Carl Willis

Why You Need a Network Marketing Blog

The greatest tactic you can deploy in your is personal branding.   The best tool for personal branding is the use of a network marketing blog.   The blog becomes your piece of virtual real estate, and the information center for your personal branding efforts.

It is on this piece of virtual property that you will lay the foundation for your branding efforts.  It is the place where you will build a communications hub and construct an effective sales funnel.  When used correctly, your blog will help brand you as an expert in the particular field of your network marketing opportunity.

Let me use an example to show you the power of blogging in building your business.  In this example, we’ll assume that you are a distributor for XYZ Nutrition Supplements.   As a distributor of XYZ Nutrition Supplements you have two primary objectives in your business.

  • Locating customers who will purchase XYZ Nutrition Supplements
  • Locating prospective distributors who will sign up under you in this network marketing opportunity

Traditionally, a network marketer who is operating online would post their affiliate page link in as many places as possible or they would pay for pay-per-click advertising.   These two tactics can be both costly and frustrating.  Although there may be some sales generated and a few distributors added, this approach is very impersonal and adds no value to the network marketer.

An marketer who understands the power of blogging, would approach their distributorship with XYZ Nutrition Supplements in an entirely different manner.  This marketer would set up a personal blog that deals with the felt needs addressed by the products offered by XYZ Nutrition Supplements and their .

Let’s say that one of the products the marketer wants to promote is a new heart health compound being offered by XYZ.  This marketer would begin to post articles on their blog dealing with heart health.  These might be a few of the articles they might use:

  • What are the primary risk factors for heart disease?
  • What role does nutrition play in preventing heart disease?
  • How dietary supplements can increase heart health
  • Why does your heart need _____________

These articles are really headlines, meant peak the interest of the reader.   More importantly they are branding the distributor as an expert in heart health issues.

So you may be asking the question:  “So how do I sell my product?”   This is the great part.  There are really 3 key ways to use your blog as a sales tool.   First of all in your information box you can discuss that you are an independent distributor for XYZ Nutritional Supplements.   You could also end each post with a signature that includes the company name and a tag line.   Lastly, you could do a product review of your product on a weekly, bi-weekly basis.  It is important that you have laid groundwork in your articles so that you are branding your product as a solution to that problem.

Over the next few posts I will actually take you through setting up a powerful blog and teaching you how to deploy it strategically in your .