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Carl Willis interviews Laci Friend

Christian Entrepreneur Series – Laci Friend

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I met Laci Friend a few years ago when we began attending the same church as her family.  Little did I know that God would take the dream that had inspired me for a number of years and birth a new dream through Laci.

Laci shares her journey of building a business that she wasn’t even looking for and how God has surrounded her with a team that has allowed her to see her dream become reality.

We also discuss the hangups with money that many Christians struggle with as they find success in their business endeavors.

Finally Laci shares how her 40th birthday created a movement of blessing and benevolence with her audience.

I know you’ll be inspired as you watch this interview.

Carl Willis interviews Nicole S Cooper

Christian Entrepreneur Series: Nicole S. Cooper

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I’ve known Nicole S. Cooper for a number of years, having first become acquainted with her through MLSP and later sharing the stage with her at Fight the Forces of Evil in Dallas, TX.

Not only do Nicole and I share a common love for entrepreneurship, but we also share a very deep Christian faith.

Recently, Nicole made a decision that shocked many of her friend and business associates, when she chose to “walk down the mountain of success.”

As you watch this interview, I know you will be inspired to examine your own goals and aspirations.

difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing

Understanding the Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing

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difference between affiliate marketing and network marketingMarketing from home can give you a full-time income if you put the time into it early on, but you should know the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing before you make a decision.

If you have been thinking about ways to earn extra income, then you should know that both affiliate marketing and network marketing can both be very rewarding and profitable.

Everyone’s personality is different, and everyone has different financial goals. What is your personal preference? What are your long-term goals?

Today, I want to share the differences between affiliate and network marketing, so that you can choose the path that is right for you to earn additional income for your family.

Why the Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing Matters

Okay, so you think you want to start a business from home?

I remember when I weighed my options, and at first it was overwhelming because there were so many options. This is why I want to help you understand the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing.

  1. Affiliate marketing. Those who choose to market as affiliates will do everything online. When products are sold, commissions are earned on EVERY transaction. The products that you’ll promote as an affiliate could range anywhere from jewelry items to home décor. Each item is different, and there will be a transaction for each item that is a one-time sale. The more products you sell, the more you’ll make. This means that you’ll make commissions based upon the goals you meet and how well you perform. Read all of the fine print before you sign up as an affiliate, although signing up as an affiliate is generally free depending on the merchant.
  2. Network marketing. Although network marketing is similar to affiliate market, it is also very different. The one main difference is the levels needed to achieve a certain percentage of income. Network marketing companies have various levels, and they often pay based upon tiers. This is because the more a marketer sells, and the more individuals that the marketer recruits will yield them more commissions and bonuses. All network marketing companies are different, so be sure to read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t have levels or layers while network marketing is built on that model. This is why it’s important to understand how these types of marketing are different.

Does one fit your personality more than another? Do you desire to take action once and continue to earn income over and over again from it? Would you rather sit behind your laptop, work anywhere and promote items that you love?

Both options are great, and they will afford you more flexibility with your time. Never commit to either one until you have researched each option thoroughly, and make sure that you know the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing.

Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

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ntNetwork Marketing Tips for Beginners

1. Set S-M-A-R-T goals

Once you’ve joined the company, the first thing that you need to do is set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Start by writing down your daily, weekly, and monthly goals and be as specific as possible.

Go into great detail about how much you’d like to earn, how many people you’d like to find as customers and partners per month, week and day, and the rewards that you will give yourself for reaching each goal.

Doing so will create a solid goal-setting plan that can be achieved by following the time frame you’ve given yourself to realize them.

2. Follow a schedule and stick to it

To become successful in the industry, train yourself to be disciplined and set a strict schedule that you can follow and stick to. Dedicate at least 15 to 20 hours per week to focus on the business. Utilize your time wisely by knowing exactly what you are going to do with the time you have allotted.

Spend time to plan your itinerary at least a week in advance. Not only does this make use of your resources logically, it also helps the business run smoothly and efficiently while avoiding the endless distractions that will try to sabotage your productivity time.

3. Never stop learning

Remember, time is a very valuable commodity. Put it to waste, and you’re off to a bad start. As a beginner, you have to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Once you think you’ve mastered all the techniques and approaches that you need to learn, don’t stop just yet; instead, pursue to learn even more while implementing what you’ve learned.

