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how is your mental game

How Is Your Mental Game?

So here’s a question for you today. How is your mental game? I was talking with a new client yesterday and we were going over the goals that he’s set out for his business and they’re very aggressive goals based on where he starting from and he asked me the question, do you think it’s …

How’s That Mindset Working For You?

How’s That Mindset Working For You?Most people who are striving for success, or aiming for goals and outcomes in life usually have a plan of action, or a map of how to get from where they are currently to where they want to be. Despite the road map, there are many entrepreneurs who still get …

What Makes A Good Network Marketing Distributor?

Although personalities, styles and skill levels differ from person to person, there are some common traits that make a good network marketing distributor. These
traits can be learned and adopted by anyone, which is good news for any MLM distributor hoping to build a successful network marketing business.

The first trait of a good distributor is motivation. A distributor’s motivation has a direct effect on the quantity and quality of effort they will put forth to build their business. …

It’s All About Building Relationships

Contrary to popular belief, marketing is not the art of promoting products. Marketing in its purest form is the ability to build relationships. Relationships are not built instantaneously, but
instead are cultivated and nurtured over time.

Every successful marketer has had that “aha” moment when they realized that the only product that matters is “you.”  When “you” become a trusted resource in the life of someone else, they will
allow “you” to make recommendations. Since “you” have proven reliable and trustworthy throughout the relationship, those individuals find confidence in acting upon “your” …