the antidote for worry

The Antidote for Worry

Our Monday around here has been a little exciting and not necessarily in the best of ways. So as an entrepreneur, as a Christian, we understand that we need to seek first the kingdom of God in all things, and so Matthew 6:33, one of my favorite passages, Jesus talks through all these issues of . Don’t about what to eat, what to wear. He reminds us to look at the birds of the air and the grass in the field and how God clothes those things. He provides for those animals. They don’t have to think about it. It’s done for them. He reminds us that if He does that for the animals, if He does that for the grass in the field, how much more does He do that for those of us that He loves?

So this has been important. In fact, yesterday at church, that was the passage we were in and the topic of Don’t . When it comes to building a kingdom business, sometimes we think about the big dream, the big picture, the things I want to do for God with my business, with my finances, with my time and my . Sometimes building a kingdom business, though, is about how do I deal with the adversities? One of our companies is a real estate investment company, and in the last 72 hours, we’ve been hit with some unexpected issues in two of our properties that are going to create a pretty substantial financial challenge. Having to work through how do we resolve that, how do we take care of those things, and as entrepreneurs, there are times that we get hit with unexpected things and we know our cash flow isn’t going to overcome that challenge. We’ve got to get creative. We’ve got to look towards other things.

This is part of building a kingdom business. Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things that you would normally worry about will be added to you. They end up taking care of themselves. I’ve seen that lesson over and over again in life. The things that have pushed us to the wall invariably work themselves out and I have no doubt we’ll see the same thing even in the circumstances that have come up over these last two and a half days.

The thing that my wife and I did first is as soon as we knew what we were up against here, we just stopped and prayed and put it into God’s hands and admitted, really, our own lack of wisdom in the moment of what the next steps need to be. So I want to encourage you to do that. Are you praying regularly for just the day in and day out affairs of your business? Cash flow? Lack of cash flow when you have it? Customers, good and bad. Are you praying for your clientele? Are you praying for your employees and vendors and those types of things, and so this is part of building a kingdom business. Putting God in the center of ever tying, both good and bad. It’s not always about the big dream. Sometimes it’s about how do I get through today’s crisis and maintain the right perspective and maintain my and maintain a proper bearing.

Anyway, those are a few thoughts for you. Have a great day. Talk to you soon.

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