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difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing

Understanding the Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing

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difference between affiliate marketing and network marketingMarketing from home can give you a full-time income if you put the time into it early on, but you should know the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing before you make a decision.

If you have been thinking about ways to earn extra income, then you should know that both affiliate marketing and network marketing can both be very rewarding and profitable.

Everyone’s personality is different, and everyone has different financial goals. What is your personal preference? What are your long-term goals?

Today, I want to share the differences between affiliate and network marketing, so that you can choose the path that is right for you to earn additional income for your family.

Why the Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing Matters

Okay, so you think you want to start a business from home?

I remember when I weighed my options, and at first it was overwhelming because there were so many options. This is why I want to help you understand the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing.

  1. Affiliate marketing. Those who choose to market as affiliates will do everything online. When products are sold, commissions are earned on EVERY transaction. The products that you’ll promote as an affiliate could range anywhere from jewelry items to home décor. Each item is different, and there will be a transaction for each item that is a one-time sale. The more products you sell, the more you’ll make. This means that you’ll make commissions based upon the goals you meet and how well you perform. Read all of the fine print before you sign up as an affiliate, although signing up as an affiliate is generally free depending on the merchant.
  2. Network marketing. Although network marketing is similar to affiliate market, it is also very different. The one main difference is the levels needed to achieve a certain percentage of income. Network marketing companies have various levels, and they often pay based upon tiers. This is because the more a marketer sells, and the more individuals that the marketer recruits will yield them more commissions and bonuses. All network marketing companies are different, so be sure to read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t have levels or layers while network marketing is built on that model. This is why it’s important to understand how these types of marketing are different.

Does one fit your personality more than another? Do you desire to take action once and continue to earn income over and over again from it? Would you rather sit behind your laptop, work anywhere and promote items that you love?

Both options are great, and they will afford you more flexibility with your time. Never commit to either one until you have researched each option thoroughly, and make sure that you know the difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing.

Real Ways to Make Money Online

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Make money onlineReal Ways to Make Money Online

Surfing the internet helps you discover several online opportunities to earn, most of which promise considerable amount of money for simple tasks – from answering a survey to signing up for something. However, the truthfulness of these offers should be doubted. Still looking for ways to make money online? Don’t worry; there are quite a number of genuine ways through which you can reel in profit with the help of the internet.

The most notable way to earn online is to start your own network marketing business and to launch it online to aid you on your campaign. Network marketing, itself, is a profitable venture, and pairing it with online marketing will surely do wonders for your wallet. Your business is readily exposed to a vast audience; all of whom can become customers and even members of your team. You are able to do this without having to spend that much and you are rewarded with significant improvements in your business.

You can also use the internet to not only give your network marketing business a boost. Applications such as Google Ads and the like can help you generate extra income. Advertisements are simply displayed on your site or blog and you get paid for every click the ads get from visitors to yours site. This is, however, a mere bonus and you should still give your utmost attention to your online business.

Using the prowess of the internet to improve your business will help bring in money. Whatever online marketing technique you use, you will clearly observe dramatic improvements in your business, and you can experience all this without shelling out a lot of money.

Don’t be discouraged by the fake opportunities that appear online; there are still numerous genuine opportunities out there on the internet, and the best remains to be online marketing. Give it a try and see what everyone’s been talking about.

How to Monetize Your Ideas

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ideasHow to Monetize Your Ideas

The rise of the Internet has it a cinch to communicate and exchange ideas with a great number of people in very little time. The problem now is it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the tremendous amount of ideas flowing at you. It’s easy to find inspiration, but you may also be on the lookout for ideas that not only interest you but you can monetize or develop into something profitable. Here’s how to go about it:

First: Filter Out the Ideas to the Ones You Want

For many bloggers, discovering that key idea/concept started with their interests. So, first things first—answer the following questions as honestly as you can: What are you interested in? What can you think or talk about for prolonged periods of time? What would you choose to do if you had enough free time? What would you choose to do even if you didn’t earn from it? What comes naturally to you that you assume any one can do it, or you’re amazed not every one can do it? What did you love to do as a kid? If you could be or do anything in the world, what would you be or do? If, after answering those questions, you have one or a few options that answer the above questions, that’s fantastic! You’ve filtered through the multitude of ideas to find the essential ones, the ones that are close to your heart. Now, you have a better idea on where to focus.

