Marshall Sylver Turning Point Seminar Review

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Marshall Sylver Turning Point Seminar Review

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Marshall Sylver Turning Point seminarMarshall Sylver Turning Point Seminar Review

This Marshall Sylver Turning Point seminar review is based on my own experiences last week as an attendee at this conference.  I was introduced to Marshall Sylver 2 weeks ago while attending the Pure Leverage conference in Las Vegas.   Marshall was the first speaker on the 2nd day of the conference.   I quickly learned that Marshall had a long term friendship with a number of marketers that I have great respect for including:  Joel Therien, Mark Call and Cedrick Harris.   I also learned that Marshall was a long time user of the GVO suite of marketing tools.

During his presentation, I gained some valuable nuggets of wisdom and I was impressed with his stage presence.   As a part of the presentation, Marshall brought a woman on stage from the audience and taught her how to eat fire.   Towards the end of his time with us, Marshall made a special offer.  He was conducting a Turning Point seminar the following week in Las Vegas.  He offered 2 free tickets to the first 20 people who would commit to being there.   I sent a text to my wife and told her to make arrangements to be in Las Vegas the following week and secured our 2 tickets.

Marshall Sylver Turning Point Seminar Review – More Than Hypnosis

Before attending the Turing Point seminar, I researched Marshall Sylver and learned that he was a stage hypnotist who had performed in Las Vegas for over 20 years.  He had also sold over 200 million in product sales through a successful infomercial first aired in the 90’s.

From the moment the seminar began, Marshall began working on our “programs.”  He pointed out that we have been programmed all of our life through a variety of influencing centers.  These include such things as our self talk when we make “I am….” statements, things that have been projected on us through “you are….” statements and the programming of our environment through such things as media, religion, politics, etc…

One of the programs that prevents most people from obtaining wealth or other highly desired goals is fear.   Marshall reminded us that the only way to conquer a fear is to participate in it fully.   To take us through an exercise of conquering fear, Marshall put us through an exercise of eating fire.  Fire torches were passed out to everyone in the audience and we were taken through a dry run of how to do it.   We repeated the rehearsal multiple times, then came the moment of truth…

We lined up to get on stage and as we came up the steps Marshall dipped our torches in butane.   We took our place next to a coach and the torch was lit.   Admittedly it is one thing to practice this exercise, but a bit more intimidating when you see a 5 inch flame coming off the end of it.   I was committed to the process, so I tipped my head back, put the fire in my mouth and closed my lips.   When I pulled the extinguished torch out of my mouth…the feeling of victory and confidence was nothing less than powerful.  I found myself evaluating other fears that have held me back that paled in comparison to this exercise.

Marshall Sylver Turning Point Seminar Review – Becoming Influential

While I have studied hypnotic concepts in marketing through such things as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I have never been through any intensive coaching on hypnosis or how it applies to the sales process.   Marshall Sylver focused us in on the fact that influence is the key that unlocks wealth.   Influence is based on rapport and once rapport is built, trust is developed.  This combination of rapport and trust allows the process of persuasive leadership to take place more naturally.

The morning of day 2 was all about selling by creating influence with the people around you.  Marshall told the story of how he purchased his Rolex watch, which retails for $120,000.   Not only did Marshall tell the story, but he dissected it step by step, showing how the sales person had used principles of hypnosis and influence to put him into the buying mode.  Marshall then cross pollinated those principles into selling a network marketing opportunity or selling a piece of real estate.

Marshall Sylver Turning Point Seminar Review – Expanding Your Horizons

In addition to Marshall’s teaching, we were also privileged to sit under the teaching of several other successful entrepreneurs.   Will Duquette and Dr. Albert Lowry taught fundamental principles of real estate investing.   Chris Johnson taught fundamental principles off obtaining and utilizing government grants to expand out your business.

For those wanting to go further in their wealth education, Marshall Sylver offers other courses including First Million, Irresistible Influence, Next Steps, Financial Prosperity and the Billionaire Entrepreneur Summit Training.   Special offers are made during the course of the seminar to encourage people to continue.

Marshall Sylver Turning Point Seminar Review – Prosperity Alliance

Marshall Sylver realized a few years back that his business was riding solely on his efforts.   The solution to this challenge was the creation of the Prosperity Alliance.   Prosperity Alliance is a 2 tier affiliate program that pays on the sale of conferences and resources.  After seeing Marshall’s sales metrics, I felt this was a great opportunity to add a value packed top-tier program to my business portfolio.   You can learn more about Prosperity Alliance here.

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