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Why Online Business Opportunities from Home Are Profitable

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online business opportunities from home

Working from home online can save you gas money, but online business opportunities from home can be quite profitable. There are so many opportunities that you read about online, but it’s hard to determine which ones are legitimate and which ones are not.

You’ll read about promises made and you’ll hear how many online marketers are making thousands of dollars. How can you make a sound decision on what works and what doesn’t?

There are many keys to being profitable and making sure that your business comes out a winner. What can you do to make sure that you become profitable and stay profitable?

Today, I’m going to share with you some tips on how to find the right opportunity, as well as how you can determine which online business opportunities from home are right for you.

How to Determine Which Online Business Opportunities from Home Are Right for You

There are tons of online business opportunities from home, but it takes some self-assessment for you to determine which one is right for you.

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself.

  1. What gifts and talents do I have?
  2. What type of skills do I have?
  3. Am I qualified to be a professional position?
  4. What degrees do I have?
  5. Does this opportunity fit my lifestyle?
  6. What potential problems could I solve that someone would pay me to solve?
  7. Can I commit an hour a day to marketing myself?
  8. Am I willing to work nights and weekends to make this business work?
  9. Do I have at least $500 to $1,000 to contribute to this startup and marketing?
  10. Do I have a reliable computer that I can use to run my business from?

There are many things you should ask yourself before you decide on a business. Answer the questions honestly and assess your strengths and weaknesses as well, so that you can determine what business suits you best.

What do you once you decide which one is right for you?

Online Business Opportunities from Home and How to Run Them

Once you make your decision its time to put your nose to the grindstone. It’s important that you have a reliable computer as well as a workspace that you can call your own.

When you create a workspace that you can use consistently, you’ll be able to focus better and set goals. Setting goals every day is important if you want to be successful.

Working from home can be done, but you might want to keep office hours. Keeping these hours makes it easy for you to maintain phone calls and to set up your tasks for the next day.

Make sure that you keep account of your expenses and your income with an easy to use software. Until you can afford a bookkeeper you’ll want to keep your own books.

Every detail is important.

Spend at least one full hour each day marketing yourself, and you’ll begin to see positive change in your traffic.

If you want to invest in yourself, explore these online business opportunities from home and study them as much as possible before you commit yourself 100% to any one opportunity.

internet marketing advice for those on a tight budget

Internet Marketing Advice for Those on a Tight Budget

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internet marketing advice for those on a tight budgetWhen you are on a tight budget starting out, you need to seek out good internet marketing advice. There is tons of advice on how to market online these days, but it’s not all good.


It’s a given that you need to build an internet presence, so what do you do when you don’t have a lot of money to spend? As a start-up, your budget is pretty lean, but the good news is that it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to start an online business.


While it’s easier said than done, there are plenty of ways that you can get started on marketing your new business. Today, I’ll give you some sound internet marketing advice, so you’ll learn what to do first in order to get started, and then what you must do in order to maintain your business.


Tips for Great Internet Marketing Advice


There is a ton of information online about how to market, and the tools and resources that you should use. How do you know where to start? It’s a matter of first things first.


  1. Know who your target audience is. The first thing you must do is determine who your target market is. You need a clear definition of who it is that you desire to buy from you. Where does this buyer live? How do they dress? Where do they live? What zip code do they live in? These are all important points to consider when you are creating your ideal buyer. If you don’t know who you wish to target, you’ll be wasting money on marketing to the wrong people.

  2. Set new goals daily. Setting goals is important if you ever intend to be successful, but you’ll want to set new goals daily. What do you want to see your business do? How much do you want to make? Where do you want to live? Set goals so that you can give yourself clear direction on how you wish to produce. If you don’t, you’ll only have a dream and no roadmap in front of you to achieve anything.

  3. Budget, budget, budget. Budgeting is important, and without one you’ll have no idea where your money is going. What are you comfortable with spending to start? Allocate a startup budget to your business and stick with it. Always have savings set aside if something unexpected does come up, but you’ll also want to make sure that you are still eating and paying your bills.