Learning is a never-ending process. It doesn’t end in the four corners of the industry. Broaden your horizon so you can learn new ideas, routines, and practices. Always try to learn as much as you can, whenever and however possible, but be sure to implement what you learn as well!

4. Sustain a positive attitude

Success doesn’t come easy. No matter what type of network marketing company you join, it won’t bring you great profits over night. It is very common to encounter disappointments, rejection, and negative responses at the beginning. Don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t go your way.

Instead, learn from the negative experiences and view them as a positive stepping-stone to your future success. Every veteran networker has experienced these same setbacks, but they created the P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude) to move on to reach their goals despite the challenges they faced.

As you grow into the business, you’ll learn how to deal with challenges and how to use them as a key motivator to continue to spur forward to build a successful enterprise.

5. Get out of your comfort zone

If you haven’t tried network marketing before, it is very likely that you’re just starting to broaden your horizons to the industry. You will find yourself in a place that you’ve never been before, meet people from all walks of life, and learn new and different ways of expressing yourself. By getting yourself involved with network marketing, you’re not only growing your finances; you’re also developing yourself in the process.

Five Steps to Improving Downline Performance

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improvement2Five Steps to Improving Downline Performance

Now that you have a downline of your own, it’s your job to lead them. Your team won’t automatically know what to do, even with a beginner’s manual put in their hands. It’s up to you to coach them into becoming the successful business owners they aim to be.


Successful network marketing is always a team effort. For your organization to be successful, they must possess the same skills you learned from your own upline. That means a lot of training!

Initially, you’ll want your downline to know these basic skills:

  • Building a prospect list
    • Teach them to make a list of a hundred or more people they know, along with their contact numbers. The longer the list, the better.
    • Have them order these people according to priority (e.g. those with dependents, those with influence, those that are easy to approach).
  • Approaching and inviting prospects
    • How to do phone invitations
    • Different ways of approaching a person face-to-face
  • Presenting the business and its products
    • How to use visual aids and marketing material
    • Knowledge of all products and services
    • Knowledge of the business system
  • Closing a prospect
    • Handling objections
    • Asking for the business
    • Asking for referrals

Showing, not telling, is the best way to teach a skill. Let your team see how you invite, present, and close. Let them sit in on your meetings. Schedule some time for simulating invitations and presentations. Then, let them do the presentations and give them feedback on what worked and what can be done better.


Always begin with the end in mind—that is, set a concrete, reasonable goal. It’s the only real way to tell if you’re getting anywhere with your business:

Goal + Plan + Action = Results

Start by setting a target for your team to reach. If some of your teammates declare that they want to have X amount of income in Y number of months, then you must work with them to formulate a plan on how to get there. For example, it may translate to contacting ten people and presenting five times in a week for a period of two months.

Once you have the plan in place, touch base with your active downline partners once or twice a week to make sure they are following their own plan. Track their performance and see if they hit their targets. It’s best if you can meet with them face-to-face on the first few weeks of working together.

Giving Feedback

It’s not enough to monitor your downlines progress—part of your job is to give them feedback on their performance, to keep them on track. This means two things:

  • Acknowledging their efforts and successes.
  • Coaching and motivating them when their performance goes down.

It helps to continually focus on the goal. If your team gets discouraged and is no longer following their plan, remind them of their commitment to their dreams and the purpose of working their business. If, on the other hand, they have been exceeding their targets, be sure to acknowledge their efforts and tell them that they are that much closer to achieving their goals!

Remember that your business partners are not machines. Like any person, they need to be motivated and to feel that they’re not swimming alone against the current. Do your best to bring up their morale.

Setting New Standards

Once your team has achieved their primary goals, congratulate them. Then encourage them to set higher ones. If they are doing five business calls a day, why not ten? If they are closing one person a week, why not set a goal to close two?

Continuous improvement is the key to any successful business. Keep the attitude of: “I did well; can I do better?” After all, all your teammates have big dreams: a mansion by the sea, a brand new sports car, a month-long cruise, a wealthy retirement, a lasting legacy, and so on. They won’t reach them if they settle for easy mediocre goals. They must be committed to stepping things up.

It’s up to you to encourage them to reach higher, so continually set higher targets for your business partners. Sitting on your laurels only deters them.

Teach them how to teach others

Now that your downline knows the very basics of your business and is moving on their own, your final task is to teach them the more advanced skills—that is, everything we just talked about! They must all know how to train, monitor, encourage, and coach their own recruits. After all, your personal goal is to duplicate yourself, so that you can leverage other people’s time and talents. Soon they’ll be leading their own groups, and they’ll need to know how to manage them the way you did. Show them how.

