6 easy ways pastors can earn extra money by selling online

6 Easy Ways Pastors Can Earn Extra Money by Selling Online

6 Easy Ways Pastors Can Earn Extra Money by Selling Online

6 Easy Ways Can Earn Extra Money by Selling Online

Description: It’s not always easy finding additional ways to earn money outside your current pastoral duties. Here are six easy ways and other church leaders can earn money by taking the talents and expertise they already have and monetizing them.

There are a number of small projects and side jobs and church leaders can take on to supplement their income when they are not carrying out their pastoral duties. If you’re motivated and want to make a few extra dollars a week, here’s a great list of easy ways to earn extra money by selling both online and offline.

1.Freelance Writing.

If you enjoy writing, why not get paid for your skills as a freelancer. Market your talents on freelance job sites, or sign up to be a contributor for Yahoo Contributor Network. Work for hire sites such as Upwork.com allow you to promote your services online for people looking to outsource specific projects.

2.Start an Amazon Business. 

Starting an Amazon business is a great way to earn extra money.  You can sell products you have already created yourself, or resell used items for profit. From eBooks to jewelry, you can create an eBay store selling just about anything.

Learn more about starting an Amazon business here

3.Direct sales and opportunities.

There are a number of reputable network marketing companies that are designed to give people the opportunity to sell goods, services and products via at home parties or social gatherings. Find an opportunity that is a good fit for you and become a representative, earning commissions along the way.

Learn more about my automotive focused network marketing business here.

Learn more about my consumer goods focused network marketing business here.

4.Online affiliate programs.

There are thousands of companies and online websites looking for affiliates to promote their products and services. Check sites like Amazon, Clickbank, Paydotcom, or Zazzle. Perform a Google search and research various affiliate programs that fit your needs. Learn how to market and promote your affiliate products, and it can turn into a steady stream of additional income.

Learn more about affiliate marketing here

5.Consulting services.

Do you have a professional background or expertise in a specific field? Maybe you’re a trainer or coach. Do you have expertise in marriage counseling or helping people lose weight? I am sure there are a lot of members right in your church who would like to improve their lives outside of the Sunday service.

My consulting business.

6.Website or Graphic Design. 

It’s amazing how many small business owners and entrepreneurs are in need of a professional website. Many small businesses and church websites can really use an updated or more polished online presence. If you’re knowledgeable with WordPress or Photoshop, you might be able to make a few hundred dollars in designing and setting up simple websites, or marketing yourself as a graphic designer. Technology is becoming more widespread, and churches, schools, and businesses need talented people to help them expand their message.

There are many more ways pastors can earn extra money selling online. Take the time to find out what you’re good at, how you can share your value with others, and then monetize your services by providing solutions at a value people are willing to pay for.

Over my years in the it has been my side businesses that have allowed me to serve in some very difficult places.  If you need some objective advice about your current circumstance, feel free to contact me through the “contact me” form on the right hand side of the screen or give me a call.

*Revised February 27, 2020

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