  4. What is your brand? It’s safe to say that your brand is you! You knew that right? If you didn’t, then it’s time for you to realize that the way your customers identify you matters. You must stand out in the crowd because the competition is stiff. Make sure that you give your customers something to remember you by. Start by purchasing a domain that is unforgettable and work from there.

  5. SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is what you need to know in order to make sure that your customers can find you. When you type something into Google, you usually type in a few words or a phrase. This is because you’re looking for something specific. If you sell this product or service, and you want to make sure that your customers can find you, you’ll want to learn how to maximize your opportunity with keywords and phrases, as well as paid ads in Google and social media.


There are numerous things you can do to get started, but these are the top considerations. It’s vital that you learn how to leverage the internet for your business, so be careful when you choose the internet marketing advice you choose to follow!


earning money from home

Earning Money from Home Leveraging the Internet

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earning money from homeChances are, you found this article about earning money from home because you were searching for more information about the most popular opportunities.

There are several ways to earn an income from your home including direct sales, selling insurance, and doing freelance work.

These days, there is one main component that ties it all together, making it easier than ever to earn money from your own home.

That one main component is the internet.

Without the internet, you wouldn’t be able to do any research, and you wouldn’t be able to share your ideas with the world.

Why does the internet rule the world? Furthermore, why does it rule your ability to work from home? Today, I’ll share with you how you can easily start earning money from home by using the internet to do so, and why it’s so important that you don’t start a business without it!

Why Earning Money from Home is Easy with the Internet

If you have ever tried direct marketing, or even if you’ve had a brick and mortar retail establishment, you know that having a steady stream of business isn’t easy.

This was of course until the internet was on the scene.

There is no better tool than the internet to help you grow your business. It’s that simple. It’s a way for people to find you everywhere, no matter where they are.

People can learn more about you, what you do, and they can learn more about how you can help them. This is because the internet connects people from around the world, and this happens around the clock.

The internet isn’t something that you can access only because you’re wealthy, it’s available to everyone. Not convinced yet?

Earning money from home is easy because:

  1. You can put up an inexpensive website where you share what your business is, and how you can help others.
  2. You can blog about the valuable information that shares more in-depth information on your business and how you’re helping others.
  3. You can use your email account to market to those who show an interest in you and what you do. This means that you can write up a newsletter about your business and your products. You can get your readers to opt-in for this in exchange for their name and email address, which allows you to market to them with various products and services.
  4. Make videos and post them to YouTube for free. You can share tips every day, or even make just a few videos per week, and you’ll start building a library of valuable information for your audience.

The possibilities are endless, but the best part is that you can generate leads in various ways using the internet.

Social media is one of the best tools available to you, and it’s all free unless you choose to try one of their paid services. With Facebook and Twitter at your disposal, can you really afford NOT to use the internet?

Start Earning Money from Home Today

Are you ready to start building a business you can work from home when it’s convenient for you? Depending on what type of business you want to start, you’ll have little to no cost to get started using the internet.

There are so many online tools that you can use today, and there are no limits to what you can do online.

If you’re ready to start earning money from home today, and you aren’t sure what your first step should be, pick up the phone and call me, or you can shoot me a quick email to set up a time to chat!

the right marketing tools

Do You Have the Right Marketing Tools?

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Yesterday my wife called me,
because her vehicle wouldn’t
start and she was stranded in
a parking lot.

Turns out her battery was dead,
I tried to jump start it, but no luck.

So I grabbed what I thought I
would need… a pair of pliers,
and 2 screw drivers to change
out the battery.

Unfortunately, the positive
terminal had been modified
with an odd size nut and my
pliers wouldn’t grip.

After 3 trips to the auto parts
store looking for the correct
sized wrench, I finally ended
up buying a complete socket

What should have been a 5
minute fix ended up taking
nearly 90 minutes, because
I didn’t have all the tools I
needed on hand.