In network marketing, your team is your greatest asset, and they’re the key to a comfortable, stress-free future. Nurture them well and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Network Marketing

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netCommon Mistakes to Avoid in Network Marketing 

Have you been in the network marketing industry for a while now but have yet to find any success? Then it’s time to assess the things that you’ve been doing and ask yourself if you’re really following the techniques and training that the company has put in place? Or, are you trying to reinvent the wheel by making up your own system?

You may be working hard and highly dedicated to your endeavor, but are you really putting your efforts towards the things that really matter?

To help you discern what you might be doing wrong, I will share with you the common mistakes that you have to avoid in order to build a successful business.

1. Lack of Team Spirit 

If you lack team spirit, how do you expect to succeed in this industry? The very core of network marketing is to network amongst your team while working cohesively towards the same vision.

Network Marketing is the act of bringing together a group of people for a mutual benefit. It generally answers the question “How can I help?” rather than “What can you do for me?”!

Having a team that you communicate with regularly helps you gain new and fresh ideas about the business and holds you accountable to staying plugged in with the daily activities that will get you closer to your goals.

By communicating with your organization, you’re not only creating the opportunity to inspire your own team; you’re also developing meaningful and valuable relationships with them.

To avoid this common mistake, conduct a weekly group meeting with your team and use this time to assess each other’s performance, provide feedback, give suggestions, and share insights in improving your group’s overall productivity.

2. Misleading prospects into attending a business opportunity meeting

Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of network marketers who exercise this technique to gain prospective leads. They invite friends over for a seemingly weekend bonding, only to take them to an opportunity meeting without telling them so. What’s worse, their prospects show no interest at all for the business.

“Kidnapping” your potential partners is not the way to go. You are not just wasting their time, you are also wasting yours. Invite prospects that are already aware of your intentions and have expressed interest beforehand.

To avoid this common and deceptive practice, be very clear with your intentions and follow your companies system to inviting your prospects to a meeting.

3. Lack of Focus in the Industry

Most people are switching from one company to another in hopes of landing that one business that will make them rich instantly. Instead of focusing on a single company, they chose to diversify and put all their resources to waste by diverting their attention multiple different ways.

If you really want to avoid this common practice, I’d suggest focusing on one company that you firmly believe will be the gateway to your success, and give it 100% of your time, energy and effort.

Most businesses take 2-3 years to build successfully, so make a time commitment to give it all you got during that time.  If for any reason, you see that you’re giving 100% but changes or flaws in the company have altered your vision for reaching your goals, only then should you begin considering changing over to a new company, where you can be 100% focused again.

Success requires F.O.C.U.S., which simply means Follow One Course Until Successful.  If you know you’ve been jumping around without clear focus, then now’s the time to intentionally change this bad habit.

4. Disregarding Personal Development 

Personal Development is the first step that you must invest in to accomplish success in building your mindset. Although you will be given tons of training, tools and mentors, your success relies in your ability to have the right mindset.

Personal Development is a highly encouraged practice that is enforced on every individual who joins the industry. From the team meetings, to business presentations, you’ll find that Personal Development is the foundation for which nearly all Network Marketing companies are built.

If you disregard and overlook this common practice, expect downfall to follow. If you haven’t enforced it on yourself, then this might be the reason why you’re not thriving on success.

In order for you to move forward, you have to learn the key elements of personal development: mindset, technical knowledge, and leadership. Keep in mind, personal development is a continuous process. It doesn’t end in the four corners of schools and universities that you’ve attended. So spend a great deal of your time constantly feeding yourself with positive reinforcement and surround yourself with successful and motivated people.

5. Easily swayed to rejection and negative outside influence 

Do you know that our warm market can be our worst enemy? Before we proceed to the cold market, it is common practice to share what we know and what we have with the people closest to us, which is generally family and old friends.

Experiencing rejection directly from the very people whom we least expect can be very hard to accept. Not only does it kill the enthusiasm, the negative reaction can also create self-doubt—especially for beginners.

You may not control what other people will tell you or how they will react, but you can control your response to it. Prepare for them by equipping yourself with optimistic viewpoints all the time, and educate yourself on the multiple ways to deal with rejection.

Remember, no one can steal your dreams and enthusiasm from you unless you let them.


