business mastermind meeting

How to Conduct a Business Mastermind Meeting

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business mastermind meeting

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Starting a mastermind group is the easy part, but learning how to conduct a business mastermind meeting takes a little bit of time.

I get it; you’re busy. You feel like as soon as your feet hit the floor every morning you can’t take on one more thing. If you’re running a home business though, you already know that number one rule.

You gotta separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. You absolutely must position yourself as the expert in your field, and become an authority.

One of the ways in which you do that is create a mastermind group and learn how to conduct an effective meeting. Private mastermind groups are an investment that you’ll make with your time, but they will also be one of the most rewarding investments you ever make.

How to Conduct a Business Mastermind Meeting that Elevates Others

Mastermind groups come in all shapes and sizes, but learning how to conduct a business mastermind meeting that elevates others is the meeting that wins the day.

Entrepreneurs fall into two main categories for building the foundation for how you’ll choose the way you conduct your mastermind group.

  1. Those who are new to entrepreneurship and have recently launched.
  2. Those who already have their business up and running.

Once you decide which type of group you’d like to start, you’ll understand how you can best help them and direct your meetings.

Always identify your audience first and finalize it before you ever conduct a meeting. The meeting must cater to those who are in attendance, and those in the group should all be of the same mind.

Make sense?

Here are some other simple rules to follow.

  1. Make sure that everyone has a great internet connection. You would think everyone has high speed internet, but think again. Many companies still offer a low cost option which is fine for those who don’t use internet much. If you have new folks that have recently launched a business, encourage them to get the best speed they can afford. You’ll need it to conduct masterminds online.
  2. Get the right projector for the right crowd. If you are having an onsite meeting, you’ll still want to have great internet, but a projector is also ideal to ensure that everyone can see what your online examples without straining their eyes. This also will depend on the size of your crowd.
  3. Offer coffee and water too! When you host a meeting, treat your guests’ right. It’s important that you get their attention with your presentation, but you’ll also want to ensure that you offer them beverages. Brew up some good coffee, and offer some bottled water or at the very least a pitcher of cold water. It’s a great thing to offer when you’ll be there for a bit.
  4. Proper seating. Good seating is important when you are having your meeting onsite. The chairs should be comfortable, and it’s important that the room is at a comfortable temperature too. If you’re hosting a rather large crowd, make sure that the seats aren’t too close together. That can make some folks uncomfortable.
  5. Proper introductions. Before you get started, give everyone a moment to introduce themselves. Getting to know people and building relationships is what matters most. Allow people to share who they are with you, and get to know them on a first name basis. Allow them a little bit of time to share their background as well, so that you have some idea about where their viewpoint is coming from.

Hopefully, this helps you understand how to start a mastermind group. I’m also hopeful that you’ll see how to conduct a mastermind business meeting in order to get the maximum results!

afraid to ask for money

Are You Afraid to Ask For Money?

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Asking for money is one of the core conversations of any business.  Unfortunately too many entrepreneurs are afraid to ask for money, because of bad programs they have been given throughout their lifetime.  This bad programming leads to a lack of confidence when asking for the sale and an urge to discount services without ever giving the customer the opportunity to pay for the true value of the service offered.

In this video, I give you some tips for raising your monetary thermostat, so you no longer have to be fearful of asking your prospects to pay for your product or service.

Are You a Quitter? (Warning: Tough Love Ahead)

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dont quit

“Quitters never win and winners
never quit…”

That was a saying I learned when I
was a kid.  It was a incentive to always
keep going.

Interestingly enough…

Nearly 90% of the people I have seen
start a business have quit!

Even more alarming….
The majority have quit within 30 days.

(hardly enough time to build anything,
much less a business)

Even more alarming…
The majority never called to ask for help.

These individuals can’t seem to figure out
why they aren’t successful…

…why they can’t make any money online

Strangely enough others have no problem
making money with the same programs.

The issue is mindset!

Let me try to make this as clear as I can…

Until you start thinking and acting like
a serious entrepreneur, you will continue
to fail!!!

