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Crypto Pros Review

Crypto Pros Review

Crypto Pros Review

In this , I want to give you an overview of Crypto Pros and how I use it.  I also want to give you some information on how the program works and you can determine if it is right for you. So you’ve probably seen some marketing on Facebook or traffic exchanges or somewhere else that you’ve been about a business that with a $2 purchase can create ongoing residual income.

And that business is Pros. Now the reason it’s called Pros is because the program pays earnings in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. And the reason it was done that way is in the affiliate marketing and digital marketing space, oftentimes commissions for those programs get frozen. A company like PayPal will decide they don’t like affiliate marketing and so they will hold that business owners commissions, they may never even returned them, they may close down the account.

And so what this allows you to do is to be paid using cryptocurrency in which you can then convert into US dollars or whatever your currency may be. So that’s the premise behind Crypto Pros.

What we need to talk about though is what actually is Crypto Pros? What makes it up? And what makes it up is advertising. And so there are two levels of advertising.

There is bronze advertising. Bronze advertising lasts for 14 days, and so you buy an ad pack and what that ad pack allows you to do is it allows you to create a text ad that will run for 14 days and it will display within the Crypto Pros Network and other websites owned by the ownership of Crypto Pros. Now, where this is important is the audience of Crypto Pros is primarily people who are involved in online marketing and that may be selling digital products or services.

They could be involved in eCommerce, affiliate marketing, network marketing. These are the appropriate types of businesses that you really want to be utilizing if you’re going to be utilizing the advertising on Crypto Pros, because that’s who you’re going to be advertising to is people who are in those types of businesses. So what’s going to happen is your ads are going to run for 14 days.

When I purchased my initial ad pack, instead of purchasing one I purchased seven ad packs so I could test seven different ads. So you can see this first ad pack expired on the 13th, it had two clicks, this one had one click. So that’s what your bronze is doing on the text ads side. Now, you also have as a bronze ad pack purchaser, a banner ad for 86 by 60 typical banner ad. And again, each ad pack entitles you to 14 days of advertising display of your banner ad on Crypto Pros and the related websites.

And so I did the same thing and I bought my seven ad packs and I began to test which ads were getting clicks. And so as I’m renewing, that’s where the focus of my advertising is going to be. So that’s what you’re purchasing for $2. So very inexpensive advertising. So now you say, well, does this work? Well, what I’ve been doing with this is I have been putting this towards other affiliate offers, building my emailing list and towards digital courses that I sell.

So in my first 14 day run on top of commissions generated within Crypto Pros from buying ad packs and sharing the program with other people, I’ve also sold two digital courses and I have added approximately 30 subscribers to my mailing list. So for me, every subscriber is worth about $1 per individual. Now my results are not typical. Your results may vary.

I’m just telling you how that’s worked for me. So out of my initial purchase of seven ad packs, I spent $14, I have recouped more than twice of that in earnings and potential earnings. So the two core sales were $20 in profit. Again, every subscriber on my list is worth about $1 per month. So there’s another $30 in projected earnings.

This is a very profitable, very inexpensive source of advertising for me. Whereas on Facebook or Google or Bing or anywhere else, I could expect to pay on the low end 50 cents per lead or upwards of $5 per lead. So to have accomplished all of that with $14 of ad spin, buying seven $2 ad packs, that’s allowed me to propel my business. Now, I took this a step further because the other piece of the business is the platinum ads and the platinum ads don’t have an expiration date to them as long as you are active as a platinum ad buyer.

So let me explain how this works. Let’s go back to the text ads, and so I became a platinum ad subscriber. So I also have platinum ads and my platinum ad here, you can see it. I’m running this particular campaign. I’ve had 15 clicks. I’ve been growing my list with this as well, and so what that does is every month I’m going to renew my subscription to platinum ads and so this ad will never expire.

It will continue to run over and over and over again. Now, also on the platinum program there’s banner ads. So I did the same thing here. You’ve saw my bronze banner ads that expire after 14 days, but my platinum banner ad doesn’t expire. So it’s going to continue to receive clicks and continue to grow. And so that’s the way the platinum banner ad works. And then there’s one other perk with the platinum ads and that is these log in ads and these login ads are not available to bronze members.

They are available to platinum members and they are the most responsive ads. So if you look at my views versus clicks, I have the highest click through rate on this particular ad. And so that is what you are purchasing as a customer with Crypto Pros. You are buying very inexpensive advertising that is targeted towards people who are affiliate marketers, network marketers, eCommerce stores, people who are doing those types of businesses online and people who would like to earn in Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin. This is a way they can use a business to generate that.

So let’s explain how the business side of things works. In the business side, there is the bronze matrix. So every time you buy a pack, what’s going to happen is it’s going to create a two by 20 matrix. So every new pack purchase is going to build out these matrixes.

Now, where as I bought seven packs at one time, you can see here, created those on November 29th, I created seven different matrixes. So as I sell ad packs and as I continue to buy ad packs, we’re going to continue to fill in those matrixes.

Now, the second piece is the platinum side, and here’s how the platinum side works. The platinum is a onetime $50 purchase. That’s how you become an advertiser in the platinum program.  And then it is a $25 a month renewal. Remember those ads don’t expire and you get the login ad. But here’s the other thing, they pay a very healthy matching bonus when you refer others who purchased the platinum. So with two other referrals, purchasing the platinum and keeping their platinum subscriptions active, your subscription will be paid for every month, works out really well.

So here’s what you find in your financial side. You have a cash wallet, which is where your earnings go. You have a purchase wallet where you purchase platinum subscription or your new bronze packs. But then there’s this repurchase wallet, and this is really cool. I want you to see this. This is for your bronze program to keep your ads going and to keep your business expanding.

So what you’ll notice is there’s a percentage here. So anytime someone makes an ad pack purchase in my organization, I am receiving a commission on their purchase, but I’m also receiving a 100% matching bonus on that purchase. And so every time this repurchase hits $2, the program is automatically going to buy another bronze ad pack on my behalf.

This is one of the coolest things about Crypto Pros is the PIF Free Member List. What it means is pay it forward. If you’re not somebody who’s a good recruiter, if you’re not somebody who feels comfortable talking to friends and neighbors and coworkers and doesn’t want to do that kind of thing, the PIF Free Member List is fantastic.

Crypto Pros Ad Pack PIFSo why this works is anyone who joins Crypto Pros but has not activated their status, meaning they haven’t purchased an ad pack within 14 days, goes into this pool company wide where any member can come in and pay it forward for them. So basically you are buying a new customer for $2. You’re purchasing their initial ad pack, and the hope behind that is, and I’ve seen it work already in my organization, is that once they see somebody is sponsoring them in and they begin to see activity in their , they will continue their ad purchases.

So that’s the way Crypto Pros works. Now, what you’re going to want to do with Crypto Pros ideally is you’re going to want to use it to advertise other programs that you are wanting to promote. And that’s what this builder’s about because you’re finding people who are already warm to what you do and so you can see it’s pulling up the recommended programs and it’s also pulling up my sponsors recommended programs.

And then I’ve put in my programs, so anybody who comes into my organization, it’s going to recommend all of these programs for them. This is how you build your business passively and this works wonderful if you’re working on a network marketing business of some kind, this is a very great way to build those organizations out. Very passive way to do that and your advertising is paying for itself. So it becomes a residual ongoing source of lead generation and advertising revenue.

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Disclosure:  Carl Willis is an affiliate of Crypto Pros and will earn compensation for any purchases made through the links in this article.