5 Sure-Fire Ways of Putting You on Top of the Game

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games5 Sure-Fire Ways of Putting You on Top of the Game

With how lucrative network marketing can be, people flock to it, looking for earning opportunities. Indeed, there is a lot of room to earn when you join a solid and credible MLM company. But the number of people who have already signed up for similar businesses becomes part of the stiff competition that you’ve got to deal with if you really want to be successful. For you to make it big, you have to learn how to be on top of the game and be set apart from the competition.

How? Here are five sure-fire ways that can help you become a leader in this highly competitive industry.

1. Learn as much as you can about the business. Learning about the in and out of the industry and educating yourself with what works and what doesn’t will help you get equipped with the right knowledge and skills needed to advance in the game. Familiarize with yourself with the business model and get enough training to properly market the products or services you offer. This will not only help you find success in making a sale but also prepares you for the role of being the leader of your very own downline organization.

2. Create a marketing strategy that works for you. As a network marketer, you should devise a strategy that you will be employing all throughout your campaign to help keep you on track. Different marketing techniques work for different business types and you should give this enough thought since this element plays an important role in your journey towards success.

3. Stand out from the crowd. Undeniably, this can be a tad difficult because a lot of people share the same business as you but it all goes down to how you market your business. Every marketer differs on how he goes about promoting and developing the business. Be sure that you think out of the box and step out of your comfort zone for only through this will you manage to best the competition.

4. Communicate! Communication greatly affects your network marketing business. Of course, you would need as many contacts as you can have so that you will be able to market effectively. More so, working with a team also requires that you have great communication skills. With this you’ll be climbing to the top in no time.

5. Patience and persistence. Most network marketers cease their efforts after failing once or twice, thus never experiencing how it is to be on top. Keep in mind that to be on top demands a lot from you and cannot be achieved without a little bit of hard work and sacrifice. So stand firm and give the best that you can for your business.

4 Core Foundations for Success in Network Marketing

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Success in Network Marketing4 Core Foundations for Success in Network Marketing

There are various key elements to succeeding in Network Marketing, and regardless of the company your with, the product your selling or the layout of your compensation plan, these 4 Core elements will determine whether you sink or swim in this industry, and if you’ll ever obtain the key to true success.


It’s not unusual to hear stories about numerous people who have made several attempts at joining various companies but never made one sale or earned a penny from their companies.  These same individuals tend to end up bitter and calloused about the industry, while spreading the “it doesn’t work” gospel, all because they didn’t implement these 4 Core Elements.

If you’ve been wandering why so many people struggle in this industry, while others breeze through like Michael Jordan on the court, the answer lies within these 4 Core Principles.

Network Marketing may appear to be complex and mysterious, but it’s really a basic set of principles that must be implemented BEFORE you will see any success.  Top Earners have had their hands on these principles for years, and now you will too!

 #1) Know what you want to accomplish!

Upon your first day in the business, it’s common practice to have your sponsor coach you on the “What is your why” speech.  Whether you dismissed this pivotal step as just another clichéd canned speech, or you strongly considered “why” you’re in this industry, I want you to take the time out to really think about what you want to accomplish and why?

The challenge with entrepreneurship is that everything sounds great in the beginning.  With countless ideas floating through your mind and the internal fireworks popping in your head around all the possibilities of success and potential financial growth that awaits you, it’s so easy to get excited “at first”.

However, once the excitement fades and reality kicks in, it’s just as easy to grow discouraged, fatigued and burned out because your vision isn’t manifesting fast enough.

Having a vision and knowing what you want to accomplish is so important for this very reason.  In those moments when you do face opposition (which you will), and you run into challenges, you want to have clarity as to why you’re doing what you’re doing to begin with.  That way, no matter what you face, you have the motivation to press beyond the challenges and get closer to your goals.

Goals create purpose, purpose creates energy, energy creates focus and focus gives you the motivation and drive to do what it takes to succeed!

 #2) Determine what you are willing to give up to reach your goals!

This is HUGE!!! Far too many people underestimate their responsibility of “giving up a few things” in order to succeed.  The bottom line is that success isn’t comfortable and neither does it happen by mistake.  It’s a very intentional act that requires some level of compromise in the process.

For example, you may have your favorite shows that you like to watch or a hobby that you like to pursue in your spare time.  However, when you commit to building your business, those shows may be missed and your hobby may be placed on hold temporarily in place of you attending networking events and hosting business opportunity meetings.