Next: Fine-tune and Zero In

The above questions aren’t the easiest to answer, and the following may be more diffficult. One thing to remember is that sometimes it’s not about finding the right answer to a feeling or quandary; it’s more like finding the right question to ask and unlocking the best answer you can possibly give. If you have several options and interests, ask yourself: What brings you joy? Not necessarily what you’re good at, but what truly generates the feeling of happiness inside you? How would you envision your ideal life? What would you be doing? How would you being? Get as specific and concrete as you can. If money and time were no obstacle, and you had the power, how would you craft this ideal life of yours? What specific steps can you take towards creating this ideal life? Do you feel absolutely clueless about what to do at this point? Perhaps you’ve lived by what you “should” do for so long you’re not sure what you want? Then ask for the help of a good friend or family member who can give you their observations on what you like to do and what can give you joy.

Next: Find Your Monetizing Options

Say you have a brilliant idea. You know in the deepest part of your soul that that is what you’re interested in and want to explore it. For many, they choose to blog about their interests. That way they express their opinions and get to research more about their chosen topic or niche. They discover readers who have the same interests they do. They foster a sense of community because of shared likes and dislikes. Thus, their blogs or website become a venue for ideas and expression. If you choose to go via blog, there are several options to monetize it: * Sell advertising space. It’s best to opt for a self-hosted blog (with either WordPress or Blogger) so you can use specially made templates with built-in ad spaces. This is an easy way to earn once you have a set audience for your blog and favorable statistics (page views and unique visitors). * Promote affiliate products. Again, this works best if you’ve already established a set posting schedule, have good interaction with your readers on your blog, and are clear on the niche of your blog. Affiliate products work best when you have posts that complement them or honestly review them, and that they are congruent to what your blog is about. Having posts that have to do with baby formula won’t be helpful to an affiliate merchant selling office supplies. Instead, find products and services you’re crazy about, so you can honestly recommend them to your readers. * Sell products. This works whether they are physical products or online downloads, though with the former you’ll have to deal with hassles such as inventory and shipping. With online products and subscriptions, however, you can set things up so that once your customers pay the system generates the download links and deposits their payment in your bank account. These are very basic methods of monetizing your ideas using blogging as your online tool of choice, but remember: if you’re passionate about your ideas and would truly pursue them even if money weren’t a factor, then it’s worth doing. Monetizing your ideas—the right ideas—can be a lucrative venture in the long run and may even lead to you discovering more ideas!

How to Make Money Online Risk-Free

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E-commerceHow to Make Money Online Risk-Free

Online business surely is an exciting idea for a lot of people looking for another source of income. With the possibility of earning generous amount of money without having to do that much, more and more individuals are rushing into making money online so as not to be left behind. You truly have every reason to give online businesses a try since it’s totally worth it. A lot of people have found success in the online marketing industry and who knows, you just might climb your way to the top of the leader board.

At this point, you might still have your doubts if it really is possible for you to make money online. I have also been filled with the same skepticism a long time ago, especially because of my concerns with the risks involved. After thinking it through, however, I have come to the understanding that I can actually make money online without any risks and this ample knowledge, I would be more than glad to share with you.

Money is, of course and will always be the greatest resource that you and I both do not wish to risk. We have always had the idea that for us to make money online, we must first have to shell out some amount as well. With the money to be invested in the products and services you will be offering and their promotion, you might as well be hesitant to put your faith in something so uncertain. However, you can eliminate this fear and uncertainty, all these risks, by signing up for established marketing businesses that have proven themselves worthy and reliable. Even with this, make sure not to spend too much and hurt your budget in the process so if ever the uncalled for were to happen, you would not be left penniless.

Making money online can easily be risk-free and it is up to you to work on this and eliminate the risks that are commonly involved in businesses. Joining successful companies or teams will be of great help. What is more, having a contingency plan will help cut down the risk considerably.

Get Rich Radio Review – Paying People To Tune In

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Get Rich Radio reviewGet Rich Radio Review – Paying People To Tune In

Get Rich Radio is paying people to tune into their station!   Almost sounds to good to be true doesn’t it?  Thanks to the creativity of my good friend and mentor, Marshall Sylver, people are getting paid to listen to the radio.

