis, is part of a special pedigree of people who have adhered to the call on their lives to serve. He has been fearless in his pursuits of creating a lifework of service and benevolence.

Carl’s professional profile reads as someone who is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word. He is a calculated risk taker, a visionary and is strategic in everything he does. Early on in his professional career, he served and protected the public at large as a police officer, while simultaneously running several small businesses. In the 90s, when he left law enforcement, he parlayed his business acumen and expertise into a career in the financial advisory industry. During this time, he also was cultivating a new found love of christian ministry which was funded by his financial advisory firm.

After a number of years in the financial advisory industry, Carl’s insatiable hunger for knowledge and for finding solutions that made sense economically, led him to a successful career in internet marketing. As an industry leader, he has helped legions of professionals make headways in their businesses and careers.

Through his ministry work, new ministries and bible colleges are being formed throughout the world. Carl uses the profits from Simplicity Marketing LLC, his internet marketing business, to help fund his global ministry work.

As if Carl doesn’t do enough in his day to day life, he found the time to author three inspirational books: “Desolate Places”, “The Troubles of a Righteous Man” and “Lessons from the Storm.” He travels internationally for speaking engagements but he still calls his native Wichita, Kansas, home. He’s a family man with a wife and three beautiful children.

With an impressive catalog of so many achievements, it’s no surprise that Carl has no plans on slowing down. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he’s just getting started.

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