Generating Network Marketing Leads With Craigslist

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Generating Network Marketing Leads With Craigslist

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Generating Network Marketing Leads With Craigslist

Generating networking marketing leads with Craigslist can be an effective strategy, when it is done properly.  People use Craigslist for everything from job hunting to dating to all things in between.   This service has become the online shopper’s guide of our generation.   Learning how to use this online marketplace to your advantage can be a key strategy for building your business.

I personally utilize two Craigslist strategies for generating networking marketing leads in my business building efforts.   One strategy focuses on the consumer niche that my company’s product is designed for.   The other strategy is for the recruiting of other entrepreneurial individuals in my local area.   Both of these strategies have been effective in helping me to generate leads that I might not acquire through my normal online channels of marketing.

We all know that sales are the driving force of any business, and an MLM business is no exception to that rule.  My starting point when working with Craigslist is to utilize the “for sale” section of the website.   After finding a category that best fits the target market, it is time to craft an ad.   My primary business is a gold and silver MLM business that focuses on bullion and collectible coins, so I post my ad in the “collectibles” category.    In the ad I discuss our product and service, plus I give some pricing examples.    The ad also includes my local phone number for interested persons to contact and a hyperlink to my website.   In this segment of the strategy I am looking for potential customers, to whom I will also present the business opportunity.  Generating network marketing leads with this approach will not only assist you in gaining customers, but it will also help you develop a prospect pool for your MLM business opportunity.

The next part of the Craigslist strategy involves the use of a Google Voice number and mailbox.   Google Voice is a free service that allows you to set up a voice mail box that can be accessed from anywhere .   This mailbox allows you to record a one minute message for your callers.    In this strategy, I have used both the “small biz ads” and the “gigs” sections of the Craigslist website.   An ad is placed with a heading like:  “Business Partners Wanted” or “Are You Looking For A Side Project?”   The ad gives a quick introduction and directs individuals to call the Google Voice number.   When calling this number,  a brief one minute synopsis of the business is given and interested parties are directed to either your website or to leave their contact information.   I have had success generating network marketing leads using both phone message strategies.

When generating networking marketing leads with Craigslist you will need to focus on creating a captivating headline and a brief overview that leaves your caller or reader wanting to know more.

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