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Carl Willis and Julie Dubuc webinar

Stop the Agony of Ineffective Marketing Now

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Recently Julie Dubuc from JBN Global Solutions, LLC joined me to discuss a common challenge faced by many small business owners… ineffective marketing.

In this webinar we discussed how to identify your most profitable prospective customer and how to deploy a marketing system that engages your prospect with multiple touches.

Trade Fairs and Booths to Grow Your Business

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Booth newTrade Fairs and Booths to Grow Your Business

If you are looking for a great way to grow your network marketing business, consider trade fairs and booths. By setting up a booth, you get to display your product or service and talk to an audience who has decided to COME to an event and walk the booth space area. They may not be interested in talking to everyone, but at least you have an opportunity to speak to a semi-captive audience.

Now, a lot of people think that they have to do HUGE trade shows and put in a lot of money.  That’s not necessarily true.  There are plenty of smaller events in local areas that can be JUST as valuable to your business as the larger events.  In fact, many of the smaller events are not only more cost effective to have a booth, they are also more productive.  People are often more willing to talk at the booth for a longer period of time.

To find a booth or fairs in your area, start with a search at your local Chamber of Commerce.  They should have a listing of upcoming events in your area.  Call the local events to get prices for the booth spaces.

Next, do a Google search for “fairs [your city]” or “expos [your city]” to find more events.  When you are calling to get information on any event, ask the coordinator if they know of any other upcoming events.

When you attend any event, whether you have a booth space or go to walk the event, ask other booth vendors what upcoming events they are aware of.  They can be some of your best resources.

When you do get ready to do an event, here are some tips to follow:

  1. Make sure you have a GOOD looking booth.  This is a time where looks DO matter.  Have a carpeted floor (even if it’s not a requirement).  If you have a table, have it covered with a nice tablecloth with an attractive display.  Remember you need HEIGHT.  Varying height.  Don’t have everything at one level.  Make it interesting for the eye.
  2. Have plenty of brochures, flyers and business cards.  Don’t be stingy!
  3. Have a bowl of candy out.  It helps to keep people for just a little bit longer.
  4. Invite people IN to your booth.  Have an interactive display.  Have an example of your product if possible.  Show it in use.  Make it interesting.  You want people to come in and stay so you have a chance to have a conversation.
  5. Have a raffle to get contact information.  Raffle off a product or service that you have for your business.  Have slips with contact information.  Include spots for people to mark if they would like more information about your product or the business opportunity as well.  Make sure to follow up in a timely manner.

Events are a GREAT way to gather contact information, get information in to people’s hands, and have conversations with people about your business.  If the cost is a little high, consider sharing the booth cost with another member of your team.  Just remember, you’ll need to share the leads as well.

Communication Equals Wealth

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Communication Equals Wealth

There are two types of communication that bring about wealth.

The first is the communication that happens internally. The words that you speak to yourself and the way you say them, have tremendous impact on your life.

The second is the way you communicate thoughts and ideas to the world around you. The more proficient you become in communicating ideas effectively, the more readily wealth begins to flow into your life.

Because of the impact communication has on your life, it is the one area in which you should continually be honing your skills.

Choosing to be Different

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Choosing to be Different

Does your marketing message look like everyone else’s marketing message?

In today’s highly competitive market place, the need to differentiate yourself from the competition has never been greater.

People are constantly bombarded with the same marketing messages over and over.

Often times the greatest advantage you can give yourself is to simply be different.

Strive to be the purple cow in the field of brown cows.

Get Them To Beg For What You Are Selling

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Get Them to Beg For What You Are Selling

Influence is the ability to move people in such a way that they literally beg for whatever it is you are selling…

…even more astounding is that the will do so, believing it is their idea!

This type of response takes place when you position yourself as an expert in your field.

Simply calling yourself an expert will not lead to this type of result…

…you must actually become that expert in your industry or niche.

This comes about through personal experience and continuing your education. You must always be striving to master your craft.

As an expert your product and services are no longer presented as a sales pitch…

…instead they are the valuable recommendations of a trusted mentor and friend.