About 6 weeks ago Marshall messaged me on Facebook and asked if he could give me a call.   On that call we discussed the fact that most people won’t put forth the effort needed to actually change their financial circumstances.   He then posed a hypothetical scenario to me.   “What if a person could make money simply by streaming an internet radio station on their computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week.?   We both agreed that you couldn’t get much more effortless than that.

Marshall went on to tell me that he was getting ready to relaunch Get Rich Radio in February of 2014.  In preparation for that relaunch, he had been able to completely fill out his advertising space on the site.   The advertisers would be paying him on a CPM (cost per 1,000 views) basis and he would be sharing the profits with those who were actively streaming the station.

What Marshall envisioned was being able to help an individual pay their cell phone bill or their internet bill each month, simply because they stayed logged on to Get Rich Radio.   Over the next few weeks he surveyed his contacts on Facebook and everyone agreed this was a brilliant idea that anyone with a computer and internet connection could take advantage of.

Get Rich Radio Review – How It Works

In late December Marshall released the beta version of the new Get Rich Radio.   Nearly 20,000 people subscribed in the first 5 days and actually crashed the server.   Marshall quickly changed hosting providers and purchased upgraded server capacity to accommodate the overwhelming demand.

As I mentioned before, Get Rich Radio pays listeners to keep the station streaming on their computers.   While a listener is logged in, they are earning scholarship dollars.   These dollars can be used to purchase personal development courses and training offered by Get Rich Radio, or they can be converted to actual money.   A listener who stays logged on for an entire 30 day period would have approximately $7 in actual cash earnings.  Listeners also receive additional earnings for inviting other listeners.  A listener who invites 10 other listeners who stay logged on for an entire 30 day period will receive approximately $70 in actual cash earnings.   With 100 active listeners that figure goes to approximately $700.    These earnings come from doing nothing more than staying logged into the station around the clock for 30 days.   There is nothing to buy or sell.

Listeners are offered an upgraded membership to Get Rich Radio for $97 per month.  This upgraded membership includes additional coaching and mentoring, live access to Marshall when he is on the air and a monthly 2 day conference featuring various personal and business development coaching.   Referring affiliates of Get Rich Radio will earn a 50% commission on those sales.

Get Rich Radio Review – The Bigger Picture

There are some additional reasons a person may want to take a closer look at Get Rich Radio.   The content offered by Marshall Sylver is some of the best mentoring and personal development training that I have ever been through.   I can personally say that I have seen many positive changes in my own life, since becoming one of Marshall’s students.  Simply listening to the content of the station each day will have a positive impact on your life.

Get Rich Radio is a great way to meet new prospects for your current business.  Those who respond to the marketing are looking to make extra money, so you already have an opening for further discussion of additional business opportunities that may be of interest to them.

As you build your base of referred listeners and your earnings go up, you now have a passive, residual income stream that can be used for other business purposes, such as funding your advertising budget or upgrading your business building tools.   You can also purchase courses with the scholarship dollars that will further the investment in your own personal development education.

For representatives of Prosperity Alliance, listeners will be continually encouraged to take a look at the program.  Listeners who are coded to a affiliate in Get Rich Radio will also be coded to them in Prosperity Alliance.   This is a great way for a Prosperity Alliance affiliate to introduce Marshall Sylver and Prosperity Alliance to others.

To learn more about Get Rich Radio, listen to Marshall Sylver’s introductory call.

Dial (641) 715-3412 Access code: 921595#

Then click here to get started



***Carl Willis is an affiliate of Prosperity Alliance and Get Rich Radio


Top Tier Affiliate Programs – Working Smarter Not Harder

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top tier affiliate programsTop Tier Affiliate Programs – Working Smarter Not Harder

Over the last year I’ve come to embrace the concept of top tier affiliate programs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of network marketing; however, I’ve also seen the challenges that leaders in MLM often face and the burnout that often comes with trying to keep a substantial check going.  Over time attrition begins to take its toll on the leader’s organization.   With the average network marketer only remaining active in their company for 2-3 months, a leader has to quickly scale up or the outflow will begin outpacing the inflow.

