Why Does Robert Kiyosaki Endorse Network Marketing?

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Why Does Robert Kiyosaki Endorse Network Marketing?

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Whether he chose to or not, Robert Kiyosaki has quickly become the darling of the network marketing world.  So why exactly does Robert Kiyosaki endorse network marketing?  In fact, it is interesting to note that he is not the only voice being heard.  Other icons of success including Donald Trump, Mark Victor Hansen and T. Harv Ecker have all given public support for this type of business.   These voices all echo the same sentiment of educational life experience.

Each of these successful entrepreneurs realize that first step in helping someone achieve financial freedom comes with a change of mindset and perspective.  From the time we enter school we are taught to be successful employees, but we are not taught to create business ventures and financial opportunities for ourselves.  The best way to change deeply entrenched behaviors is to begin performing a new set of behaviors.  A network marketing business moves the individual from employee to business owner.  The success or failure of the business depends solely upon the commitment and efforts put forth by the business owner.  Being the owner of a small business requires the individual to learn such skills as time management, budgeting, cash flow management, etc…  These are all skill sets that are necessary if the individual is to ever make the leap from paid employee working for someone else into the realm of financial freedom.  A person has to realize the consequences and/or rewards of their actions if they are to become independent from the rat race world of employee/employer relationships.

Kiyosaki often focuses in on the sales skills that are taught in a network marketing company.  All successful entrepreneurs have learned the art of selling.  This goes far beyond the sales of a product or service, but deep into the realm of understanding people.  Understanding the psychology of decision making is valuable for any business owner.  Armed with this knowledge the business owner can sell themselves in the marketplace as a person of value.  When handled correctly that value becomes more than intangible, but it can translate into the type of value that will ultimately impact a person’s bank account.  By learning the fundamentals of selling, an entrepreneur learns how to control every action they have with a prospect or customer, without being pushy or domineering.

Finally as a network marketing business grows, the individual learns to handle success.  It is simply not enough to achieve success, but an individual must learn to capitalize on that success to create even greater success.  It is important that the individual learn to develop the members of their team, so that the network marketing team continues to grow and does not become stagnant.  Additionally, managing succes could include such things as learning how to make your money work for you once it is earned and tax management strategies.

In the end, men like Robert Kiyosaki endorse network marketing, because they want to see others enjoy the success that they have come to enjoy.


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