3 Primary Prayer Focuses For An Entrepreneur

3 Primary Prayer Focuses For An Entrepreneur

It may sound absurd that an entrepreneur should pray in order to keep his business afloat and to grow it. Many people believe that once they do all the necessary things that are required of them, and follow the normal business ethics, that is all it takes to run a profitable business. The truth of […]

How To Provide Exceptional Service To Your Customers

How To Provide Exceptional Service To Your Customers

Your customers are among the most essential parts of your business, without them you cannot have a sustainable business for long. You must know what to do, not only to keep the present customers that you have, but to keep increasing them. You should have both short and long term programmes for this, which you […]

Choosing the Right Business Mentors

choosing the right business mentors

Having a mentor is not a new strategy in the way people run a business. Many successful business owners and entrepreneurs that are making the news today were able to beat all odds to get to where they are, because they were able to locate at least one already-successful entrepreneur, whom they chose as a […]

How To Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout

how to avoid entrepreneurial burnout

As an entrepreneur, unless you know how to manage your time and your health, not only occasionally but all the time, you will likely suffer from entrepreneurial burnout. Most business and organizational activities are monotonous, hence they can lead to both body and mental fatigue, resulting into low productivity, with negative impact on your health. […]

Why Christian Entrepreneurs Are Needed In The Marketplace

why Christian entrepreneurs are needed in the marketplace

The world marketplace needs more of Christian entrepreneurs today than ever before. The global trending economic problems created by the prevailing pandemic and other existing challenges, have shown that the business and corporate world actually need divine intervention. More Christian entrepreneurs are need to come and rescue the situation, if we want to see positive […]

How To Build Lasting Relationships With Your Customers

how to build lasting relationships with your customers

Your business cannot survive without the right customers, hence the more customers you have the more profitable your business would be. You should keep doing anything you know that can keep customers coming to your business, to ensure that your business keeps running. In addition to this, you should develop strategies that will help you […]

How To Incorporate Your Christian Faith Into Your Business

how to incorporate your faith into your business

Christianity is not just a religion but a way of Life, hence it must reflect in everything you do, including how you run your business. Take note of this, God gave the Israelites new laws, and statutes as they were emerging into a nation, immediately they left the land of Egypt(Exodus 21-24;31-35). He did that […]

How to Determine Which Business is Right For You

how to determine which business is right for you

Picking the right business is not an easy task for startups. The reason is obvious, they lack the experience that is required in starting a business. To start a business, you have to take necessary measures that will ensure that your investments and time will not be wasted. Today, there are strong competitors in almost […]

What Are The Top Priorities For A Christian Entrepreneur?

top priorities for a Christian entrepreneur

A Christian entrepreneur has what it takes to succeed in business, more than any other category of business owner. The reason for this is, he has the backing of the Almighty God, the one who knows all things, and the best business partner anyone can have. In the bible, Isaac was able to enjoy 100% […]

Critical Coronavirus Business Adjustments

critical coronavirus business adjustments

[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W94VXyxjsN4″ ] I’m sure no matter where you are in the world, things are rapidly changing in your environment. That is certainly true here in Kansas, in the middle of the United States. We went from limiting meetings of 250 people down to 50… Was even suggesting down to 10 people. Places where we’ve […]