If you establish what areas you’re willing to compromise on the front end in order to achieve your goals on the back end, this step alone will reveal if you have what it takes to be a leader in this industry!

 #3) Surround yourself with like minds!

Simply put, Your Network = Your Net Worth…

In this industry, you have the pleasure of being in the company of Millionaires, positive thinkers and Dream Builders.  Network Marketing is one profession that consistently promotes the message that you MUST maximize your life and commit to personal development every day.

The key to bringing this message to life for yourself is to do whatever it takes to get around those who are where you want to be.  You will no longer desire to be around your mediocre friends who live their lives based on “what happens, happens!”.

Instead, you’ll want to live an intentional life by surrounding yourself with sharp people who challenge you to grow and stretch beyond your comfort zone.

If you take heed to this wise council, you’ll find yourself soaring with Eagles rather than quacking with ducks!

 #4) Have A Plan & Work It!

A strategic plan of action is extremely important in the process of building your Network Marketing Business.  Retailing and Recruiting are obviously the ways to generate income in this industry, but if you want to really leverage your business and the efforts of others, you must know the following things:

A. How much you want to earn, and what it take to earn it?

B. What systems are in place for the sales process of building your business?

C. What are the Income Producing Activities, and what should you be doing daily to get closer and closer to your goals?

Once you’ve mapped out the numbers, the system and the activities, your destined to exceed every goal you have “IF” you focus on taking action!

These 4 elements are extremely critical to the success of your business and if you focus on these core elements up front, you’ll find yourself sailing to the top amidst the other 3%’ers and living the life that you both envisioned and planned!

The 5 Point Checklist To Partnering With The Right Network Marketing Company

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check rffgThe 5 Point Checklist To Partnering With The Right Network Marketing Company

With thousands of Network Marketing companies opening their doors every day, it’s extremely important to make sure that you align yourself with one that will be mutually beneficial for both you and the company you partner with.

After carefully observing the trends of the fly by night companies versus those that have a strong and solid reputation with a long term vision for growth and success for their Reps, I have put together a 5 Point Checklist that you must use BEFORE signing up with any company.

1. Company / Vision

Knowing the integrity and vision of your company is critical to your decision making process, and it must not be overlooked.  Far too many times, people joined up with companies where the owner just wanted to make a quick buck, and had no personal interest in the long term success of their reps.

Partnering with a company whose vision is both long term and fully committed to the growth of the company and the success of the reps will provide more security and confidence in your future and growth within that organization.

Be sure to ask questions about the ownership.  Listen in on their calls.  Attend the meetings when they speak so that you can judge the genuineness of the leaders and their intentions.  If you do this upfront, you will prevent yourself from massive heartache and disappointment later.

 2.Leadership / Upline

Being associated with the right team and up-line leadership can make or break your business.  This may step on some toes but it has to be said.  Joining a company to do your cousin or brother a favor isn’t going to work if you’re serious about building a business.  You want to make sure that your up-line and team has systems in place that will provide training and support where needed.

If you join any random team without guaranteeing that you’re under proper leadership, it won’t take long before you lose your zeal and eventually get disconnected from what’s happening within the company.

One of the benefits of being involved with a network marketing company is the ability to be amongst an exciting culture of people that motivate and challenge you to grow.  If you aren’t plugged in with that culture, the chances of you surviving alone are slim to none.

Be sure to get to know your potential upline, visit their meetings and join in on their calls to see what kind of support system your connected to.


To succeed in any business you must have systems in place to support you and the growth of your organization.  Network Marketing is all about building a team of people that duplicate you and your efforts so that you can begin developing a residual income.

The most frustrating scenario is one in which there is no structure and no systems in place that support the growth of a blossoming organization.  It’s as frustrating as sitting in traffic because that’s exactly how you’ll feel when your team is growing but the duplication isn’t happening due to a lack of systems.

Every leader should be preaching the same message.  This is not the place where you want to reinvent the wheel or promote superstardom.  The more duplicable your systems are, the quicker you’ll grow and the more success you and your team will experience.


Theres a common myth that products don’t matter, but that’s not true.  In order to generate and income in your business, you have to sell something so it’s best to ensure that you’re selling something that people are willing to buy.

Far too many times, I’ve seen people begging for a sale, trying to convince someone that they “need” their product.  The best way to master the art of sales is to be sure that you’re selling umbrellas when it’s raining and snow boots when it snows.