In business there are some
core tools that every business
owner needs.

  • Lead capture system
  • Video conferencing
  • Blog

Purchased separately these
3 tools can cost  upwards
of $200 per month.

Pure Leverage offers all of
the core tools you need to
build your business, all for
only $24.95 a month.

Check out this complete
marketing package here…


Talk to you soon,


P.S.  I’ve been using the Pure Leverage
tools in my own business since 2011 and
they offer tremendous value.


P.P.S.  Check out the reseller option too.

innovative business ideas

Innovative Business Ideas to Make Money Online

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innovative business ideasIf you want to have success in your business these days, you have to dig deep and harvest the most innovative business ideas.

The way that we do business has changed.

Whether you are reading this and you’re the CEO of a major corporation, or you are looking for information on how to start a new business, you should know that thinking outside the box is what scores you big points.

You can still think in your box, but I can assure you that you won’t have the same results.

It’s time to think about what else is happening outside of your world, and how you can help others. What problems do people talk about with you that you could help them solve?

People complain all of the time, but if you can help them solve that problem, and help them solve it creatively, you’ll have a solid business.

In this blog post, I’m going to share some innovative business ideas with you that will help you change the way you do business and change your income too!

Innovative Business Ideas for Your Online Marketing Endeavor

When you think about the problems people have it can lead to great ideas.

This is true for physical retail items, but it’s also true for those who want to focus on building their business online.

What can you do that is different and solves problems for others?

Here are a few thoughts.

  1. Coaching others on how to build a home based business. More folks are considering working from home, but most have no idea where to start. This means that they need someone to teach them how to find a niche to focus on, and then how to market it. If you have coached people in the past, or you have a passion for helping to motivate others, this is a great way for you to use your gifts and talents to help others and build a home business.
  2. Teleseminars. Did you know that teleseminars are one of the easiest ways to make money? You may not consider this to be one of the most innovative business ideas, but it’s a great way to create value for your niche audience while charging a fee to do so. There are a wide variety of services you can use to run your teleseminar, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!
  3. E-courses. You can easily create e-courses and sell those to your target audience. Again, if you can solve a problem for someone, you have a business. E-courses are a great way to help teach others how to use specific tools to build their business, teach meditation, and many other things. This is yet another way that you can give a viable product to someone that they can use at their convenience. It’s all about making it easy!

These three are fairly simple things to do, and they are great business ideas. While you may not consider them innovative, think about how easy you are making it for your customer, and how anyone can use these tools and resources to make money!

Other Innovative Business Ideas Online

Building your business online is easier than you think, but you have to do a lot of work upfront to map out your product or business opportunity.

You’ll want to spend every hour and minute on it that you can, and don’t be afraid to ask those who have been successful for help.

There are tons of things you can do to build businesses online, but you’ll need to think outside the box. Think in terms of problem solving as well as a unique niche.

This means that if you have chosen something fairly broad….like copywriting…think in terms of college students that are writing to earn extra income.

There is always a way to put a spin on what you’re doing.

Get your inspiration, and get to work laying out a plan for your innovative business ideas!

Online Business For Dummies – It Does Exist!

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Online Business For Dummies – It Does Exist!

79 Civic

When I was 14, I got my first car…

…a beat up 1979 Honda Civic.

Along with the keys, my dad handed me
a book…

…”The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Honda Repair”


It wasn’t long before I found myself out in the
driveway with a set of screwdrivers and wrenches
with the book opened in front of me.

First it was the alternator…

“Loosen this, remove that, tighten this, adjust that…”

Step by step, the book taught me how to keep my
car running.

My dad could have simply told me to figure it out
for myself, but he knew that I might easily become
frustrated and give up.

He also knew that with the right guidance I could
learn in a much smaller frame of time.