Attraction Marketing Training with Carl Willis and Friends

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attraction marketing trainingAttraction Marketing Training with Carl Willis and Friends

If you have never heard the term attraction marketing training you are about to discover the power of it and what it can do to change your network marketing business, affiliate marketing business, and beyond. What does this term really mean then?

It means that much like when you had a crush on someone, you did what you thought would attract them to you. You may have batted your eyelashes, made an attempt to seem interested in what interested them, and at the end of the day you probably discovered that they either were attracted to you or they weren’t at all.

This is okay folks, because what I am about to tell you pertains to your business, and it’s every reason why you need attraction marketing training, starting now!

Where Attraction Marketing Training Comes From

So, where does attraction marketing training come from exactly? It comes from Mike Dillard, and this is something I learned about upon entering network marketing years ago. While Mike Dillard isn’t the most charismatic person in the world he certainly knows what attraction marketing means and how to use it.

Attraction marketing isn’t portraying a lifestyle that doesn’t exist; it’s about marketing in a way that creates value. This could be the case for any business, but if you don’t create any value upfront, how you could possibly get someone to come around your way of thinking? It’s your job as a business owner to draw people to you NOT push them away.

Remember, messages that resonate with your target audience are the messages that teach them, and let them know that you have their best interest at heart. So, is this the last thing you need to know when it comes to attracting marketing training and how to get a following?

Why Attraction Marketing Training is Necessary for Your New Team Members

When you get new folks to come on board your team and join your business opportunity, it’s important that you also get them to go through some attraction marketing training as well. Once you have attracted folks into your business, and you are teaching them, it’s time to make sure that you take them through the training from Mike Dillard, so that they can for themselves what it really is and what it all means.

Everyone should be using this in their business; especially those that are network marketers and affiliate marketers. Offer free information to help others understand what you are doing and why and how they can do the same. Remember, it’s always key to educate people so that they know you care and that you do have a vested interest.

After all, it’s about helping people get what they want, and then ultimately you will get what you want too. It’s time that you really considered what path in life you want to follow. If you want to be an entrepreneur and have time freedom among other things, then focus on attraction marketing training for yourself right now, but be sure you teach it to others as they join you.

Discover the attraction marketing system that I use.

Attraction Marketing Formula-is it the Perfect One?

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Attraction Marketing Formula-is it the Perfect One?

You have probably heard of the attraction marketing formula and the name Mike Dillard, right? The two are indeed synonymous, but with that being said, does this formula really work? Those that have been in network marketing for years were paying attention when this came up, and since that time Mike Dillard has been teaching hundreds upon thousands how to use it.

Do you believe that you could apply this same attraction marketing formula to your own business? Let’s take a look at what this formula is, and why there is so much buzz surrounding it!

What is This Attraction Marketing Formula?

If you have been hearing about this attraction marketing formula, you might be curious what this formula really is, right? It’s not related to dating folks! However, in good humor, let’s talk about the fact that it is the same principle.

If you are starting a new business, don’t you want to be found? Of course you do! The only way to do that is to make yourself known, and one of the ways to do this is to make yourself attractive! This attraction marketing formula just might be the trick for you to do this so that you can sell yourself.

Remember, people don’t like to be sold but they do love to buy. That is a fact! So, how does this all important formula work? The ingredients include:

  • Driving traffic to your site with You Tube, articles and blogs
  • Once there, they should get your capture page, where they can opt-in to your offer
  • Once folks opt-in they give you their info in exchange for what you offer and they become your leads!
  • You then start building a relationship with them through follow up emails with more information
  • Last but not least, you can become friends, create more value, and introduce them to your business

Can you see the value in this attraction marketing formula now? Of course you can! As with anything, there is a process, and that process is simply putting together what makes sense, right?

Find Your Own Value with This Attraction Marketing Formula

While it’s fun to learn more about this attraction marketing formula, the key for you is to fully grasp exactly how great your own abilities really are. Once you realize what you do have to offer others you will see the truth about yourself and the skills you have to offer others.

Isn’t it a great feeling to know that you can help others build their business too? Let’s face it; there is a need to help frustrated network marketers. They can be found everywhere, in every state or country. Most of them don’t know how to really jumpstart their business, but with this attraction marketing formula it becomes so easy, so clear.

