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Carl Willis interviews Laci Friend

Christian Entrepreneur Series – Laci Friend

I met Laci Friend a few years ago when we began attending the same church as her family.  Little did I know that God would take the dream that had inspired me for a number of years and birth a new dream through Laci.

Laci shares her journey of building a business that she wasn’t even looking for and how God has surrounded her with a team that has allowed her to see her dream become reality.

We also discuss the hangups with money that many Christians struggle with as they find success in their business endeavors.

Finally Laci shares how her 40th birthday created a movement of blessing and benevolence with her audience.

I know you’ll be inspired as you watch this interview.

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Carl Willis interviews Nicole S Cooper

Christian Entrepreneur Series: Nicole S. Cooper

I’ve known Nicole S. Cooper for a number of years, having first become acquainted with her through MLSP and later sharing the stage with her at Fight the Forces of Evil in Dallas, TX.

Not only do Nicole and I share a common love for entrepreneurship, but we also share a very deep Christian faith.

Recently, Nicole made a decision that shocked many of her friend and business associates, when she chose to “walk down the mountain of success.”

As you watch this interview, I know you will be inspired to examine your own goals and aspirations.

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Ray Higdon Interview Recap

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon Interview Recap

I was pumped yesterday morning as Ray Higdon and I got together fo a Skype interview that we began planning last December.   Ray gave me 45 minutes of incredible insight and wisdom.   Unfortunately, my recording software updated 5 minutes prior to our interview and a setting got changed.  The end result was 45 minutes off Ray’s image speaking with no sound…and my microphone being the only sound recorded.

Never one to accept defeat, I decided to record a video to cover some of the highlights of that interview.  I know you will still find tremendous value in the things Ray shared with me.


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Nicole S. Cooper Has Truly Lost Her Mind!!!

Nicole S. Cooper

Nicole S. Cooper

Nicole S. Cooper Has Truly Lost Her Mind!!!

One of the most successful Internet-Network Marketers online is Nicole S. Cooper.   Nicole has a bit of a unique but inspiring story about her online journey and how she has managed to build a 5 Figure Per Month business, all while sitting on her couch.  To keep a long story short, she’s mastered the art of generating Free Traffic online through various content marketing strategies, which has led her to building an organization of over 10,000 people in less than 10 months.  Unlike most online marketers, Nicole Cooper doesn’t just talk the talk!  This girl has the numbers to prove it, and she’s known to spend 10+ hours a day with her laptop on her lap, masterminding fool-proof 5 figure marketing strategies.

See what she’s been up to here:

Nicole S. Cooper Identifies A Key Problem

She’s a very candid chic that isn’t afraid to tell the raw truth that most people avoid.  And one thing that she’s been exposing lately is the fact that Internet Marketing isn’t necessarily that simple for Network Marketers, and can actually be the demise of your business if you’re not careful.

The bottom line is this, Nic realized that far too many Network Marketers are getting stuck online in hopes of generating tons of business partners, when in actuality, they’re wasting far too much time doing things that are sucking the life out of their businesses.  One of the biggest time robbers  is content creation.  I’m pretty sure that most of us have blogs that look nice and fancy, but haven’t paid us one cent or generated one lead, despite the amount of time we’ve put into it.  Not to mention the tons of other online activities that we’ve been delving into, that’s draining our time.

Nicole S. Cooper Is Providing A Much Needed Solution

Nicole Cooper has unlocked the killer content behind her free traffic strategies that have been able to generate in upwards of over 25 leads per day.  She’s put together a complete PLR site where she has over 50+ products that you can buy dirt cheap, and put your name on it to take the credit and generate the leads.

What Nicole has finally done is provide a solution to the content problems of us Internet-Network Marketers.  We no longer have to worry about creating our own content, or get stuck paying for junk PLR products that get dumped in the trash.   Instead, she’s put together a site strictly for Internet & Network Marketers, providing High Quality PLR that you will be proud to put your name on!

Check them out here:

From Auto-Responder messages, to blog posts, e-books and even power-point presentations, this girl has put all of her content secrets together in one place,  and is serving it to you on a silver plater to steal!!   They don’t call her the Mailbox Money Queen for nothing.  She knows her stuff, and it shows in all the products that she’s put together.

You can literally purchase tons of seriously valuable content for dirt cheap, and put your name on it, taking the credit for her time, knowledge and content.  The content is so amazing, that it could easily be wrapped up and packaged on for you to begin generating streams of income from the value she’s put together.

I highly recommend you get your hands on this content now, as she is offering limited copies of each product, so don’t get left behind.  Take action now and visit:  to begin generating leads and positioning yourself as a power house online!