The solution for years has been to twofold:

  1. Create a culture that makes people feel that they are apart of something bigger
  2. Target other leaders who are capable of moving large numbers of people

While some leaders are able to get ahead of the attrition outflow, many inevitably see their checks begin eroding and so they start looking for the next deal that they can move their people into.   Over the last four years, I have watched as some leaders have moved their teams upwards of 8 or 9 times, simply trying to protect their earning power.

This is the place where a top tier affiliate program not only becomes attractive, but makes good business sense.

What Are Top Tier Affiliate Programs?

At its core, a top tier affiliate program is a pure direct sales model that retails high ticket items.  These may include such things as wealth coaching, advanced marketing training and travel.   The name top tier is based on the fact that a typical sale in this type of arrangement may range anywhere from $1,000 all the way to $50,000 and all points in between.

While most top tier programs only pay on direct sales, there are some programs that will pay on a 2nd level as well.  This simply means that the sponsor of the affiliate making the sale will also receive override compensation from the sale of that particular product or service.  This type of arrangement is very appealing to many of the leaders coming from a traditional MLM model, because it contains a leverage element to it.

As one might guess based upon the higher ticket price of items sold, the payouts are much larger on a typical top tier affiliate program.   The commission payout on an individual sale may run anywhere from $500 all the way to $10,000 or more.  With these types of commissions, it is easy for the numbers to quickly add up as sales are made.

MLM or Top Tier Affiliate Programs – Which Is Better?

I find that many people are questioning whether MLM or top tier affiliate is the better way to go.   While there is much discussion on this topic, let me give you some of the pros and cons that you will want to consider.

MLM – Pros

  • Typically low cost point of entry
  • Residual income (monthly autoship/subscription)
  • Leveraged income through multiple levels

MLM – Cons

  • High attrition rates
  • Requires high volume organizational growth
  • Have to constantly motivate to maintain downline

Top Tier – Pros

  • High commission payouts
  • No need to build and maintain large organizations
  • Build larger incomes with less people
  • Attracts a higher level prospect

Top Tier – Cons

  • Generally no monthly residuals
  • Pay is typically 1 to 2 levels deep
  • Limited product selection

The answer to the question of which is better is really a matter of perspective.

Most marketers realize that it takes the same amount of effort to generate a $100 sale as it does to generate a $10,000 sale.   From a time invested standpoint, many would prefer to have a larger payout for their efforts.

On the other side of the equation is the network marketer who would prefer that sale to have the monthly residual income that arrives month after month.

Both are valid perspectives.   I believe the real sweet spot lies somewhere in between the 2 ends of the spectrum.

How I Use Top Tier Affiliate Programs In My Business

As I evaluated my own business, I found myself working through the very things I described earlier.

I loved the MLM model, because it is a leveraged way to build passive residual income.  The low entry point, made the business accessible to most anyone; however, at the same time, I was constantly fighting to keep people involved in the business purchasing products or services every month.

I also did the math.  I knew that if i was making $25 per month on each purchase in my organization (that’s being generous), it would take 400 sales per month just to maintain a $10,000 per month income.  At the same time, if I could raise that commission to $500 per sale, I only needed 20 sales per month to maintain that same income.  At $1,000 per sale, I only needed 10 sales per month and at $3,000 per sale I only needed 3-4 sales per month to maintain that same level of income.

What I determined to be the best fit for my business was a combination of the two models.

Here are the 2 top tier programs that I’ve incorporated into my business.

  1. Empower Network – While most people initially think of Empower Network as a mobile blogging platform, it is actually much more than that.   Empower is a true hybrid of the two business models I mentioned above.   Not only is there a potential residual commission of $125 per month for the technology platform and mindset coaching, but Empower also offers a complete line of advanced marketing courses that teach such things as how to scale out your business, how to create viral sustainability and the advanced technical skills to make a 6 or 7 figure per year income online.    These advanced courses carry price points of $500, $1,000 and $3,500.   These advanced products pay $500, $1,000 and $3,000 respectively.   I have found that this platform provides great residual income, but it also provides exceptional top end earning potential as well.
  2. Prosperity Alliance – Prosperity Alliance is the wealth and influence coaching products offered by my good friend and mentor Marshall Sylver.  This program is a two-tier affiliate program that offers 4 courses and experiences with price points at $1995, $3995, $7995 and $12,995.   Commission payouts on the first tier are $600, $1,000, $3,500 and $5,000 respectively.   2nd tier commissions are $400, $500, $1,500, and $3,000 respectively.  I chose this program, because of Marshall Sylver’s skill in sales and upselling.   In all of his courses that I have attended, approximately 50% of the people have made a purchase.

