Grid System Marketing, How To Farm Your Backyard For Business!

Grid System Marketing, How To Farm Your Backyard For Business!Grid System Marketing, How To Farm Your Backyard For Business!

I find that a lot of network marketers get so excited about sharing the opportunity that they start talking to friends and family…and think about who they know in the next town over.  And then two towns over from there.   Which is all GREAT, believe me.  However, I am always amazed when people say they are “out of leads” or they don’t know who to talk to next and I ask them how many people in a 2 square mile from their home know about their business…and they can’t answer me.

My point is, so many times we get so excited thinking BIG that we ignore what is in our own backyard.  It’s frighteningly common.  So before you even THINK about saying you are out of leads, or don’t know where to turn for leads, I suggest that you try the following “grid system marketing”.

  1. Get out a local map of your area. City or county map.
  2. Mark where your house is on the map. Mark it with a big red “X”
  3. You may want to do this with your work location as well if you work another job.
  4. Next, take a highlighter and highlight a three square block area around your home and/or business.
  5. Your goal for the next week to two weeks is to MARKET this area. If it is residential homes, you can leave flyers/business cards on the doorknob with a rubber band.  This is a great way to get some family time or exercise time in while marketing your business.  Load up your materials, go for a walk, and get your materials out at the same time.
  6. I HIGHLY suggest you get your game on and talk to people who are out and about while you’re walking through the neighborhood. Let them know that you have been in business for “X” amount of time and have realized you never let your neighbors know what you do, and you’re on a mission to change that!
  7. If there are businesses in the area, get flyers and brochures together. Walk in to businesses and ask to leave some in the lobby/waiting area.  Let them know you are local, and you are looking to mutually support each other.  At the very least, leave them with the owner/receptionist/whoever works there.   Leave any flyers on bulletin boards.  See if you can leave brochures in break rooms at the bank.   GET CREATIVE HERE!!
  8. Once you have thoroughly taken care of your three square blocks…take it out three more blocks. Rinse & Repeat.
  9. Continue on until you have covered a 2 square mile area at least!
  10. You won’t be short on leads when you follow a grid system marketing plan!!

Never forget that your own backyard is FULL of potential leads for you.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other places to cultivate leads from…just don’t ignore your own backyard in the meantime!

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