Silver Coins Network Marketing Company Comparison

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Silver Coins Network Marketing Company Comparison

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Silver Coins Network Marketing Company Comparison

Over the past year the marketplace excitement over Numis Network has brought a tremendous amount of attention to the idea of a network marketing company who sells silver coins.   In reality, Numis is only one of the players in this market segment, others include Silver Snowball, Preseveration of Wealth and XAG Network.   Today I want to do a side by side comparison of these companies to help you in your evaluation of whether their opportunities are right for you.

Silver Coins Network Marketing Companies

Numis Network – Numis Network is in the spotlight these days, because of its powerful marketing presence online.  Numis has been able to attract some of the top names in the world of online network marketing, which has helped them grow at a rapid pace.  There are two levels of distributor start up packages available.  The base level is $75 to join and includes one MS70 graded silver coin and access to the complete suite of sales tools.   The Executive level is $499 and comes with a coin, a display case, coupons for having coins graded by a top level grading service.   The ongoing cost for a distributor is approximately $110 per month.  This includes the shipment of a new coin and the subscription to the back office suite of business building tools.  Numis uses a binary compensation plan with a coded bonus structure.

Silver Snowball – Silver Snowball is the tenured member of this group.   Silver Snowball is actually an affiliate marketing company and not a true MLM.   Silver Snowball works on a membership basis.   For a monthly subscription of $39.50 + 6.00 shipping you receive a new ungraded Silver Eagle coin.  For every 2 coins purchased by customers through your website, you receive an additional coin.   You can also use the purchases of your customers to lower your price on your own coin purchases.   In lieu of receiving additional silver coins you can request a payment by check for your customer sales.

Preservation of Wealth – Preservation of Wealth is a relative newcomer to this group, with its sights set on Numis Network.  Preservation of Wealth also offers two levels of distributor starting packages.  The basic package is $50 and includes the back office and marketing suite of tools.  The Silver Level distributor program has a starting cost of $249 and includes 2 silver coins.   Preservation of Wealth has no monthly fees, but simply an annual distributor fee.   The “optionship” is not a requirement, but those participating at $50 per month will receive one MS69 graded Silver Eagle coin each month.  Customers can also purchase gold and silver in bullion and graded offerings.   Like Numis, Preservation of Wealth also uses a binary compensation model, but it does not include the coded bonus component.

XAG Network – XAG Network is the newest entry into this field of the network marketing world.  XAG offers three membership levels:  Direct Sales, Marketer and Collector/Marketer.   The membership levels range in cost from $5 per month to $37 per month.  All levels receive access to the back office and marketing areas of XAG Network.   A new silver coin is received each month at the Collector/Marketer level and also includes a $4 shipping and handling charge.   Each month members receive a new coin graded up to MS69.  XAG Network is set up as a 5 x 8 matrix compensation plan.   At the Direct Sales level a distributor earns $3 per member on the first level with no earnings from any additional levels.  Those at the Marketer Level earn $4.50 per member through 4 levels.   Those at the Marketer/Collector Level earn $4.50 per member through all 8 levels.  You also earn 10% commission on all sales made by your direct referrals.

Although this is a basic overview, the information provided should assist you in determining if a silver coin network marketing company is right for you.

*Disclosure:  Carl Willis terminated his business relationship with Preservation of Wealth in October of 2014


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pierre nadeau

November 12, 2011 at 10:55 pm

carl, your explaination do leave important things out. example. POW. the $249 annual fee includes the best price on coins from the other 3. also includes legal, travel discounts and best for collectors

    Carl Willis

    November 12, 2011 at 11:18 pm


    Thank you for sharing you thoughts. This blog post was written several months prior to Preservation of Wealth introducing their complete benefits package.

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