Over the last few years, I have spoken with many MLM leaders who like me were tired of eroding checks, endless 3 way calls and a never ending cycle of “pep rallys” just to keep their income stable or growing, even though they loved their company and products.  For many of us we have found the answer in adding either a separate top tier program like Prosperity Alliance to our business or utilizing a hybrid program like Empower Network.

If you’re ready to earn bigger commissions from the work you are doing then top tier affiliate programs may be your solution.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Empower Network.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Prosperity Alliance.


***Carl Willis is an affiliate of both Empower Network and Prosperity Alliance and may receive compensation from actions taken from this website.

Affiliate Marketing – The New Retirement Plan

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affiliate marketingAffiliate Marketing – The New Retirement Plan

The state of today’s economy has everybody in a state of flux. Nobody is in a more precarious position than those who are close to retirement age. Day after day more and more people over 50 are losing jobs they have held for 20 years or more. This population has been hit hard. First, the economy tanks and takes their retirement funds along with it. Because the economy has slowed, members of this population are now the first to lose their jobs, as it is more expensive to keep them on compared to a newer employee. To top it all off, these folks can’t find a job because they are competing with 20-somethings who will move back home after college and make less money. This segment of the US population is in real trouble and is looking for alternative means to make money. Many of them are turning to affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

When you think of affiliate marketing, think of a freelance salesperson. Affiliate marketers promote products and services for other individuals or companies. When someone buys from an affiliate, the affiliate makes a commission. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that there is no physical inventory for the affiliate to maintain. You simply promote the product. The producer of the product handles the distribution. You make the sales and collect the commissions!


What will I promote?

There is no shortage of products to promote on the internet. You can promote anything from books to software, blenders, and even shoes. In order to figure out what to promote, you’ll need to determine your niche and target market. A word of caution – some affiliate products are free, but some of them require you to purchase the product first. Otherwise, choose products you believe in or have used. Your buyers may have questions about the product. You won’t be able to answer them if you’ve never used the product. Maintain your integrity as an affiliate marketer. If your buyers believe you’re merely pushing products, they won’t buy from you.


How much money can I make?

There is money to be made in affiliate marketing. HOWEVER, it’s not going to happen tomorrow. It takes time. There are a great number of affiliate marketers who make six figures annually promoting products.

With that out of the way, the percentage of commission varies by the product. The industry average for commissions is about 30%. Some products pay a greater percentage and some less. It is your responsibility to do the math to see if the product is worth your time to promote. Promoting a product that pays 20% of $97 is better than promoting a product that pays 30% of $40.


How to get started

Getting started in “affiliate marketing” is EASY! Most people know about promoting products on Amazon, but did you know that companies like Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble offer affiliate programs as well? Do you use Internet marketing tools such as a paid memberships or autoresponders? Odds are there is affiliate income available there. One of the best places to find products to promote is on For retailers, go to their website and scroll down to the footer. There is usually a link to sign up for their affiliate program!

This economy is forcing people to seek alternative means of making money, especially those in the retirement window. Is your 401K now -401K? Don’t wait for a traumatic event to put you in a desperate situation. Go to or to get started on your affiliate marketing journey today!

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

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Lawrence Tam talks live about the highest paying affiliate programs and being paid what you are worth.   Lawrence breaks down the numbers for you and talks straight from the heart.

In the world of affiliate marketing there are many choices available to you.  Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction and the list goes on.   When you examine the numbers you find that the average program is paying only 25-75%.  Most of those programs are a one time commission structure.

Affiliate marketers are looking for higher payouts and network marketers are looking for ongoing, residual income.  Lawrence shares how he has built his fortune using a leveraged system that pays not only 100% commissions, but pays them on a residual basis.