In addition to the great PLR content she is making available Nicole Cooper has created a great affiliate program for those who help her grow this new endeavor.

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Ray Higdon Challenged My Leadership

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon Challenged My Leadership

Ray Higdon kicked off a four part webinar series on leadership last night.  I had purchased Ray’s Master Sponsoring Secrets course earlier this year and was given access to this four part series as bonus.  Leadership is not a new subject for me, as I have been in a variety of leadership positions over the past 20 years and have served in executive leadership positions for the past 12 years.   In addition to my experience I have been training and mentoring leaders during most of that time as well.   So as I jumped on to last night’s webinar I was curious to see what insights Ray would be able to add.

Ray Higdon Identifies My Inner Compass

The first challenge that Ray put in front of me, dealt with my inner leanings.  He flushed this out by discussing the responses he had received earlier in the day to his webinar announcement.  To give you a little background, Ray had hired a personal assistant to gather the emails of everyone eligible for the webinar and to send an announcement to those individuals.  Ray used the responses he had received to flush out the inner dialogue going on with the individuals on the call.  I must admit, that when I looked at how I had responded to not having received my invitation, it pointed out a chink in my leadership armor, something that needed to examined.

Ultimately this opened up a deep truth about leaders.  A true leader is not afraid of careful inspection or examination.  In fact a real leader will welcome such interactions.  In my own life, I have made it a priority to have people of differing opinions in my inner circle to “shoot holes in my balloons.”    This process has allowed me to identify my own areas of weakness and oversight in an effort to give those who have entrusted themselves to me the very best leadership I can offer.

Ray Higdon Affirms The #1 Principle Of Leadership

Ray asked the question:  “What is the most important thing a leader can do?”  The answer of course, is to lead by example.  Ray went on to describe a common pitfall that many network marketers fall into once they begin to experience some success.  They shift from leader to manager and ultimately suffocate their business.   When a leader begins to feel personally responsible to making sure everyone succeeds they get mired down in micro management in cheer leading.  Ray emphasized that the greatest leadership we can give to our people is to continue to push forward with those things that have made us successful.  As we continue to achieve, we set the precedent for those that are watching and following us.   This thought was capped with this profound statement:  “Our objective is not to create followers, but instead create other leaders.”  When an individual exhibits strong leadership, they naturally attract other like minded leaders.  Ray Higdon is quick to remind people that he is never the top lead generator in his business; however, he is the number one money earner in his business and he attributes that first and foremost to his leadership attracting other leaders.

Although this 4 week course is a private training event, you can find a great deal of high quality leadership training from Ray Higdon on his website at

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Marc Barrett Gives His 7 Figure Formula For Success

Marc Barrett

Marc Barrett

Marc Barrett Gives His 7 Figure Formula For Success

I had the privilege of having breakfast with Marc Barrett during the recent Live The Dream 2 conference in Orlando, Florida.   For those of you who are not familiar with Marc Barrett, he is a veteran of the network marketing industry having been involved for over 25 years.  Marc had the privilege of working directly with another industry legend Mark Yarnell, the author of Your First Year In Network Marketing (Marc Barrett is mentioned in that book).   More importantly though, Marc Barrett became a 7 figure earner in his 2nd year in the industry and has repeated that milestone many times over.   During my breakfast with Marc, I gained tremendous insight into the mind of this 7 figure networker and I wanted to share those insights with you.

Marc Barrett Speaks From A Unique Perspective

When you sit down with Marc Barrett you are given immediate access to a unique perspective that few network marketers have.   This perspective is a combination of over 25 years experience in the field and the perspective of being a 7 figure earner in this industry.  Marc was originally approached with network marketing at a time when his real estate investment business was floundering.  Marc had specialized in the renovation and resale of multi-unit properties in the Denver area.  As Marc tells the story, he was very skeptical from the beginning.  He had been given a photocopy of a large check during the opportunity presentation that he let sit on the corner of his desk for nearly a week.   After looking at the check over and over he decided to make the jump.  Within 2 years, Marc was making over 1.5 million per year.

In spite of his success in the industry, Marc readily admits that over the years he has had a love/hate relationship with network marketing.  He has seen superstars come and go, large segments of his team moving with them.  He has seen others who seemed to have great promise that ended up simply fizzling out.  In the end, it has been the opportunity presented by network marketing that has kept him in the game.