When I first got into the world of online business,
I had to figure it out for myself…

…the problem is, most people didn’t have the tenacity
to go through all of the trial and error like I did.

Fortunately aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have to travel
such a difficult path these days, because of online business
for dummies that are designed to make things simple.

Today I want to reintroduce you to my favorite dummy
proof business system…iPAS2

Each day, Monday – Friday, you get an email that tells
you step by step what you need to do today in your business.

The list includes…

  • Your mindset
  • Your advertising
  • Your social media
  • Your content marketing
  • Your email marketing

Not only do you receive the instructions, you even receive
the very words you need to use in each of these items.

The content (both video and written) for your content
marketing piece is even provided.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that…

If you’ve never had success online or find yourself
overwhelmed by too much information…then you
need to use this system.


How to Make Money Online Risk-Free

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E-commerceHow to Make Money Online Risk-Free

Online business surely is an exciting idea for a lot of people looking for another source of income. With the possibility of earning generous amount of money without having to do that much, more and more individuals are rushing into making money online so as not to be left behind. You truly have every reason to give online businesses a try since it’s totally worth it. A lot of people have found success in the online marketing industry and who knows, you just might climb your way to the top of the leader board.

At this point, you might still have your doubts if it really is possible for you to make money online. I have also been filled with the same skepticism a long time ago, especially because of my concerns with the risks involved. After thinking it through, however, I have come to the understanding that I can actually make money online without any risks and this ample knowledge, I would be more than glad to share with you.

Money is, of course and will always be the greatest resource that you and I both do not wish to risk. We have always had the idea that for us to make money online, we must first have to shell out some amount as well. With the money to be invested in the products and services you will be offering and their promotion, you might as well be hesitant to put your faith in something so uncertain. However, you can eliminate this fear and uncertainty, all these risks, by signing up for established marketing businesses that have proven themselves worthy and reliable. Even with this, make sure not to spend too much and hurt your budget in the process so if ever the uncalled for were to happen, you would not be left penniless.

Making money online can easily be risk-free and it is up to you to work on this and eliminate the risks that are commonly involved in businesses. Joining successful companies or teams will be of great help. What is more, having a contingency plan will help cut down the risk considerably.

Is Your Business at Risk?

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Site unavailable

AWeber, one of the largest email
marketing platforms was shut down
over the last 2 days by a denial of
service attack.

 Get Response another large email
marketing platform was also shut
down yesterday by a similar attack.


Last week my primary website was
taken out by a hacker attack on my
host company’s server.


Like it or not, we live in a world 
where your online business can
be disrupted at any moment.
The question is whether or not
you are prepared for such things.
Here are a few quick tips to keep
your business up and running…
  1. Back up your website regularly – I back mine up to a Dropbox file weekly
  2. Change your site username to something other than “admin” or “administrator”
  3. Export your autoresponder subscriber list on a regular basis
  4. Connect with your customers, prospects and list subscribers on social media
These are just a few tips that will help
keep your business operational and
help you in avoiding a catastrophic loss.
To your success,

Choosing To Bring Others Along

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Choosing to Bring Others Along

Am I going to do what is best for me or for those who are looking to me for guidance?

This was a question that my wife and I were discussing today.

We were evaluating some decisions that we could potentially make that would be very beneficial to us…

..but they would have not been as beneficial to those who look to us for leadership.

I am at a time in my life where I realize that what I impart into the lives of others far outweighs the things I could simply achieve on my own.

In the end, what you impart into others will always produce fruit in your own life.

Giving Your Prospects What They Want

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Giving Your Prospects What They Want

Are you actually selling what your prospect is buying?

I see many marketers struggling to make sales, because they are making an offer in the market place that does not match up to what their prospects are buying.

This doesn’t mean that the marketer needs to change up their product…

…but it does mean that they need to “frame” their product in such a way that it matches up to the felt needs of their prospects.

With proper framing, the prospect feels that their felt needs are being met and the sales process flows much smoother.

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