Learn more about Lawrence’s number recommendation:



Combining Your Blog And Affiliate Products

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blog and affiliate marketingCombining Your Blog And Affiliate Products

Chances are if you have been blogging for a while now or you are wanting to possibly create profit from your blog, then you have probably heard of affiliate products or affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing a company or business rewards partners or “affiliates” for every new customer or visitor that is brought in by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. For marketers who are looking for another way to produce income this is a very attractive business model. Because there are so many types of affiliates and business models, the success you achieve from them depends on which ones you use and how you choose to market or promote them.

Using affiliate services and products for your blog produces several benefits. If it is more traffic you want, then you not only attract those who are looking at your blog but also those who are looking for the product you are offering. You can welcome new readers to your blog while at the same time earning extra income from any products they may decide to purchase using one of your affiliate links.

Another benefit is that are many dependable affiliate products and programs available. The affiliate products that are out there have brand awareness and name recall. This makes it possible for your readers to not need a long introduction to these products. Because these are online products, there is no need to you to carry a large inventory or have a store front. Customer service, shipping and any other traditional storefront business headaches are gone. Once you put your affiliate links on your blog, you can begin to market or promote the merchants you have chosen any way you like.

This means the merchants you choose have a wider market to use to sell their products and it isn’t necessary for them to have an over the top advertising campaign because they now have the ability to use the leads created for them by their partners or affiliates. It’s an ingenious way to generate income for all involved.

Types of Affiliate Products

Do you want to add some pizzazz to your blog by sharing affiliate products? You should check out what is available and then match them up to your readers and your blog and you. There are digital products like video courses, software, legal advice as well as e-books. There is an extensive list for you to choose from.

There are other ways to earn an income aside from what you are actually promoting on your blog. Listed below are some of the more well known ways:

  • Pay per sale. If you have a reader who visits the merchant site because of a link from your blog, you will receive a percentage of that sale. This is called commission based earning.
  • Pay per lead. This is an option where the merchant will pay you for every visitor to your blog that fills out an application form or questionnaire.
  • Pay per click. This is like the pay per sale model. The difference is that you are paid for each visitor that you send to the merchant you have chosen through a link on your blog. This link can be a text ad or a banner ad. You receive commissions regardless of whether or not the visitor to your blog ends up buying anything.
  • Flat-fee referrals. This is an option where the merchant will pay you a flat fee for each referral you direct their way. This doesn’t have any dependence on what the visitor buys from the merchant.
  • Single-tier programs. These are programs that reward their affiliates based on direct transactions that they have produced. But doesn’t include any additional signups.
  • Two-tier programs. This is a model where the affiliate is rewarded for bringing in new affiliates and direct sales transactions.
  • Multi-tier programs. This model contains several options that merchants will reward their affiliates who are able to produce sales of products as well as bring in new affiliates.

Using Affiliate Products

So hopefully by now you have made the decision to try using affiliate products in your blog. But before you decide on a program, please take the time to look at the following:

  • Be informed about your blog’s audience. Your visitors are coming to your blog because they appreciate what you have to say. So when you are choosing your affiliate products be very mindful of what will compliment your blog and the niche you have created for yourself. Think about the products your readers will be interested in. For example, if you sell subscriptions to a cooking magazine, and your blog focuses on bicycling, you are probably not going to sell many subscriptions.
  • Personal recommendations are always best. One important part of having affiliate products on your blog is marketing and promoting them. This is the reasons why having relevant affiliates is best. If the affiliates are not relevant then they will be out of place. Or will sound like a hard sell which you definitely don’t want. Your credibility as a blogger will be established when you can personally recommend or endorse a product you are selling on your blog. Not only do you want to bring more traffic to your blog, you also want to make sure they keep coming back. Always be honest and open about the products you are recommending on your blog.
  • Focus on quality. You know that everyone wants quality. And this includes your affiliates as well. Make sure you do your research and find the products whose reputations are good and that have good reviews.
  • Use contextual links to bring readers to you. You have several options to use when displaying affiliate links. The most successful ones are the links that get the most clicks when they are set in context. It is important to remember that readers come back to your blog because they like what you have to say and share with them. If you have an article about bicycling and you give them a link to a bicycle parts website, then the readers you have are more likely to click on it than if it is just sitting on the top of your blog or sidebar.
  • Don’t clutter your blog. With affiliate programs. Your blog could just become one big advertisement and will drive readers away from you more than it will attract new readers. Be choosy about which products programs will be helpful to your readers and your blog.
  • Always be open and honest. Be transparent about using affiliate programs on your blog. Always inform your readers that they are clicking on an affiliate link. You can’t fool your readers. They are smart enough to realize it and will stop coming back to your blog.
  • Track and plan accordingly. Most good affiliate programs will let you track your statistics and data so you can design your blog or the posts you plan to use later on. You should be able to see which of the links you use have generated the most or the least responses and make any adjustments you feel are necessary.
  • Don’t lose focus. It is important to remember that the use of affiliate products is just one way to bring more traffic to your blog. But the main thing you should be doing is continue to develop more relevant blog posts that will draw your readers into your blog. Don’t get so focused on adding as many affiliate links as you can that you quit creating relevant pieces of content.

