Get Paid To View TV Review

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Get Paid To View TV Review

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Get Paid To View TV Review

Get Paid To View TV Review

Get Paid To View TV Review

Recently a friend of mine, who is also a serial entrepreneur, pitched me on a new business venture called Get Paid To View TV.  I must admit that immediately, I wanted to run the other direction with my fingers in my ears screaming “la, la, la” as I fled; however, I agreed to look at the program and give him my honest opinion.

How Get Paid To View TV Works

The original premise of the Get Paid To View TV was pretty simple.   An individual would sign up and purchase the software with a one time activation fee and an ongoing monthly subscription.  In return, the customer would receive the streaming player software that would enable them to watch over 1000 channels of HD programming.   Each enrollee was also required to watch a set amount of television programming each month.   In addition, the company also offered a discount shopping program through a number of well known retail shopping outlets.

Since going live with their program, the leadership at Get Paid To View TV has made some strategic changes to the plan.  For starters the requirement to watch a required amount of television each month has been removed.   The company has also added a line of personal development content that is being made available to their end users.  This content even includes the ability to pursue courses towards a college degree.

The current pricing structure being used by the company is a one time $99.00 activation fee and an ongoing $29.99 monthly fee.   This level of pricing is not out of line with what a cable television or satellite television provider might charge.  The real question that remains to be seen is whether people would choose the services of “Get Paid To View TV”, opting to use their computer versus the more traditional forms of viewing television entertainment.

Get Paid To View TV Business Opportunity

That leads to the question:  “How does one Get Paid To View TV?”   The leadership of the company has sought to make their business model easy to understand, reproducible and sustainable for the long term.   The MLM compensation plan that the company has chosen to utilize is a unilevel MLM compensation plan that pays 7 levels deep.   The plan also has 4 qualification levels that range from Affiliate to National Director.   Affiliates are eligible to earn compensation through the first 5 levels.  Anyone at the Manager level can earn through 6 levels, while the 7th level is reserved for Directors and National Directors.

The compensation plan works on 2 primary channels of income generation.   The first level is the activation bonus that is received for enrolling new customers.   Each new activation pays $20 on the first level and new activations on levels 2-5 pay $5 each.   Managers, Directors and National Directors receive a $10 activation bonus on level  6, while Directors and National Directors also receive this bonus on level 7.    New affiliates will also receive a $50 fast start bonus when they refer 3 new subscribers in their first month.

The second channel of income in the Get Paid To View TV compensation plan is the monthly bonus.  The monthly bonus is $2 per month per subscriber.   These bonuses are paid through 7 levels for Affiliates, 8 levels for Managers and 9 levels for those at Director level and above.

Ultimately my Get Paid To View TV review came down to a couple of key considerations.   Get Paid To View TV is a fairly simple business model and not hard to explain or understand.   For someone who is willing to invest the time and effort to building a team, this could offer some significant earnings potential.  That being said it is also important to recognize some of the challenges that this company faces.  Streaming video continues to gain ground in its popularity; however, the trend seems to be towards smaller segments of content.   Whether people will ultimately migrate their television and movie watching to streaming services remains to be seen.   The second point of consideration deals with the rapid changes in technology.   Not knowing the technical resources of Get Paid To View TV, it is hard to gauge their ability to keep pace with the changes.

If you decide that Get Paid To View TV is a business for you, it is important that you recognize that the product alone will not build your network marketing business.  Becoming a student of the principles of attraction marketing and learning your craft will be critical to creating any level of success with this company.


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Piyush Patel

May 17, 2011 at 11:07 pm

Thanks for sharing Carl!
Piyush Patel recently posted..Don’t Purchase MLM Leads…Are You Crazy!!

Brent Derrick

May 22, 2011 at 10:51 pm

Great Article. I just wanted to point out one error. The compensation plan pays through nine level residually instead of Seven. There is a massive difference between 7 levels and 9 levels.

    Carl Willis

    May 22, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    Thanks for the feedback. However, the plan is listed as it is demonstrated on the website.

Brent Derrick

May 23, 2011 at 2:04 pm

You are correct. I overlooked your explanation of the 8th and 9th level. Very good review

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