Now, imagine that you have someone share with you how you can grow your business. I can help you, and to catch you up to speed I can start teaching you the basics of this attraction marketing formula!

Click here to learn how to apply the formula to your business.

MLM Attraction Marketing – Does it Make a Difference in Your Business?

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mlm attraction marketingMLM Attraction Marketing | Does it Make a Difference in Your Business?

MLM attraction marketing is a hot topic amongst the MLMer’s of the world, but what does it really mean? Is like dating? Well, sort of, but you MUST remember that whatever analogy you use it has to be relevant to your business.

In this case, it certainly is because those that are attractive get the most following in their business ventures. I want to share with you how you can get people to follow you, but why this attraction marketing “thing” works so well. Are you ready to learn something new to help you grow your MLM opportunity?

What is MLM Attraction Marketing Anyhow?

Before you jump into this MLM attraction marketing with both feet, it would be wise to get a clear definition of what it really is.

Attraction marketing is presenting your niche market with something of value to get them to come around to your way of thinking, or to appeal to their senses. You want people to join your opportunity right? Of course you do because that is how you earn most of your money, right?

Retail sales are a part of every MLM opportunity, and while you can earn money on sales, a bulk of what you make will be made on your team building, and what they earn as well as what their teams earn. Make sense?

Attraction marketing is not a new concept, but it was coined and perfected by Mike Dillard himself. He learned quickly that in order to get people to join you in your business you needed to be attractive in certain ways. That translates into creating value. So, how does it work?

How MLM Attraction Marketing Works

Now that you know more about MLM attraction marketing and what it is, let’s consider how it really works.

The phrase, “creating value” has been a resounding phrase right? If you have been around the crowd that loves attraction marketing then you know what I mean. However, consider that you come upon a website on your own, and all the person talks about is how much they travel, how much they make, and how they are a total rock star in their business.

It can be a huge turnoff right?

This is why many people steer clear of the MLM opportunities. They want something real, something tangible that they can identify with, and all of the hype doesn’t appeal to them. Why not share with them how your business works and can help them reach their goals?

Perhaps you want to teach those that are frustrated how to build their business when they have tried other things that didn’t work. You can do that too, and the best part is, helping others is what is most attractive.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but you need to know what REALLY works? Do you want to learn how to be more attractive to your target audience?

If this sounds like you, and you would like to learn more about MLM attraction marketing, then CLICK HERE now.

How To Build Any MLM Business With My Lead System Pro

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My Lead System Pro

How To Build Any MLM Business With My Lead System Pro

Over the past couple of years I’ve talked extensively about My Lead System Pro, the primary lead generation tool that I’ve used in my business.   Today I wanted to really break down how I use this system in my business for much more than just lead generation.   In the video below, I actually take you through the entire blueprint of how I leverage the MLSP system to not only find prospects, but to also create ongoing cash flow month after month on top of the money that I earn from my MLM companies.

Training – The Backbone Of My Lead System Pro

MLSP was put together with the idea of helping the struggling network marketer find success, by addressing the most common problems face by those in the industry.   In doing so it revealed another long known, but little spoken fact….the best prospects for any network marketing business are those already involved in MLM.   This removes the question of “is this a pyramid/scam?” and the brutal task of trying to convince people who aren’t interested in the first place.   Armed with that information, all the serious home business owner needs to do is scratch the itch of an already convinced target market.

The number one tool for this task is training.   Network marketer spend countless hours online every day looking for ways to get their business in front of more prospects and make more money.    This leaves you with two choices, you can spend years becoming a guru in the industry or you can tap into the wisdom and expertise of those who are already making it happen.    This is where MLSP comes in.

Within My Lead System Pro, there are countless hours of internet marketing training, given by some of the biggest movers and shakers who are building their MLM businesses online today.    This comprehensive training library serves two purposes.   First it is there to educate you, so that you become a much better marketer, but more importantly MLSP has built lead generation mechanisms around this training.

Let me share how this works.   In my business, I use a Facebook training offer that is put out by MLSP.   Approximately 16-17% of the people who land on that page will enter their name and email address to watch the free 86 minute training webinar.   In that webinar, one of the top experts in Facebook marketing walks the viewer through a comprehensive Facebook marketing plan that can be implemented immediately.    The viewer gets helpful training and I get their contact information.   The viewer is now a prospect.