If your company is trying to create a market for your product, it will be much harder to convert sales, rather than selling products that are already in demand.  The reason why most people despite the term sales is simply because of the idea of “convincing people” to buy, rather than having people chase you for the purchase.

When you are selling the right product, you will find more motivation and commitment to build your business along with great potential to keep your team inspired to continue making sales.

Be honest with yourself when assessing the potential companies product, and if you know for a fact that you wouldn’t dare buy them, don’t fool yourself into believing others will either.  Just face it, the company isn’t for you in that case!

 5.Compensation Plan

Money does matter so the comp plan has to make sense.  Compensation plans can often be more complex than necessary so before partnering up with the potential companies that you’re considering, ask the following questions to make sure that your time invested in building this organization is worth it.

1.What percentage of earnings do I make for each sale?

2.How much do I earn for each new rep that I sign up?

3.What is the percentage of overrides that you will earn from your organization, and what do you need to do to qualify?

4.What kind of bonuses are being offered and what do you need to do to earn them?

This is to say that you can get paid to do nothing, as work is definitely required in order for you to generate a generous income.  However, the compensation plan must make sense and you want to understand the numbers and the work involved to earn a decent income.

Now that you have the 5 Point checklist to selecting the right Network Marketing company, you should be well on your way to partnering with an amazing company and accomplishing great success!!

The Power of Leverage

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PLThe Power of Leverage


Network Marketing was the first place that I have ever heard about the concept of leverage.  Considering that the American Dream is often paved with a college degree and a “good education”, I would naturally assume that leverage would be a term that the white house would want to expose all of it’s citizens to.  However, it doesn’t happen that way.

Let’s take a look at two different but common scenarios:

 Scenario 1:

As a child, you were told to study hard, get a college degree, and look for a decent job with decent pay. You followed your parents’ advice and landed a job with substantial pay—enough to cover your expenses but not sufficient to splurge on luxury items. You know that you truly deserve a promotion; with all the time and effort you’ve invested in your work. But years have already passed and you are still in the very same position you applied for.

 Scenario 2:

As a child, you were told to study hard, get a college degree, and look for a decent job with decent pay. But in this case, you didn’t follow what your parents told you to do. Instead, you went out of your comfort zone and searched for the right business opportunity that is more than enough to cover both your expenses and luxurious lifestyle. A couple of years passed and you are exactly where you projected yourself to be, successful, happy, surrounded by like-minded people while far exceeding the income you would have earned had you followed the “Poor Dad” scenario.

Are you one of those people that lives your life making a living based on 100% of your own efforts? Or would you rather earn 1% out of the efforts of 100 people?

Unfortunately, the majority of the population is being educated and trained to experience the first scenario. They are taught to be a conformist—to do what others tell them to do and to look for a job after they complete a college degree. Forget about the idea of owning your own business. If you already have a job that guarantees substantial pay, why risk it all for some random idea that may never pay off?

These very same people claim that they would like to be their own boss but only a small percentage possess the burning desire for success and are willing to risk their comfort zones. Others are afraid of rejection, difficulties, and failure while some are simply satisfied with their jobs.

However, if you are more than willing to take a risk and go way out of your comfort zone to pursue greater economic freedom, then you must be able to understand the principle of leverage.

Leveraging is the art of duplicating your time through the efforts of others to achieve maximum results. It is through leveraging that you are given the chance to gain more with less effort.
Though the force of leverage is applied to almost every aspect of your life, it is only through network marketing that you get the most out of it. Undeniably, in a traditional business setting, the only people who benefit from leveraging are mostly the business owners or the top executives of the company. When in fact, it is the loyal and hardworking employees that are really the ones who do all the work. But sadly, they are left with little compensation.

As opposed to traditional businesses, everyone involved in network marketing is given an equal opportunity to build their own business by spending only a portion of their time and energy to experience maximum results. Through leveraging, everybody has the chance to earn what they’re worth.

One of the many advantages of proper leveraging is that whenever a business partner stops working, it will only have a minor effect on your business’ productivity. The stability of the business won’t be jeopardized and you still get to enjoy a continuous flow of residual income.

This principle allows people to live the lifestyle they choose; they can work whenever they want to and they can decide how much effort they will put into it. They get paid even on vacation! In this industry, you get to enjoy both time freedom and financial freedom at the same time.

Now ask yourself, “Where is my lever?”

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