Marc Barrett Teaches High Volume Lead Generation

Early on in Marc’s network marketing journey, he realized that being a top earner went far beyond simply talking to friends and family, but instead required a high volume lead generation strategy.   While we were in Orlando, I heard Marc explaining this concept in a very memorable way.   He estimated that there are approximately 2 million people in the Orlando area.  If you could show your opportunity presentation to every one of those 2 million people today, about 200,000 of those people would be ready to join.   Out of those 200,000 who join about 20,000 would become active customers purchasing product.   From those 20,000 you would have about 2,000 who bring someone else into the business with them and out of that group you would have approximately 200 who would absolutely make you wealthy in the years to come.   Marc concluded that high volume lead generation helps you sift through the masses much quicker, so you can find those key leaders.

In the early days, Marc Barrett used ads in large newspapers as his primary prospecting tool.  These ads directed respondents to a recorded message that funneled them towards a live presentation.   Marc would then bring groups into his home 3 times per day to present them with the opportunity.  Those who attended were given 48 hours to respond or they were crossed off of the list.   Today Marc has learned to leverage the internet to create high lead volume.  Marc uses a wide variety of tools including ads in the major employment websites, Craigslist marketing and Twitter marketing.

As you listen to this interview, Marc Barrett offers some wisdom that you will rarely find in others, simply because he has gone places that so many have yet to reach.

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Brian Cole – Facebook PPC Jedi Master

Brian Cole - Facebook PPC Jedi Master

Brian Cole – Facebook PPC Jedi Master

Brian Cole – Facebook PPC Jedi Master

I first became aware of Brian Cole when he and I connected on Facebook several months ago.  Little did I know he was actually a Facebook PPC Jedi Master who had moved shear volumes of leads using his finely tuned skills.  Since that time I have seen Brian go on to release 2 of his own informational products and now turn his attention towards SEO, which he is mastering very quickly as well.

Brian Cole Moves From French Fry Guy to Facebook PPC Phenom

Brian is an amazing story.  He just turned 22 years old (1 year older than my oldest son…man I’m getting old).   After dropping out of college, Brian got a job working full time at McDonald’s.   Fortunately Brian had the sense to realize that he was on the fast track to nowhere and he was determined to get more out of life than simply working full time for minimum wage at the world’s largest fast food chain.   Brian had been approached with network marketing by a friend, so he decided to take the plunge.   Like most who enter into the world of network marketing his early start was less than stellar; however, he came across MLSP and was introduced to a great mentor.   Prior to her deployment for active military duty overseas, Brian’s mentor had the opportunity to sit down with him face to face and during that meeting she showed him exactly how she was building her business with low cost leads using Facebook PPC .   Brian took it all in like a sponge and immediately turned around and began to implement what he had learned.   Even though he was only earning minimum wage, Brian did not allow his minimum funding to stop his efforts.   He quickly climbed the leader boards at MyLeadSystemPro generating nearly 1,400 leads in a matter of weeks.   Within 100 days, Brian left his job at McDonald’s and began working his business full-time.

Brian Cole Catches A Break That Doesn’t Involve Facebook PPC

In the spring of this year, MLSP held a last minute contest for the No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.   An elite ticket holder had encountered a last minute emergency and could not attend the event, but she had asked that the ticket be given to a deserving person.  A last minute video contest was put together and Brian submitted his entry winning the ticket.   He borrowed the money for airfare and lodging from his parents and headed off to Las Vegas.   While at the event, Brian was introduced to industry leaders like Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlowicz.   Those interactions inspired Brian to take his next big step, by creating his own product.

Brian returned from No Excuses inspired with a new vision.   He began creating what would eventually become the Maximum Facebook PPC Profits course.   Brian began pouring out his knowledge and expertise of Facebook PPC into the course and released it towards the end of spring.   The release of this course brought Brian into many more critical connections within the industry and more importantly made him a 5 figure earner within the industry.   Brian went on to leverage that course by creating an affiliate program and offering private coaching to those who are wanting to build their business with Facebook PPC.

Since then Brian has now moved into the world of organic search traffic.  His results have been equally phenomenal, averaging 20+ leads per day and reaching L2 in My Lead System Pro in just 6 short weeks.

As you watch this interview, realize that Brian Cole is not just a Facebook PPC Jedi Master, but he is a driven marketer who did not allow himself to buy into the excuses that hamstring so many in this business.

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Carl Willis Interviews Tracey Walker

Tracey Walker

Tracey Walker

Carl Willis Interviews Tracey Walker – MyLeadSystemPro L4 Leader

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet Tracey Walker, who was also one of the featured speakers at Live The Dream 2.  I have heard Tracey Walker on numerous training calls over the past two years in the MLSP community and have found her to be a phenomenal trainer.   Once I got back home yesterday I immediately sent Tracey a message to see if we could set up an interview.

