Trade Fairs and Booths to Grow Your Business

Booth newTrade Fairs and Booths to Grow Your Business

If you are looking for a great way to grow your network marketing business, consider trade fairs and booths. By setting up a booth, you get to display your product or service and talk to an audience who has decided to COME to an event and walk the booth space area. They may not be interested in talking to everyone, but at least you have an opportunity to speak to a semi-captive audience.

Success in Network Marketing4 Core Foundations for Success in Network Marketing

There are various key elements to succeeding in Network Marketing, and regardless of the company your with, the product your selling or the layout of your compensation plan, these 4 Core elements will determine whether you sink or swim in this industry, and if you’ll ever obtain the key to true success.


It’s not unusual to hear stories about numerous people who have made several attempts at joining various companies but never made one sale or earned a penny from their companies.  These same individuals tend to end up bitter and calloused about the industry, while spreading the “it doesn’t work” gospel, all because they didn’t implement these 4 Core Elements.

How to Monetize Your Ideas

ideasHow to Monetize Your Ideas

The rise of the Internet has it a cinch to communicate and exchange ideas with a great number of people in very little time. The problem now is it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the tremendous amount of ideas flowing at you. It’s easy to find inspiration, but you may also be on the lookout for ideas that not only interest you but you can monetize or develop into something profitable. Here’s how to go about it:

check rffgThe 5 Point Checklist To Partnering With The Right Network Marketing Company

With thousands of Network Marketing companies opening their doors every day, it’s extremely important to make sure that you align yourself with one that will be mutually beneficial for both you and the company you partner with.

After carefully observing the trends of the fly by night companies versus those that have a strong and solid reputation with a long term vision for growth and success for their Reps, I have put together a 5 Point Checklist that you must use BEFORE signing up with any company.

The Power of Leverage

PLThe Power of Leverage


Network Marketing was the first place that I have ever heard about the concept of leverage.  Considering that the American Dream is often paved with a college degree and a “good education”, I would naturally assume that leverage would be a term that the white house would want to expose all of it’s citizens to.  However, it doesn’t happen that way.

Let’s take a look at two different but common scenarios:

Short Term Vs. Long Term Goals

goals1Short Term Vs. Long Term Goals


When people think of goal setting, they often think of long term goals such as making $1 million dollars or buying their dream home.  Long terms goals are very important, but so are short term goals.  Short term goals can help you stay motivated as you are working towards those long term goals.  They are the little pats on the back along the way.


best-multi-level-marketing-companiesUnderstanding The 4 Different Types of Network Marketing Companies

 Network Marketing is a lucrative multi-billion dollar industry that has become the saving grace for many of the worlds “income seekers” during these rough economic times. If you’re considering partnering up with a company, you’ll find that there are numerous types of niches that exist within the Network Marketing Industry that fall under four main categories.

Below is an overview of the four main industries and what they offer to partnering reps:

WHO is a Prospect?

mlm_prospectsWHO is a Prospect?


When you are looking to recruit someone to your team, you need to know WHO an ideal prospect is, and what to look for when searching for them? In a nutshell, a prospect is someone who could benefit from the opportunity that your company provides.  Your goal is to 1) find out if they could benefit from the opportunity and 2) let them know about the opportunity.

Think about this very carefully.  As you go through each day and you are looking for prospects, you are looking for someone who has a problem that your company can provide a solution for.

How to Make Money Online Risk-Free

E-commerceHow to Make Money Online Risk-Free

Online business surely is an exciting idea for a lot of people looking for another source of income. With the possibility of earning generous amount of money without having to do that much, more and more individuals are rushing into making money online so as not to be left behind. You truly have every reason to give online businesses a try since it’s totally worth it. A lot of people have found success in the online marketing industry and who knows, you just might climb your way to the top of the leader board.

What is Network Marketing?

NetworkMarketingWhat is Network Marketing?

Are you interested in network marketing and a little curious about the industry? Or are you thinking about joining a business soon? Before you make a decision, let’s cover a bit of the basics and thoroughly define what network marketing really is.

Network marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing, is a legitimate business model whose method of selling is by distributing a company’s products and services through a network of independent distributors. These independent distributors use direct selling and network building to market the products and services to potential customers. They act as a franchise to the company and earn commissions based on the volume of merchandise sold, or equivalent to its point value, as a result of their group dynamics.

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