EZ Money Method – How A Small Sale Can Pay Huge Commissions

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EZ Money Method – How A Small Sale Can Pay Huge Commissions

Perhaps you’ve heard some of the buzz about EZ Money Method this week.   If you’re on my mailing list you’ve definitely heard about it already.   So the question most people want answered is:  “What is it?”   Simply put, EZ Money Method is a high paying CPA offer.   For those of you new to the lingo, CPA means “cost per action.”   In contrast to a traditional affiliate marketing offer,  a CPA offer often has a higher payout, but is more selective in the enrolling of affiliates.   Affiliates are normally selected on the volume of traffic and sales that they have demonstrated consistently over a period of time.

EZ Money Method – Not Like Other Offers

EZ Money Method is unique in the fact that a marketer is not required to qualify before they can become an affiliate.   This means that anyone seeking to create a revenue stream with EZ Money Method will be accepted without having to prove their marketing savvy first.

Of course the excitement around EZ Money Method has come from the compensation plan.   The chosen product for this offer is MyPCBackup, a remote data back up service to protect an individuals computer data.   The company has plans ranging from approximately $6 per month to approximately $11 per month.   Affiliates earn $50 on every sale, no matter which pricing option, the customer chooses.   It is this whopping commission percentage that is catching most people’s eyes.

How Can EZ Money Method Pay So Much?

So the natural question becomes:  “How can a company pay $50 on a $6 sale?  Won’t they go out of business?”    The business of MyPCBackup is a subscription based business model.  The management team of MyPCBackup knows the average life of a subscriber and the average volume of upsells that their average customer purchases.   This allows the company to remain highly profitable, even with such a large payout on the front end.   This is a similar model to that being used by Hostgator, who pays a $50 commission on hosting packages that cost anywhere from $4 to $10 per month.     In the long run it is more cost effective for the company to only pay for actual sales (hence Cost Per Action) instead of paying for blanket advertising that may or may not turn into sales.

The Advantage To Becoming An Affiliate Through EZ Money Method?

There is a high degree of support given to EZ Money Method participants.   Each participant is given a replicated website that provides a 10 minute video overview of the entire program.   Additionally, the group has set up a Facebook page where the leaders will provide regular support, marketing ideas, email swipe copy and additional resources to help you grow this business.

In addition EZ Money Method has two built in residual income programs that will be introduced to all prospects on the back end.   This makes the program both a solid front end cash flow generator and a substantial back end residual income generator.

I’m Already Involved In Another Company, Why Should I Choose EZ Money Method?

This program is not intended to replace anything you are already doing, in fact it is just the opposite.  This program is best used as a cash flow mechanism to fund your advertising efforts for your other business ventures and to develop relationships with your buyers so that you can begin introducing them to the other products and services you offer.   This program is intended to work alongside and in conjunction with your other business interests.

To view the 10 minute video presentation for EZ Money Method, simply sign in here.   A sign up button will appear at approximately the 9:30 mark of the video.

7/5/2012 – Based on initial traffic quality concerns coming through the CPA network, the payout on all sales is now set at $50.   Those signing up with Ez Money Method will receive a complete back office suite with marketing training and a marketing system.

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