network marketing recruiting3 Surefire Methods for Network Marketing Recruiting

Are you looking for new ways to grow your downline and build your network marketing business. Here are three surefire ways network marketers can recruit effectively to maximize signups.

build a good prospect listYour First 52 – How to Build a Good Prospect List

In business, prospects are the source of your income and your organization’s members—no prospects and no members means no money. One of the first steps to network marketing is to build a list of people to approach.

Network Marketing: Facts and Fallacies

just the factsNetwork Marketing: Facts and Fallacies

Over the years, misconceptions about network marketing have mounted dramatically. These false presumptions have been passed on from one inexperienced network marketer to the other, all the more adding misguided information. So how are these incorrect notions different from the truth?

2 Ways to Profit in Your First 30 Days in MLM

first 30 days in MLM2 Ways to Profit in Your First 30 Days in MLM

Now that you’re all signed up, excited and ready to build a thriving business, it’s time to consider exactly what you need to do in the first 30 days to turn a profit.

In the Network Marketing Industry, there’s basically 2 ways to generate an income. They are:

network marketing tip - think like a fishermanThink Like a Fisherman – Go where the fishes are

 If you think about the techniques of fishermen, you will notice that they plan out their trips for the most part to determine where the fishes are.  They leave the dock with the intent to come home with fish, therefore making sure that they strategically seek locations where the fish are bountiful.

Is Your Business at Risk?

Site unavailable

AWeber, one of the largest email
marketing platforms was shut down
over the last 2 days by a denial of
service attack.

 Get Response another large email
marketing platform was also shut
down yesterday by a similar attack.


Last week my primary website was
taken out by a hacker attack on my
host company’s server.


Who Is The Person Behind Your Business?

Carl Willis teaching

“Why do you do what you do?”

That question was posed to me by a
life long friend at my 25th high school
reunion last summer.

She went on to explain that she saw
my business activities, but she wanted
to know more about the underlying
motivations behind them.

Your Business Opportunity Is Not Your Business

Your Business Opportunity Is Not Your Business

Do you really have a business or are you simply promoting a business opportunity?

I often see people who mistakenly believe that they have a business, simply because they are promoting a business opportunity.

A business owner realizes very quickly that they are the real product…

Communication Equals Wealth

Communication Equals Wealth

There are two types of communication that bring about wealth.

The first is the communication that happens internally. The words that you speak to yourself and the way you say them, have tremendous impact on your life.

Name Your Price

Name Your Price

“I think you need to raise your price…”

This was the conversation I had with a friend of mine today.

She is in the process of re-branding her computer and internet training service.

I had seen her many times give away too much of her knowledge for free or very little money….

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