How to Turn Prospects into Partners

PPPPPHow to Turn Prospects into Partners

You’ve accomplished the initial phase of joining a Network Marketing company, and now you’re ready to see the money flowing in, right?

Finding customers and partners are the lifeline of your business.  Despite the inspiring team meetings and conference calls, the awe-inspiring speakers and the encouragement for you to dream big, without customers and sales, you have nothing!

In order to become a Master at making sales, you must learn the simple techniques to building a rapport with potential customers and partners, finding out how you can meet their needs and following up with them to seal the deal.   Below, I will share with you this simple 3-step process that will turn you into a Sales Producing Maven.

Teaching Your Leaders How to Lead

how toTeaching Your Leaders How to Lead

One of the biggest mistakes a leader can make is not giving their up and coming leaders enough opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities.  Sometimes it’s from a feeling of not wanting to “give something up”.  Sometimes it’s from not wanting to take the time to do some training.  Whatever the reason, it’s bad for both the current and upcoming leaders.  Here are a few ways that leaders can teach and encourage new leaders to lead:

How To Close a Sale in Four Simple Steps

How To Close a Sale in Four Simple StepsHow To Close a Sale in Four Simple Steps

I think you’d agree that whether you’re selling a product or inviting someone to join your business, closing is the most critical phase in a sales presentation. Yet so much of closing depends on what happened before you got there.

You must have done your probing right. You must have presented the product or opportunity correctly. You must have also built up a rapport between you and the prospect. All of these are essential to reaching that final step, the close!

3 Steps to Creating & Enjoying the Wealth You Deserve

Yesterday I was at the gym and decided to watch a Tony Robbins video on financial freedom while I was on the treadmill.  During this presentation, Tony gives one of the best talks on wealth and financial freedom that I have ever listened to.  In this presentation you will define what wealth truly looks like for you and you will begin to get a clearer picture of the road to financial independence.

Watch the video and leave your thoughts and comments below…

The Franchising Power of Network Marketing

The Franchising Power of Network MarketingThe Franchising Power of Network Marketing 

Do you know the common denominator of Subway, Burger King, and McDonald’s? They are some of the leading franchises all over the world. Every year, these fast-food chains acquire more and more outlets to provide excellent service to their respective consumers.

All of them use franchising to penetrate a much larger and broader market. It is a business system wherein a head outlet sells its business concept and system to qualified business operators for an upfront franchise fee and monthly royalties.

Real Ways to Make Money Online

Make money onlineReal Ways to Make Money Online

Surfing the internet helps you discover several online opportunities to earn, most of which promise considerable amount of money for simple tasks – from answering a survey to signing up for something. However, the truthfulness of these offers should be doubted. Still looking for ways to make money online? Don’t worry; there are quite a number of genuine ways through which you can reel in profit with the help of the internet.

Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

Network Marketing Tips for BeginnersNetwork Marketing Tips for Beginners

1. Set S-M-A-R-T goals

Once you’ve joined the company, the first thing that you need to do is set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Start by writing down your daily, weekly, and monthly goals and be as specific as possible.

Go into great detail about how much you’d like to earn, how many people you’d like to find as customers and partners per month, week and day, and the rewards that you will give yourself for reaching each goal.

Five Steps to Improving Downline Performance

improvement2Five Steps to Improving Downline Performance

Now that you have a downline of your own, it’s your job to lead them. Your team won’t automatically know what to do, even with a beginner’s manual put in their hands. It’s up to you to coach them into becoming the successful business owners they aim to be.


Successful network marketing is always a team effort. For your organization to be successful, they must possess the same skills you learned from your own upline. That means a lot of training!

Initially, you’ll want your downline to know these basic skills:

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Network Marketing

netCommon Mistakes to Avoid in Network Marketing 

Have you been in the network marketing industry for a while now but have yet to find any success? Then it’s time to assess the things that you’ve been doing and ask yourself if you’re really following the techniques and training that the company has put in place? Or, are you trying to reinvent the wheel by making up your own system?

You may be working hard and highly dedicated to your endeavor, but are you really putting your efforts towards the things that really matter?

games5 Sure-Fire Ways of Putting You on Top of the Game

With how lucrative network marketing can be, people flock to it, looking for earning opportunities. Indeed, there is a lot of room to earn when you join a solid and credible MLM company. But the number of people who have already signed up for similar businesses becomes part of the stiff competition that you’ve got to deal with if you really want to be successful. For you to make it big, you have to learn how to be on top of the game and be set apart from the competition.

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