Tracey Walker Loves Business

Tracey has always had knack for business.  She started out in the corporate world, but soon began to realize there was much greater opportunity outside of the realm of the corporate world.   As she describes it, she was actually thrilled the day she got downsized.   The next stop for Tracey Walker was the world of real estate.  Tracey was a natural in this environment and quickly established a thriving business for herself.   It was in the world of real estate that Tracey honed her skills as a master prospector and developed her sales skills to laser like precision.

Tracey Walker Becomes A Network Marketing Leader

As the real estate environment began to decline, Tracey Walker had a decision to make.   She had been introduced to network marketing by someone she had a great deal of admiration for and for  her the course was clear.   Tracey came online and began to identify those who were highly successful in the online arena.   She became a student of their instruction and began to follow the course of action that was laid out in front of her.   Not long afterwards she came across the newly launched My Lead System Pro and quickly began to establish her leadership within that system.   As she rose through the ranks of the system her influence and personal brand began to spread, allowing her to develop other leaders within the system and within her primary company.

Tracey Walker is a master marketer, who harnesses her energy and outgoing personality and directs them very effectively into the world of social media.   Tracey’s favorite marketing methods include Facebook marketing, Craigslist marketing and Youtube marketing.  In addition to her high energy marketing, Tracey has also become a powerful trainer, having released two products:  Be Blog Savvy and Prospecting Made Easy.

This morning we got together and spent about 1/2 hour talking about the importance of prospecting and choosing the right team mates for your team.  I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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Carl Willis Talks With Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to catch up with Ray Higdon at the MLSP Live The Dream 2 conference.  I wanted to post this short video as Ray shares some great nuggets on the topic of prospecting.


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Daegan Smith – A Lesson On Providing Value

Daegan Smith

Daegan Smith

Daegan Smith – A Lesson On Value

Last night I received a great lesson in what it means to provide real value to your prospects.   I had the privilege of participating in one of the bonus webinar sessions that came with my ticket package to the Live The Dream event in Orlando, FL later this month (there is still time to purchase your tickets and access the recordings of these bonus training sessions).  The guest trainer for last night’s session was Daegan Smith.

For those of you not familiar with Daegan Smith, he is considered by many to be the top internet network marketer on the planet.   Daegan has rocketed to the top of several companies, been able to generate 2,000+ leads in a single day and has done all of this without ever calling a single lead.  Daegan has taken his experiences and turned towards coaching through his [textAd1] program.

Daegan Smith – Lesson Value 1

Daegan started off our session last night by asking the audience what was the one thing they most wanted to know about.   He asked us to use his Facebook fan page to interact with him and respond to the question.   Daegan began reading down the questions and challenged us to dig deeper.  Many of the questions were very generic in nature (e.g. how to get more traffic?).   Daegan pointed out that the more generic an less in depth the question, the more amateur our posture.  He pinpointed in some a mentality of “lack” that revealed a fearfulness in the way some were undertaking their business.   Daegan refused to move from this request until at least 60 of the 83 people attending had answered the question.   It was only at this point that he proceeded.

The lesson in this was quite simple.  Daegan Smith did not come with any other agenda than to meet the “specific” needs of his audience.  This means that the rest of his time with us was spent speaking into the very questions that were on our minds and providing real, workable solutions to those questions.  To make sure that he was tapping into the thoughts of his audience, Daegan would stop every so often and he would ask the audience to answer a question.  He would not move on until a specific number of people responded to the question.   I realized in my own business that I could do a much better job of engaging with those who entrust me with their time.  Secondarily I also realized that I generally do questions and answers on the back end of my training, but have not really ever started my training sessions out that way.

Daegan Smith – Value Lesson #2

Last night’s training session started at 8PM CST and we did not end until just shortly before 11PM CST.   Out of the 8 bonus training sessions, Daegan Smith gave his audience the most of his time and energy.   Daegan at one point told us during the webinar that his goal was to outlast his audience.   This philosophy was also reinforced when Daegan talked about referral traffic and the importance of positioning yourself with the question:  “How can I make sure my product partners get paid more than I do?”

The point behind these thoughts comes down to providing overwhelming value.   Daegan gives so much value that his subscribers want to open all of his emails.  He gives so much value that people run to help him promote his products.   He gives so much value that people don’t think twice about spending money with him.  During the course of our session last night, Daegan Smith took us into his tracking software and walked us through how he makes marketing decisions, testing every nuance of his marketing campaigns continually and making regular adjustments accordingly.  Daegan took us into his partner program and showed us how he deals with his partners.  He took us into his autoresponder and shared with us how he develops content and chooses the content of his marketing funnel.

With nearly 3 hours of training there were more than just mere nuggets of wisdom, but instead those who got to spend yesterday evening with Daegan Smith found a goldmine of information.



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