Now that the prospect is on my marketing list, they are going to get a series of follow up emails that offer additional marketing training and recommended tools.   These emails are intended to provide exceptional value and position the MLM business owner as the leader providing that value.

Cash Flow – The Other Priority of My Lead System Pro

When the prospect makes a purchase of one of the tools recommended in training (e.g. hosting, domains, autoresponder, etc….) this generates commission for the business owner outside of the income generated from their network marketing business.   This cash flow can be used for advertising, purchasing tools or simply as extra spending money.   Within the MLSP system there are 15 different tools and resources that are presented to the prospect, this means you have ample opportunity to build multiple streams of revenue.   In addition, many of these tools are subscription based, creating additional residual income that arrives in your mailbox month after month.   On average, I receive checks from 6-8 different revenue streams each month that are outside of my network marketing businesses.

Your Business – The Focal Point Of My Lead System Pro

Ultimately, your prospect is exposed to your business many times along the way.   The beauty of the system is that this prospect has also been equipped with great tools and training, so that they are well trained when they join your business.   You have also been positioned as the leader that they want to work with, as the system has promoted you along the way.

If you haven’t already done so, watch the video above and click the join button to get started with My Lead System Pro.

Live The Dream 2 – Post Conference Review

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Live The Dream 2

Live The Dream 2

Live The Dream – Post Conference Review

Over the weekend, I attended the Live The Dream 2 conference hosted by My Lead System Pro.  I was joined in Orlando, Florida by hundreds of other marketers from around the world.   Over the course of the weekend we heard from many top level producers in the world of network marketing, including Todd Falcone, Tim Erway, Daegan Smith, Diane Hochman, Tracey Walker, Ray Higdon and David Wood.   Each of these speakers brought great insights for the audience using examples from their own business, or in the case of Tracey Walker actually role playing with members of the audience.

This conference definitely over-delivered on content and value with sessions starting each day at 8:30AM and wrapping up shortly after 8PM each evening.   There were a few consistent themes that continued to arise from these sessions.   These included the importance of active prospecting day in and day out in your business.   Many of the speakers stressed the importance of accountability for these prospecting activities.   Another common theme dealt with those whom you choose to recruit in your business.  Tracey Walker stated it best when she asked the question:  “Would you entrust your multi-million dollar business to just anyone?”  The importance of recruiting leaders was stressed over and over again by a great number of speakers.   Of course the other very prominent theme had to do with your mindset.   Being able to truly believe in yourself and your ability to get the job done.   Mark Hoverson took this a step further by suggesting that many in the audience needed to “cleanse the lepers” that are in their heads.

Live The Dream Means Relationships

The relationships developed in these conferences are some of the greatest treasures you come away with.  During the weekend, I spent time with Lawrence Tam, a mechanical engineer who has developed an amazing online business for himself in the network marketing industry.   Lawrence and I spent a great deal of time talking about SEO and traffic.   I spent time with Brian Cole, the 22 year old phenom who went from working full-time at McDonalds to being full-time in his business in less than 100 days.   I had breakfast on Sunday  morning with Marc Barrett, an industry legend, who in his 24 years of network marketing has been a 7 figure earner many times.  These are just a few of the people that I got to know well over the weekend.

Live The Dream Fosters Creativity

When you are surrounded by such high entrepreneurial energy, you can’t help, but to find your head swimming with new ideas.  During my time at the conference I had no less than 4 new money making ideas flash through my brain and end up on my notepad.  In the days to come you will be seeing these ideas manifest.   Even today, I have already made $150 on one of these ideas that isn’t even a product yet.  The power of entrepreneurial creativity cannot be underestimated.   This creativity also comes about in the many mastermind sessions that take place with others throughout the weekend.  During the weekend, I identified many people who I will partner with in the days to come.   These partnerships may be as simple as an interview on this website that builds brand identity or it may even culminate in a new product launch.

Live The Dream 2 was an amazing experience for me and I know that you will be equally as inspired when you attend live events with your company or with industry conferences such as this one.  You can see some of my photos from Live the Dream 2 on my Facebook fan page.

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