The Customer Advantage Review

The Customer Advantage Review

The Customer Advantage Review

I have seen The Customer Advantage being promoted very heavily over the last few weeks.   This weekend, one of my list subscribers asked me to take a look at the program and provide some feedback.   This review is mean to provide some guidance for those who may be considering The Customer Advantage as a potential business opportunity.

The Customer Advantage Founder John Milanoski

“The Customer Advantage” is the creation of founder John Milanoski.  Milanoski is an internet marketer and entrepreneur best known for his Marketing Millionaire training system.  In watching the trends in the marketplace, he saw the potential of utilizing the social media  influence to benefit the local marketplace.   With this thought in mind, he took the existing idea of a socially driven consumer service that offers local shopping discounts and married it to a network marketing structure.  It is the addition of the network marketing component that differentiates his company from the two forerunners in this marketing segment.

The Customer Advantage Business

Here is how the business model works.  Members join The Customer Advantage for free.  Each day the member is sent an offer from a local business to provide a product or service at a substantial discount, typically in the range of 50% off.   If the member wants to take advantage of the offer, they simply purchase the coupon that is being offered.  The business gains new customer traffic and potential sales volume and the member gets a great deal.   In this aspect, the business is very similar to Groupon and Living Social.

The network marketing component of the business is built around the personal referral of new members.   When a member joins The Customer Advantage they are given a replicated website for the purpose of soliciting new member enrollments.   When the personal referral of the member makes a purchase, the referring member receives 5% of that purchase.  The member will also receive a 5% override commission on all members in their downline through 5 generational levels.   When a member enrolls a local business, they will receive 2% commission on all sales made through the offers made by that local business.

The Customer Advantage is currently in pre-launch and focusing on the recruiting of members and businesses.   At this time the daily coupons are not being offered, but they are expected to begin shortly.   As with any pre-launch, there is a high degree of uncertainty as to the viability of the business.   Some of the factors that are uncertain include the leadership abilities of those directing the company and the ability of the company to garner market share from the leaders in this business segment.

The key to making this business work is the ability of the member to build relationships with other potential members.  Personal branding and recommendation will be one of the primary keys to making The Customer Advantage business work.   Since the majority of members will simply rely on the company replicated website to build their business, the ability to be unique in presentation will imperative.

The business concept being utilized by The Customer Advantage has already proven itself in the marketplace, so this may be a great no-risk opportunity for a beginning network marketer or someone looking to diversify their business lineup.

12/23/2011 – Since writing this article, The Customer Advantage has struggled to get their business off of the ground.   While they have begun offering limited deals on a national level, there are only a few regional deals active.  The biggest concerns with TCA have come from a co-op offering that was made in the spring of 2011 that promised 15 front line sign ups to those paying $75 to participate in the co-op.  To date I have heard numerous complaints of those sign ups not being delivered and those who have requested their money back, have not been given refunds either.   Although there are inherent risks to being involved with any pre-launch, this simply crosses the line into questionable business practices.

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