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How to Conduct a Business Mastermind Meeting

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business mastermind meeting

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Starting a mastermind group is the easy part, but learning how to conduct a business mastermind meeting takes a little bit of time.

I get it; you’re busy. You feel like as soon as your feet hit the floor every morning you can’t take on one more thing. If you’re running a home business though, you already know that number one rule.

You gotta separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. You absolutely must position yourself as the expert in your field, and become an authority.

One of the ways in which you do that is create a mastermind group and learn how to conduct an effective meeting. Private mastermind groups are an investment that you’ll make with your time, but they will also be one of the most rewarding investments you ever make.

How to Conduct a Business Mastermind Meeting that Elevates Others

Mastermind groups come in all shapes and sizes, but learning how to conduct a business mastermind meeting that elevates others is the meeting that wins the day.

Entrepreneurs fall into two main categories for building the foundation for how you’ll choose the way you conduct your mastermind group.

  1. Those who are new to entrepreneurship and have recently launched.
  2. Those who already have their business up and running.

Once you decide which type of group you’d like to start, you’ll understand how you can best help them and direct your meetings.

Always identify your audience first and finalize it before you ever conduct a meeting. The meeting must cater to those who are in attendance, and those in the group should all be of the same mind.

Make sense?

Here are some other simple rules to follow.

  1. Make sure that everyone has a great internet connection. You would think everyone has high speed internet, but think again. Many companies still offer a low cost option which is fine for those who don’t use internet much. If you have new folks that have recently launched a business, encourage them to get the best speed they can afford. You’ll need it to conduct masterminds online.
  2. Get the right projector for the right crowd. If you are having an onsite meeting, you’ll still want to have great internet, but a projector is also ideal to ensure that everyone can see what your online examples without straining their eyes. This also will depend on the size of your crowd.
  3. Offer coffee and water too! When you host a meeting, treat your guests’ right. It’s important that you get their attention with your presentation, but you’ll also want to ensure that you offer them beverages. Brew up some good coffee, and offer some bottled water or at the very least a pitcher of cold water. It’s a great thing to offer when you’ll be there for a bit.
  4. Proper seating. Good seating is important when you are having your meeting onsite. The chairs should be comfortable, and it’s important that the room is at a comfortable temperature too. If you’re hosting a rather large crowd, make sure that the seats aren’t too close together. That can make some folks uncomfortable.
  5. Proper introductions. Before you get started, give everyone a moment to introduce themselves. Getting to know people and building relationships is what matters most. Allow people to share who they are with you, and get to know them on a first name basis. Allow them a little bit of time to share their background as well, so that you have some idea about where their viewpoint is coming from.

Hopefully, this helps you understand how to start a mastermind group. I’m also hopeful that you’ll see how to conduct a mastermind business meeting in order to get the maximum results!

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