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Carl Willis and Julie Dubuc webinar

Stop the Agony of Ineffective Marketing Now

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Recently Julie Dubuc from JBN Global Solutions, LLC joined me to discuss a common challenge faced by many small business owners… ineffective marketing.

In this webinar we discussed how to identify your most profitable prospective customer and how to deploy a marketing system that engages your prospect with multiple touches.

Do You Really Need An MLM Marketing System?

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Do You Really Need An MLM Marketing System?

Over the past few years, there has been a great deal of discussion about the value of using an MLM marketing system.  As you might well imagine, there are proponents who believe that this is a must have for any network marketer and then there are those who believe they are simply a waste of time.  It is my hope that I can help cut through the hype and clear the air for you on this particular subject and give you my own reasons for using an MLM marketing system.

What Is An MLM Marketing System?

It is best that we start by simply defining what an MLM marketing system actually is, before we can discuss the real advantages that come with it.   In the context of MLM a system is a comprehensive set of tools or mechanisms that function together for the purpose of developing and growing a network marketing business.   Typically a system will assist the business owner in the critical components of operating their business.    This would include such things as marketing, lead generation, follow-up, recruiting and training.   A system is designed to incorporate these unique components, while at the same time creating a somewhat automated process by which these elements of business building occur.

The Benefits Of Using An MLM Marketing System

Understanding the principles behind a system is fairly meaningless unless there is a significant benefit to the business owner.   In the case of this type of marketing system, the overriding benefit is efficiency.  By implementing comprehensive system into their business, the business owner is able to save multiple steps that would become either redundant or be overlooked completely.   In reality, the network marketer needs to be accomplishing all of the tasks mentioned earlier on a simultaneous basis; however, without the use of a system many things often become neglected simply because of the time constraints of focusing on each individual piece.

In my own business, I have chosen to use My Lead System Pro as my marketing system of choice.  In this particular system the functions of marketing, lead generation, follow-up, recruiting and training are built into the system.  This means that instead of having to take time managing each of those different elements, I can simply point my marketing efforts towards the system and then allow the system to do the work from that point forward.   When I add new team members, I can plug them into the system to be equipped with the same business building training and tools that I use.  This creates a true reproduction of the business model that I am using, making the synergy of the team that much more dynamic.   It is also my experience that those who use a system, such as MLSP are much more productive than those who are trying to build their business with no system at all.  Although there are other systems out on the market, MLSP has proven itself to be the most effective at training and producing leaders.

Having an MLM marketing system is not a requirement, but an examination of top leaders will validate that those who are most successful are also those that utilize systems in their business.

MyLeadSystemPro – The Best MLM Marketing System Available Today

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You’ve seen me talk about MyLeadSystemPro on several occasions.  MLSP is the MLM marketing system that I have been using to build my business.   Using this network marketing system, I have been able to develop a prospect list of over 5,000 people in less than 6 months time.   I never run out of people to talk to about my businesses.

In this video I take you through an overview of MLSP and what it can do for you and your business.

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