A new program is not going to change the

A new sponsor is not going to change the
outcome (you won’t follow their advice either)….

Change will occur when you finally decide
to get focused and stay committed.

Your hopes and dreams are much too valuable
to act like a 2 year old in a room full of toys!

Evaluate your business from the perspective
of a business person….

…systems, cash flow, customer acquisition, etc…

Stop being a program hopping junkie!

If you would like to have a serious discussion
about creating a lasting business for yourself
call me…

Does Your “Why” Make You Cry?

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Does Your “Why” Make You Cry?

At some point every entrepreneur realizes that simply making money is not enough.

We recognize the need to make a larger difference in our world.

Our quest becomes one of leaving a legacy that outlives us.

For me, my “why” is the equipping and support of people around the world who are bringing hope to places and people that often have little.

What is it that is driving you?

Boldness Gets Rewarded

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Boldness gets rewarded….

Most of the things we really want in life are just outside of our comfort zone…

…In many cases, just one bold step away.

Over the years bold steps have opened up mentoring opportunities, new businesses, time with highly successful people and experiences traveling around the world.

Boldness requires that you step beyond the fears and the timidity that have held you in place for far too long.

Once you take these steps and you see the fruit of those decisions, you will wonder why you didn’t take those steps sooner.

Are Your Habits Propelling You Forward Or Holding You Back?

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Are Your Habits Propelling You Forward Or Holding You Back?

Over the last few months I began evaluating many of the habits in my life.

As I looked over my patterns and routines, I realized that many things I was doing were not moving me any closer to the people I love or to my goals.

Here are a few of the changes I’ve been making.

  • Getting up at 5AM
  • Making the bed
  • Going to the gym every morning (Monday – Friday)
  • Opening the car door for my wife (always)
  • Taking my kids on weekly dates with dad

Consider your habits today.

Are they moving you closer to your goals or leaving you trapped in your current circumstances?

How Winners See Their Problems

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How Winners See Their Problems

“Winners see problems as just another way to prove themselves.” – Donald Trump

This quote caught my attention this morning as it came across my news feed.

For many people, problems become a reason to quit or give up.

Those who are truly winners understand that problems are merely challenges to be gone around, gone over or gone through.

These challenges are the building blocks of the character and strength that carries a winner to victory.

Making The Tough Calls

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Making The Tough Calls

Over the weekend I had to make a tough call.

I was scheduled to be in Miami for a marketing conference this next weekend, but I also have 2 personal development conferences in Las Vegas the following 2 weekends and a mission trip to India at the end of February.

As I examined my cash flow and my time away from family, I knew that I needed to let go of something.

In evaluating my priorities, I realized that this weekend’s conference was the thing that had to go.

It would be easy to make a circumstance like this a failure; however, my experience has taught me over the years that there is usually a much larger reason behind the change of plans than what is at first evident.

When you encounter times like these, reassess your priorities and be confident in the decisions that you make.

What You Focus On Expands

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What You Focus On Expands

My friend and mentor Marshall Sylver continually teaches that what you focus on expands. This truth is so critical.

When we begin to focus intently on something we get “tunnel vision.” This simply means that we no longer notice what is going around us, all we see is the object of our focus.

Intense focus can lead to both positive and negative outcomes.

When you focus on something negative, the positive things in your life get crowded out. At the same time, when you focus on the positive things…the negatives in your life get crowded out.

Focusing on your goals is also a powerful way to push the distractions away.

Watch What You Say

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Watch What You Say

Are your words revealing the mindset of defeat?

Whether we like it or not, we are creatures of habit. As our habits become ingrained within us, we easily begin to overlook the real strong hold they have on us.

For a positive habit like exercise or healthy eating this is not such a bad thing…


…all too often we have allowed unhealthy things to gain that stronghold as well.

One way to gauge what is going inside of you, is to simply listen to the words and ideas that are coming out of you.

Is your first inclination to move in a direction that does not lend itself to your success?

Are you using language in your day to day speech that is dis-empowering to you?

Ask those closest to you to listen in and report on what they see.

To bring about massive life change, you must first work on the internals.

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