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Recommended Resource – Cracking the Millionaire Code

I just finished a book entitled: Cracking the
Millionaire Code
by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen. This book deals with enlightened entrepreneurship and resonated very deeply with me.

Enlightened entrepreneurship deals with the “higher purpose” (in my life this would be God’s chosen path for my life) behind your business endeavors. The premise of the book is that you are gifted
to accomplish great things.  By connecting with the deeper spiritual significance of your business, …

Repeat yourself

Repetition…it is one of the single most critical elements in marketing.

Studies suggest that the average person must be exposed to a message no less than 7 times before they are ready to take some type of action on that message. For you, the marketer, this means that
you must be putting a continual and consistent message in front of your field of prospects.

One of the common mistakes I see marketers making is a lack of perseverance in their marketing efforts. The results are slow to come, …

Choosing The Right Keywords In Your Article Marketing

The success or failure of your article marketing efforts is tied directly to your selection and usage of traffic generating keywords.  The purpose of article marketing is to produce content that
will achieve high search engine rankings for targeted keywords.  The strategy in keyword selection is to find keywords and phrases that are highly searched for, but not overly dominated. 

For example, if I were marketing vitamins. I could write an article that is built around the keyword vitamins, but I would not achieve much success in the search engine rankings, because …

Harnessing the Power of Article Marketing

Last night I sat in on the MLMLeadSystemPro web conference, led by 3 of the top producers in the MLMLSP
system. The primary speaker has been with MLMLSP for just a few months and has already shattered the lead generation ceiling. He is currently adding nearly 100 leads per day to his marketing list
and he is doing it all with a no cost marketing technique called “article marketing.”

Article marketing is simply the usage of a short article, generally 400-700 words …

Welcome to Keeping it Simple


Studies have shown that the majority of online marketers are in the beginning stages of their online marketing career. Most have come across a
concept or product that they are trying to sell in hopes of generating a full-time income, working from home.

It is with this thought in mind that I have developed this blog. I want to give you a place where you can get some ideas and tools in your tool chest.  I will borrow from the …