EZ Money Method – How A Small Sale Can Pay Huge Commissions

– How A Small Sale Can Pay Huge Commissions

Perhaps you’ve heard some of the buzz about this week.   If you’re on my mailing list you’ve definitely heard about it already.   So the question most people want answered is:  “What is it?”   Simply put, EZ Money Method is a high paying CPA offer.   For those of you new to the lingo, CPA means “cost per action.”   In contrast to a traditional affiliate marketing offer,  a CPA offer often has a higher payout, but is more selective in the enrolling of affiliates.   Affiliates are normally selected on the volume of traffic and sales that they have demonstrated consistently over a period of time.

EZ Money Method – Not Like Other Offers

EZ Money Method is unique in the fact that a marketer is not required to qualify before they can become an affiliate.   This means that anyone seeking to create a revenue stream with EZ Money Method will be accepted without having to prove their marketing savvy first.

Of course the excitement around EZ Money Method has come from the compensation plan.   The chosen product for this offer is , a remote data back up service to protect an individuals computer data.   The company has plans ranging from approximately $6 per month to approximately $11 per month.   Affiliates earn $50 on every sale, no matter which pricing option, the customer chooses.   It is this whopping commission percentage that is catching most people’s eyes.

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How Can EZ Money Method Pay So Much?

So the natural question becomes:  “How can a company pay $50 on a $6 sale?  Won’t they go out of business?”    The business of is a subscription based business model.  The management team of knows the average life of a subscriber and the average volume of upsells that their average customer purchases.   This allows the company to remain highly profitable, even with such a large payout on the front end.   This is a similar model to that being used by Hostgator, who pays a $50 commission on hosting packages that cost anywhere from $4 to $10 per month.     In the long run it is more cost effective for the company to only pay for actual sales (hence Cost Per Action) instead of paying for blanket advertising that may or may not turn into sales.

The Advantage To Becoming An Affiliate Through EZ Money Method?

There is a high degree of support given to EZ Money Method participants.   Each participant is given a replicated website that provides a 10 minute video overview of the entire program.   Additionally, the group has set up a Facebook page where the leaders will provide regular support, marketing ideas, email swipe copy and additional resources to help you grow this business.

In addition EZ Money Method has two built in residual income programs that will be introduced to all prospects on the back end.   This makes the program both a solid front end cash flow generator and a substantial back end residual income generator.

I’m Already Involved In Another Company, Why Should I Choose EZ Money Method?

This program is not intended to replace anything you are already doing, in fact it is just the opposite.  This program is best used as a cash flow mechanism to fund your advertising efforts for your other business ventures and to develop relationships with your buyers so that you can begin introducing them to the other products and services you offer.   This program is intended to work alongside and in conjunction with your other business interests.

To view the 10 minute video presentation for EZ Money Method, simply sign in here.   A sign up button will appear at approximately the 9:30 mark of the video.

7/5/2012 – Based on initial traffic quality concerns coming through the CPA network, the payout on all sales is now set at $50.   Those signing up with Ez Money Method will receive a complete back office suite with marketing training and a marketing system.

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